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Chapter 2 - You Will Know By The Mark on Their Foreheads...

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A brief history and some head banging. HEAD banging. Not Banging, banging. *rolls eyes*

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A couple of weeks had passed, staying stealth like under the radar had allowed them both time to adapt to this new way of life with each other. There had been no major problems to date, the biggest issues had been each other and not knowing enough about each other to know what to do....

Patrick didn't believe in marriage.

Petra had lost faith in what it stood for.

Therefore, when they vocalised their vows to each other in a quiet wedding chapel with only Peter and Crystal as witnesses, it meant absolutely nothing to either of them. They were just empty words to each other. Patrick nor Petra felt anything, not even guilt or some form of regret that neither of them were serious about what those vows stood for at all.

The only reason he kissed her was because he felt he should.

A History Lesson...

Petra had moved from England to Chicago with little detail as to why but Pete, never the less, employed her to work for his record label, Decaydance. It had involved a meeting with all the bosses after receiving her references, however, it soon became clear why there discrepancies, it also became clear that what she had to hide was for good reason.

Everything discussed in that room, remained within that room and upon taking a seat in her office at the base in Chicago, Petra felt that maybe someone above them all was gracious enough to give her a second chance.

Acquainting herself with Patrick Stump had been an easy process seen as Pete was more than happy to invite her to the majority of his events in the city.

It was a polite friendship. However infrequent and inconsistent their meetings were, they were now married to each other and shared his house in a quiet suburb of Chicago.

It was twofold:

Patrick ( meaning 'Nobleman')- he had now encountered two massive failings at serious relationships. He had nothing to show for them, but he did have a bunch of music hits and awards on his shelves. He also had his happiness in doing what he was doing, but he had no love in his life. In fact, he was beginning to feel there was no place at all for that form of love in his life while he continued ( to try ) to ride high.

The hype of Infinity on High was gone, his projects were going well and he was nothing short of a musical genius and passionate about what he did. But Fall Out Boy was struggling. 3 Years from the release of Infinity On High and it looked like they just couldn't get it back. Pete endeavoured to court as many paparazzi dolls as possible and wore all the wrong clothes at the right time to ensure they were still getting exposure as a band but it wasn't enough. Now as the launch of their next Album reared it's head, it felt like they needed more.

"It's perfect!" Pete said around dinner at their apartment that cold evening.

"Don't be a fool Peter.." Petra moaned, stabbing at her spaghetti.

"No listen - you need this for your permit...Patrick, we could use this to get good press!"

"Oh my god!" Patrick stared at his friend, his face similar to that of a patient before they flat line.

"You're actually being serious!" Petra said gawping at him.

"Look, it's not a big deal if you think about it, it would help you both out!" he argued, a piece of pasta hanging from his fork. Crystal, pushed it off with her own fork due to it's distractive nature.

"Sweety, don't be redic!" she with a smile.

What ensued, was a fiery debate. Pasta was dangled from utensils, bad structured sentences were, like, totally said, eyeballs were widened. Disbelief was strife, common sense had left hours ago and now what was left was a foursome ( of which three had actually been ) convinced.

"It's settled then." Pete said triumphantly.

"Baby, you got a wedding to plan." He cooed to Crystal, who then looked to Petra.

"Indeed I do..." she smiled.

Petra (female name of Peter, meaning 'stone') - Her work visa was about to expire and already having wangled extra time out of it, was soon to be sent back to the UK.

"Why doesn't she just go back to England?" Patrick asked Pete. Pete looked at him, his friend had caught him off guard.

"It's complicated..." he said.

"Well, it's not ideal for her to just keep getting caught up all in this visa business!"

"She can't go back to England OK?!" Pete said firmly.

"Shit! Alright!" Patrick said, holding his hands up.

"So you're just going to have to marry her and make it official, then she'll get her permanent visa." Pete said.

"And what do I get?"

"You get Fall Out Boy some decent press..."

"Oh Goodie." He shook his head.

"And you get a nice young wife!" he smirked.

"Oh double goodies!" he mimicked.

"Then there can be baby ones of you - all running around and stuttering-"
"Seriously - Stop!" Patrick butted in.

Pete grinned mischievously.

"God that thought of even sharing my house with a woman after Katy is just awful!" he moaned.

"Well, I don't think Petra has an ear lobe fetish..."

"Can you check?" he asked

"Sure!" Pete smiled...

"Petra?" he asked, tapping on her door.

"Yes?" She asked, he opened the door and was hit by the sound of "Taking Back Sunday" as she worked at her laptop.

"Um...My Mom and Step Dad are coming over tonight. I was thinking I probably need to tell them about being married." He said, she turned quickly and stood up, more like, the sound of this absurd idea pulled her up from her seat.

"What? Why?" She asked in quick successions.

"Because....It's going to get out soon. I just need to tell them." He said awkwardly.

"Ok.." she said nodding, she wiped her hands down the sides of her jeans.

"Ok. That's fine!" she said, continuing to nod.

"Try not to be nervous." He said carefully, not wanting to displace her any further from the state she was already in.

"Um. Yes! Right! Not nervous! Got it!" she said softly.

He walked out silently and she turned and sat back down in her chair, he head came down hard on the desk.

"Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." She said, banging her head.

"Oh Petra?" Patrick asked, she gasped and he smiled when he saw what she'd been doing.

"You're gonna have a ...mark..." he said, pointing to his own forehead. She quickly touched there and rubbed it.

"You know that dinner you made the other night? The one with the roasted vegetables and pasta?" he asked, she nodded.

"Could you make it again?" he asked, wincing as he did.

"Of course! Yes...Dinner!" She said.

"Are they coming for dinner?" She asked him, he nodded.

"Right!" she sighed.

"Is that OK?"



"Alright!" she said, he smiled at her.

"This isn't funny!" she said, shaking her head quickly.

"Actually this isn't funny at all - this is going to go wrong!" she said to herself infront of Patrick.

"Petra?!" he whined.

"It'll be fine!" he said.

She rubbed her forehead again, she put her head in her hands.

"Ok.." she said,

"Hey..." He said, he gently touched her shoulder, she looked up at him. She assumed he'd come to reassure her but the smirk on his lips and the way his eyes kept drifting to her forehead told her he was being distracted from that.

"Oh go away!" she laughed, swatting his hand away.

"It's kinda cute!" he said, she stood up and shooed him out the room.

"Haven't you got hit records to be making?" she asked, he laughed out loud as he trot down the stairs.

"You're a funny wife Petra!" he called, she smiled to herself.

"Wait!" She leaned over her stair railings, he looked up.

"What time are the coming?" she frowned. He looked at his watch.

"A couple of hours..." he said

Oh God....I'm meeting my fake In-Laws in under 2 hours....please try not and balls this up Fairfax... she said in her head.

Or is it Stump now?.....
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