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Chapter 4

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Just one dance.

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I lunged forward and threw up my evening's dinner.

"What the hell did you do?" I heard JB yell. He must have been talking to Pete.

"Hey, take it easy, man. He didn't do anything," Patrick's voice was muffled by the door.

I heaved forward again.

"If he didn't do anything than why is she puking in there?" JB asked.

"Just calm down. Pete didn't do anything to Izzy," I could tell Patrick was probably standing in between Pete and JB.

I should go out there. I should stop it, but I didn't want to face all three of them. I couldn't face all three of them.

"I think you guys should just leave," JB said strongly.

"We're not going anywhere until we know if Iz is ok or not," Patrick said sounding angry now.

Pete didn't say a word. I could picture him just standing there probably staring at the door or giving JB the death glare.

"I think you guys have done enough. I can take care of her," JB said. He was irritated now. I could tell by the tone of his voice.

I stood up off my knees and shakily walked over to the sink. I had tears running down my cheeks from vomiting. I hated vomiting.

"Jeremy, is everything ok here?" I heard Marcus ask.

Oh great. Now there was going to be a brawl between the Minnesota Twins and Fall Out Boy.

"Yeah. Fine," JB said shortly.

This is not good.

"Alright, we'll leave," I heard Patrick give up. He was a smart man; a very smart man.

"Bella? Are you ok in there?" I heard JB's voice more clearly now. He must have crushed himself against the door.

I rinsed out my mouth and wiped down my face. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like shit. It was definitely time to go.

I walked over to the door, unlocking it slowly. JB's face showed nothing but care and concern for me. I saw Marcus standing behind him protectively in case one of the boys decided to come back.

"Bella? Are you ok?" he asked cupping his hands on my face.

I just nodded giving him a sad expression.

"Let me take you home," he said and led me out of the club.


"So, Fall Out Boy, huh?" JB asked as we laid in my hotel room bed.

JB had his arms wrapped around me and he lovingly rubbed his finger up and down my bare arm.

"Yeah," I laughed slightly.

"I thought they looked familiar the other night," he said lightly.

JB had reacted perfectly after we left the club. He didn't ask why I had run off or why I had ended up in the bathroom puking. He just let me be. Even though we had only been together a year, he knew me. It was comforting.

"I'm sorry about tonight," I said quietly.

"Don't be. It's not your fault. I blame that Pete guy," JB said sounding irritated just by saying his name.

"I hurt him. He's just trying to get back at me, I think," I said looking up at JB. I could tell talking about Pete was bothering him.

"Well, that's no excuse," JB mumbled.

"True," I said quietly.

JB stayed with me that night. He knew I was upset and he knew I loved to cuddle with him. He really was the epitome of the perfect boyfriend.

I woke up to my phone buzzing on my nightstand. I looked over JB to see the clock showing that it was 4:30 in the morning.

What the hell, now?

I reached over to my phone and flipped it open.

Are you ok?

It was from Patrick. What was he doing up at 4:30? Had he turned into Pete? I did always tell him if he hung around Pete too much he would eventually start to take on his mannerisms.

I'm fine. Why are you up?

I sent a text back to him.

I needed to know you were ok.

I smiled at how much he cared. Patrick didn't do anything, so I had no reason to be mad at him. I don't even think he knew that song that Pete played that night was ours.

Thanks. I'm fine. Sorry JB was so upset tonight. He doesn't understand.

I didn't want Patrick to not like JB. In fact, I wanted him to accept JB.

Sorry to wake you. Sleep well.

I stared at that last message. Patrick didn't understand either. I knew he wanted things to be the way they used to be between all of us, but it just wasn't going to happen. I put my phone back down just as JB had woken up.

"Everything ok?" he asked noticing that I was awake.

I rolled over to face him.

"Yeah. Everything's fine," I smiled and kissed him on the lips.

He just sleepily smiled back at me and wrapped me tighter in his arms.


