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Welcome Home

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Great, a marriage would be perfect for the image! Just don't ask him to love her or dare ask too many questions about her past.

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"I've given you the whole of the top floor - I hope that's enough for you and to set up your work and everything." He said, pulling one of her suitcases.

"I can work pretty much anywhere."

"It can get cold so I had a fire installed up there." He carried on, she followed him up the stairs.

"Thank you." She replied.

"Dax - dude, get out the way!" Patrick scolded the Bassett hound.

"Didn't know you had a dog!"

"Ugh! I don't, it's Joe's dog, lame ass is getting me to dog sit while he's out of town..."

"Well he's cute!"

They finally managed to coax the hound to allow them, up the stairs and Petra stared at the open plan area.

"It's beautiful - are you sure it's Ok I-" He cut her off.

"It's fine." He said. She nodded silently and nipped the inside of her lip so he couldn't see.

She slung her should bag off and it fell to the floor.

"I appreciate this Patrick. Everything." She said softly. Despite the circumstances, her English accent was a welcomed asset to his bachelor pad. Or...what was a bachelor pad.

"Yeah well....I did it for Pete." He said frankly.

Nodding in agreement, the inside of her lip was getting salty.

Petra was usually great with awkward conversations but he was challenging that quality.

"Peter's very fortunate to have a friend like you."

Patrick could only smile at her diplomacy. He caught a glimpse of her hand and she looked down, noticing too exactly what he was looking at.

"Oh.." she said quickly and pulled off the ring.

"Sorry...I just forgot to...", she added, putting the ring on the table and he glanced at it.

"I got calls to make so..." he said casually and waved her off.

She looked around and her fingers trailed on the different types of surfaces in her new home. It was nice, but it wasn't home. Petra had a feeling it wouldn't be for a long time.

The doorbell rang, it was powerful, she could even feel it through her fingertips. Hearing Patrick open the door, she carried on with her exploration of the room.

"Petra!!" he called to her.

She wasn't going to lie, it sounded weird. Way too weird.

"Yes?" She asked.

"You need to sign for this..." he said calmly, looking up at her.

"Ok.." she said, being careful not to trip on the unfamiliar stairs.

Smiling at the uniformed delivery man he held out a board for her to sign.

"Mrs Petra Stump?" he asked, she nodded and took the pen from him.

Patrick turned, that was new to his ears, he watched her sign and the delivery man moved the huge box into the hallway.

"Thank you." She said gently.

"Have a good day Ma'am.." he said and she closed the door behind him.

Petra looked over at Patrick and stared for a second. Taking note of that unsure look in his eyes she leaned over her box and pulled out the package details from the plastic pocket on the front.

It was more of her belongings from the storage company.

"Do you want a coffee?" he asked, she stared at the book at the top of the box and lifted it gently.




"Yes. I mean no."

"What, no coffee?"


He rolled his eyes and wandered into the kitchen.

She opened the book, the bookmark fell to the floor. The name 'Ethan' was in large bold letters and under the name a description:

Mighty, often misunderstood and a deep thinker. Will have measured success and will not be discouraged by failure.

"Misunderstood you were...." She whispered, allowing the bookmark to fold in her hands and be crumpled by her fingers.

Patrick walked out with a coffee and she stared as the unexpected caffeine was placed in her hands.

"White no sugar.."

"Right." She said softly.

"I should..." he gestured back to his office.

"It's fine." She replied gently.

"Actually it's white with one sugar..." she said to herself.

Who am I kidding - like it even matters...
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