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Chapter 3 - It's All In The Eye Contact

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Meet the parents...

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The deep chimes of his door bell startled Petra and her finger tips felt the pins and needles sensations as the shock panged through her nervous system. She rubbed her hands anxiously on her make-shift apron.

She nosied into the hall way behind the wall in the kitchen and eavesdropped into his greetings.

"I'm fine! Mom - just stop it, go in there and sit down, what are you drinking?" he asked.

"Coffee!" she said, Petra raised her eyebrows slightly.

"Sounds nice!" She whispered to herself. Patrick rushed in and she moved quickly from her hiding place behind the dividing wall and wiping her hands again quickly down her apron.

"OK...Stay calm!" he ordered her and she nodded obediently, knotting her fingers into a ball infront of her. Patrick noted her nervousness and he stared at her hands.

"Stop that!" he scolded her in a whisper.

"I can't!" she whispered back.

"Where's your ring?!" he whispered back again.

"I don't know - I lost it!" she whispered back.

"You what?? Petra!" he frowned as his hands made coffee.

Petra tried to be fed up she'd had to tell him about the wedding ring but was too distracted by the fact he was doing two things at once.

"Don't you just have a ring you can put on?" he asked quickly, taking two mugs down.


"-Well do it!" he said impatiently.

"Don't get snotty with me! I'll go find a ring if you get your panties out of that bunch up your arse!!" She growled back at him, he tried to look mad but smirked as he found what she said deeply amusing.

"Fine..." he pointed at her.

"Don't you talk to me like that in front of them!" he whispered.

Petra could only warn him with her eyes that she would try her best to control that English gob of hers.

Patrick handed the mug of coffee to his Mom and his Step Dad.

"So, how are you?" his Mom beamed at her youngest son and he sat on the edge of the arm chair opposite them.

"Well....I kinda have some important news to tell you..." he said.

Both coffee mugs stayed exactly where they were as two pairs of eyes fixed on him.

Now his hands were knotted in front of him and his finger tips secreted short bursts of moisture.

Petra stood in the hall way and Patrick glanced at her, his parents turned to where he'd looked to, feeling the presence and now the two pairs of eyes were on her.

"Hello." She smiled politely.

"This is Petra." Patrick said, standing up and walking towards her, she walked to meet him and they stood in the living room not far from the now eerie eyes on them.

Patrick's fingers laced between hers and squeezed her hand too tightly for comfort.

"My wife." He added, like he was finishing a poorly structured introduction.

His Mom's eyes opened wide. His step dad's face remained pretty much the same as it was with all emotions. 0_o....

Petra's breath didn't go anywhere except the safety of her lungs and her body didn't request any more intakes either. Patrick watched his Mom's reaction only, knowing she would be the instigator of how this revelation went.

"Your wife?!" she asked, standing up, the coffee cup went to the coffee table.

"You got married?" she asked softly. He nodded gently, he wasn't proud of it, it wasn't a proud moment, but he wouldn't admit shame.

Seeing someone silently stutter is very awful and Petra gnawed at the inside of her lip as she saw Patrick's Mom respond.

"Hey Mom!" Petra blurted out. Patrick's eyes flew wide and he shot a look at her, this is what it said:


Here's what her look back said:


Now his hand was squeezing her ring against her other fingers hard. She pinched her grip on his, letting him know what she would like him to stop that (likely involuntary) action.

"I don't know what to say!" his Mom finally spluttered out.

"Before you say anything-" he stopped and looked to Petra.

"I want to say sorry for not telling you. This isn't at all how I imagined it all panning out-"

"- or I, for that matter." Petra chimed in. Patrick looked at her again.

He's actually going to kill me... Petra grimaced in her head.

"When did it happen?" Patrick's Mom asked gently.

"3 weeks ago." Patrick said, he swallowed what felt like a small grapefruit in replace of the regular apple of the Adam variety.

His Step Dad sighed visibly and Petra moved uneasily. Patrick was struggling and it made Petra want to protect him.

"Look, the thing is, we had to keep it quiet. There was no other way around it. None of us are big celebration people, we just wanted it low key, under the radar....almost anonymous." She said softly to both of them, clutching Patrick's one hand, with both of hers. Patrick looked at her.

Hoping that earned the noose off my neck? she asked with her eyes.

Patrick's Mom sat back down on the sofa.

"Ok." She said gently.

"I-" Patrick started. He let go of Petra's hands and he sat down next to his Mom, putting his arm around her.

"I'm so sorry if I've upset you." He said softly. Petra's fingers knotted in front of her. The oven chimed and Patrick looked to Petra.

Yeah, wife, you should prolly go see to that... his eyes advised her.

She hurried out, the sound of her quick steps in those dainty heels as she hurried across the hall way into the kitchen. She heaved out the dish from the oven and set it in the centre of the huge dining table he had. A few moments later, the other three came in to join Petra her.

It took no more than 5 minutes for them all to be sat down at the table, nervously nibbling at the delicious dish she'd made. Petra reached for her wine glass and gulped down a huge mouthful.