"I want you to come to a game with me," I blurted out at Patrick and I sat in his town home patio enjoying the nice summer day in Chicago.

"What?" he asked confused.

I had just completely changed the subject from talking about music to baseball.

"I want you to come to one of JB's games with me. Tonight preferably since I already asked JB to save you a seat next to mine," I explained.

"You want me to what?" he asked still confused.

It had been two days since the incident in the club and Patrick and I hadn't really discussed it much. I just knew that if Patrick and I were going to rekindle our friendship then he needed to be friends with JB as well.

"Please, Patrick. It would me a lot to me," I said looking him in the eyes.

Patrick looked over at me as if he was struggling with his morals. It was right verses wrong; Izzy verses Pete. Which did he choose?

"Where is all this coming from exactly?" he asked leaning back slightly on his lounge chair.

He was stalling.

"Well, the other night when you sent me that text message, you didn't seem to understand where JB was coming from at the club and..."

"Wait a minute. What text message?" Patrick asked confused interrupting my ramblings.

I looked at him shocked for a moment.

"The other night, after the incident at the club. You sent me a text message at like 4:30 in the morning checking to see if I was ok," I explained.

Patrick sat there for a moment. Did he not remember?

"Oh, that text message," he suddenly said.

"Well yeah. What text message did you think I was referring to?" I asked.

Why was Patrick acting so strangely all of a sudden? Was this boy on drugs?

"I guess I just didn't know," he shrugged leaning back again.

"Are you on drugs?" I blurt out.

"No," he laughed at me.

I just eyed him curiously.

"Are you sure?" I asked smiling at him slightly.

"Iz, don't you think I'd know if I was on drugs?" he asked.

"Well, you apparently don't remember texting me at four in the morning," I stated.

"I remember," he said trying to defend himself. He didn't sound so believable.

"What ever. As I was saying, you didn't seem to be too fond of JB and I really want you to get to know him. For me," I said leaning towards him, so he would look at me.

Patrick's eyes pleaded with mine. He didn't want to betray his best friend.

"I don't know, Iz," he said quietly looking down.

"Pete doesn't have to know," I said placing a hand on his knee.

Patrick stared at my hand for a long time before putting his own hand on top of mine.

"Ok, Iz. I'll come with you," he said looking me in the eyes.

I got butterflies in my stomach. The looks this boy gave people could make them drop dead, I swear.


"It's been a long time since I've been to a baseball game," Patrick said slouching down in his seat.

"Don't worry Patrick. The only people around us are player's wives, families, and girlfriends. You won't be mauled by any teeny boppers," I said nudging his arm slightly.

I noticed he had instantly relaxed and sat up slightly. I just shook my head at him. He was extremely predictable at times.

During the National Anthem, JB looked towards my seat and smiled over towards my direction. I just smiled back. It was our pre-game ritual with each other. Baseball players were extremely superstitious and I wouldn't dream of messing with JB's ritual.

As he walked into the dugout he tilted his hat towards me and winked. I just waved slightly and mouthed good luck.

"You like him," Patrick said sitting down with the rest of the crowd.

"Yeah. I do," I nodded and looked over towards Patrick.

He was thinking. I could tell.

"You will too, Trix. He's a good guy," I said and patted his knee again.

Patrick didn't say anything he just forced a smile my way and nodded. This was going to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

Throughout the game, I noticed that Patrick was texting an awful lot.

I heard him take a deep breath as he put his phone in his pocket.

"Pete?" I asked staring forward trying to concentrate on the game.

"Yeah. He wants to go out and is wondering where I'm at," Patrick said sounding frustrated.

"What'd you tell him?" I asked now facing him.

"I said that I was busy and that I'd call him when I was done with my prior commitments," Patrick explained. He was the one now trying to concentrate on the game.

"I'm sorry," I said looking down.

"Why?" he asked confused.

"I know you don't want to be here and I don't want to come between you and Pete. I will never come between you and Pete. That's why I left in the first place," I explained.

