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The Party

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Um...the party?

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The guests arrived in groups. Usually it went something like this: 2 famous people (related), 2 bodyguards, and one photographer. The thing about this party was that there wasn't going to be any papparazi. Neither was there going to be any live broadcasting entertainment T.V stations filming the whole event. There were watcha-ma-callits welcoming each guest and guiding them to their arranged table.

Justin found that he only knew a little less than falf of the people invited. Too many guests came and talked to him. Or rather, they talked, he nodded and smiled. He waited in anticipation by the door. He was nervous to see Rachel. He didn't even know why. Justin looked around. More than half of the guests were here already. It would only be a short while until the rest arrived. Maybe she'd made a huge fuss and wouldn't come Justin thought hopefully. He was wrong.

The door opened once again. Mr. Watson entered, dressed in a suit. Then Mrs. Watson, dressed slightly less formal, and then Rachel. She wore a skirt and a beautiful top. Justin stared. He knew that he was to welcome them personally. He walked over, avoiding the people and dodging the waiters. He finally arrived by the door. Mrs. Watson smiled warmly at him. "Hello Justin. How are you?" Justin smiled back, carefully avoiding Rachel glance. "Fine. Welcom." he replied, gesturing towards the table. Some more chit-chat was said before Rachel's parents were seated with Hulk and Linda Hogan. They were soon chatting merrily. Rachel had followed behind her mother, not saying a word. Justin saw Mrs. Watson give Rachel a surprised look which she had ignored.

Rachel was about to sit down next to her father when Justin uncomfortably stopped her. "Um there's a table arranged for you this way." Rachel looked at him exasperatly but didn't object as she followed him to table 23.

Trace and Cindy were already seated, talking quietly. When Justin brought Rachel to the table Trace smiled, as if laughing at Justin. Cindy grinned and waved at Rachel to sit beside her after casting Trace a disapproving look. Rachel sat down next to her, eager to get away from Justin. "So, uh how's Tippy doing?" Justin asked, trying to start a conversation. Tippy was an award-winning horse that Rachel had raised for 5 years. "You know about Tippy?" Rachel replied, surprised. And so it went. They were actually enjoying themselves after a bit. That is, until desert. Hmph.
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