"Izzy, there is no way that I'm going to let you run away again. Pete is just going to have to deal that we are friends and you won't be coming in between us. And I do want to be here. This is important to you; therefore it is important to me," he said trying his best to turn in his seat so he was facing me.

I looked up into those eyes that made me melt.

"Thanks, Patrick," I whispered.

"You're welcome," he said simply and sat back in his seat.

I couldn't help but smile. He was too cute sometimes.


"Patrick, this is Jeremy. Jeremy this is Patrick," I said making introductions.

I prayed that this wouldn't be too awkward. Patrick and I waited outside the player's entrance for JB to come out and once he did, I swear my heart stopped beating.

"Nice to meet you," Patrick said holding out his hand like a gentleman.

"Likewise," JB said and smiled shaking Patrick's hand in return.

Thank God.

"So you know Izzy from high school?" JB asked as we stood around.

"Well, I didn't go to the same school, but we were friends. I was in a band with her boyfriend at the time," Patrick explained.

I cringed slightly as Pete came up. I looked over at JB and he just kept that friendly face and nodded. I let out a deep breath.

"Yeah, you guys have some good songs on the radio," JB pointed out.

"Thanks," Patrick said shyly and tried to wave it off.

"No really. You guys are really good," JB said.

I couldn't tell if he was being sincere. JB and I didn't exactly agree on music taste. We usually would just agree to disagree.

"Thanks, really. You guys played really well tonight," Patrick threw out his compliment.

"Thanks. We've had some good streaks on the road lately," JB explained.

"That's good," Patrick nodded.

I stood back and watched the interaction in awe. Either these boys were really good actors, or they were actually getting along. Was this really happening? This was too easy. It should be drama filled with yelling and screaming and awkward silences.

"Bella?" JB asked getting my attention.

"Yeah?" I asked confused.

"I just asked if you were going with Patrick. I've got to get up early in the morning since we have a day game tomorrow," JB explained.

I looked over at Patrick who just gave me a confused glance back.

"You don't mind?" I asked JB.

"Of course not. I want you to have fun while you're out here, babe," he said putting his arms around my waist and looking down on me.

I could sense that Patrick was starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Ok. I'll see you tomorrow," I said leaning up to kiss his lips sweetly.

"Have fun and be good," he said and walked towards the player's bus.

JB always said that to me. As if I wouldn't be good.


"When ever you want to leave, just let me know!" Patrick yelled as we entered the booming club.

I wasn't sure how he had talked me into going to the club. I knew perfectly well that Pete was going to be there. I guess I figured I had to face him at some point. I may as well do it when JB wasn't around.

"Want a drink?" Patrick asked into my ear.

"Yes," I said quickly. I not only wanted a drink, but I'm pretty sure that I needed a drink.

Patrick nodded and led me towards the VIP bar area. It was one of the perks of being friends with someone in a rock band.

He handed me my drink and grabbed my free hand to lead me towards where everyone was hanging out. I sucked down the drink as fast as I could before we got to the gang. I could see them all having a good time in the distance and I really didn't want to ruin it by bombarding their party.

I threw my empty glass on a table just before we got up to the group.

"Izzy!" Joe yelled noticing me first.

Everyone's heads popped up in our direction, including Pete's. I squeezed Patrick's hand tightly and he just squeezed back.

"Hi," I said quietly and waved slightly with the hand that Patrick wasn't holding onto tightly.

I noticed Pete had noticed our intertwined hands immediately. I couldn't really read his facial expression, which was something I used to be able to do so easily it seemed. I guess I was five years out of practice.

I noticed Pete lean in towards a young blonde and whispered something in her ear. He smiled as she started laughing and whispering something back. I suddenly had the feeling of bile rising in my throat again. It was her. That was the girl that Pete was going to marry. My hand fell limp at my side as I couldn't feel any of my limbs.

"Iz? You alright?" Patrick looked over at me noticing I had let go of his hand.

He stood in between me and Pete, so he was the only one I could see. I looked up into his eyes and felt a wave a reassurance sweep over me. I can do this.

"Yeah. I was just going to go get another drink. I'll be right back," I smiled up at him.

As I walked towards the bar I could sense the feeling of my limbs coming back to me. I could do this, I just needed some reinforcements.


"You know, when you said that you were going to be right back, I actually thought you meant it," Patrick said in my ear as I was finishing yet another drink.

I looked over at him and shrugged.

"I have no idea what I'm doing here," I said spinning on the bar stool to face him.

"You are supposed to be having a good time," he offered.

I just nodded and looked over at Pete and his fiancée whispering sweet nothings to one another. Patrick noticed the direction that my eyes averted.

"He's putting on a show, you know," he said quietly.

I looked up at him confused.

"He's never this sweet to her. He's trying to mess with you, Iz," Patrick said standing in my eye line with Pete again.

"Well, it's working," I mumbled.

"Come on," Patrick said grabbing both my hands.

"I don't want to go over there," I whined trying to pull my hands away.

"We're not going over there. We're going to dance," he said pulling me up from the bar stool.

I looked at him shocked. Patrick never danced, ever.

"Patrick, you don't."

"I know. But I think tonight can be the exception to the norm. Alex and Joe are out there, so let's go join them. Fuck Pete," he said pulling me towards the mass of people.

I was in shock. Patrick had to of been on drugs, or he really did change in the three years that we didn't talk. I had to admit; perhaps being the front man of a popular rock band was good for him.

I followed Patrick willingly into the crowd of sweaty bodies until we found two familiar faces.

"Izzy! I thought you left!" Joe yelled dancing with Alex. Both had huge smiles on their faces that were too contagious.

"Not a chance," I smiled back and felt Patrick put his arms around me and start dancing close to my body.

I looked up at him only to notice a sly smirk on his face. I tilted my head to the side and put my arms around his neck. My cheeks were starting to get flushed and now that I was standing, I could fully feel the affects of the alcohol that I had consumed.

I smiled and laughed along with Patrick, Alex, and Joe throughout the night successfully keeping Pete and his wife to be out of my mind.

Of course, the fun was short lived when Pete and Ms. What's Her Face came out on the dance floor to put on a show for everyone. Patrick leaned down towards my ear and breathed deeply. I felt my entire body tingle.

"Don't look at them. Just look at me," he whispered.

I looked up into his eyes and he stared down on me. I felt him pull my body closer to him as to emphasize that he wanted me to only pay attention to him. I could barely breathe at this point. What was this boy doing to me? I not only forgot about Pete at that moment, but I forgot about JB. I could only see and think of Patrick.

We kept our eye contact through the entire song and I thought if it didn't end soon I was going to pass out right there in his arms.

Suddenly the music broke into a fast song and I had to gasp in for air as Patrick loosened his grip on me.

"Patrick, come with me, dude!" I heard Joe yell grabbing Patrick's arm pulling his attention somewhere other than directly on me.

Patrick nodded and looked towards me.

"I'll be right back," he said into my ear.

I nodded and started dancing around with Alex. She was very fun-spirited and seemed to enjoy life. I think I was going to enjoy this girl's company.

Two songs later and Patrick still hadn't managed to return to the dance floor. At that point, I didn't care anymore. I was having too much fun to worry about it. It was the most care free I had felt in a long time.

Suddenly I felt arms go around my waist from behind and I smiled. It quickly faded once I looked down at the hands that were wrapped around my waist. Tattoos? I felt his face come down onto my shoulder and I looked over at him.

Pete just stared back and continued to grind with me on the dance floor. His face was still unreadable. I knew that I should have walked away. I knew that I should have questioned what he was doing. I didn't however. The feeling of being back in his arms was too great to question. I decided that we could have this one dance. One dance never hurt anyone.
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