"How's David doing?" Patrick asked.

"Was this a shot gun wedding??" his Mom piped up, ignoring Patrick's diplomacy.

"No!" Patrick said quickly, Petra swallowed the food in her mouth quickly.

"Cos you know, I wouldn't be bothered if it was, it would make it easier to accept..." she said, there was actually hope in her eyes.

"It wasn't a shot gun wedding." Patrick said consolingly.

"Well, in a way it was because it happened quite quickly - the wedding that is, I mean the wedding!!"

Shut up, shut up right now. Patrick's eyes said now.

You shut up! hers said back to him.

His parents looked at them both, scowling at each other.

Petra dapped her lips gently with a napkin and Patrick smiled at his parents.

"Forgive me for saying this but, you two don't seem like the matching type!" His stepdad said.

10 out 10 for observation. she muttered in her head.

"Well, you fall in love with the strangest type!" Petra said, gulping more wine.

"That was a joke." She said as she felt 3 peoples eyes on her.

"Hm..." both parents smiled faintly.

Only cos you know your son is strange... that amusing voice continued in her head.

"All that matters is, that we love each other....and I'm very lucky to have Patrick as my wife - I mean Petra - Petra!!" he stuttered, Petra couldn't hold it back, she snorted through her nose and covered her mouth discretely.

Now both parents were: 0_o

"Is this a joke?" His stepdad asked.

Petra stopped and coughed gently, clearing her giggles away.

"It's not a joke." Patrick retorted.

"It's just, I feel like I'm watching something from a horrible sitcom." He said, a little pissed.

Petra looked to Patrick.

Tell them the truth Patrick.... she requested him.

I can't can... her gentle blue eyes said.

"Listen...." Patrick said, now he had their undivided attention.

"We married for reasons that we shouldn't have married." He said, Petra gently squeezed his hand under the table.

"For money?" his stepdad asked.

"No...not money...but...." He tried.

"I needed to get married to continue working here in the US, Patrick's band needed some overdue publicity. This is a marriage of convenience." Petra said gently.

"Oh God!" his Mom sighed.

"No! Mom, don't be upset! Don't be upset!" he said, reaching over the table and taking her hand.

"We're leaving!" his stepdad said forcefully.

"No, please, stay - we need to talk about this!" he said replied.

"Come on sweety..." he said to his wife, taking her shoulders, she stood up and reactively, so did Petra and Patrick.

Patrick followed them to the door, she couldn't quite make out the words that were said but she did hear his huge front door slam shut. Moments later he returned inside.

"Well...." He said, raising his eyebrows and shoving his hands in his pocket.

Petra pushed her both her lips inside her mouth gently and he looked at her.

"That didn't go very well.." Petra said softly. He didn't say anything, she didn't know him well enough to know, whether that was a look of anger or sadness on his face.

"This was a mistake." He said bluntly, looking at Petra.

"No, it wasn't, we both meant it, there was no mistake." Petra said.

"Then I shouldn't have!" he said back at her.

"Then divorce me Patrick, in fact, get it annulled." She said.

He eyeballed her.

She turned and started lifting dishes from the table into the kitchen. Her kitten heels stalked across his tiles, he glanced down at them, noting she really had made the effort to pull this off. She turned and looked at him, noting he was fully checking her out.

"Are you checking me out?" she asked, he looked mortified as she leaned on the worktop with one hand.


"Why not?? I look good don't I?" She frowned.

"Yes! I mean - You look, I wasn't, er." He stopped and ruffled the back of his head.

"It's OK, you can look." She said, walking over to the table, she sat down and pecked more at her food, remembering none of them had finished their meal. He shook his head.

"Patty, come sit, let's talk." She said, patting the chair next to her. She continued to put a mouthful of food in her mouth as he sat down.

"You don't call me Patty." He said, she smiled at him.

"I don't?" she frowned slightly.

"No-one calls me Patty." He said sternly.

"I do." She smiled.

"Well don't."

"Or what?" She laughed.

He flicked her thigh and her mouth hung open wide as she took in the abuse he'd just given her.

"Did you just flick me?" she asked.

"It was a warning." He said.

She stared at him.

She flicked the bill of his hat and it flew off his head on to the floor.

"Bitch!" he gasped at her.

She smiled proudly and put another mouthful of food in her mouth.

"Go write music about it." She said as he walked away.

"You're a shit wife!" he called as he left the kitchen.

"Yeah well, you're crap in bed!!" she shouted back.

He turned and looked at her.

"How do you know?"

"I don't, I'm just hoping, cos then I'll think I'm not missing out on much." She said, he smirked and laughed.

She never saw him for the rest of the night, she tidied up all the dining room and washed the dishes, scraped the tins and poured the remainder of the wine into her glass.

Raising the glass, she toasted herself.

"Here's to being a total wreck." She sighed and took another sip.

As she made her way to her suite upstairs, she could hear him strumming, enticed by the sound she followed and gently peeked around the door to his music room. For a few minutes, she allowed herself to be mesmerised. Having enough of by-standing, she moved slightly and made her presence known.

Patrick looked at her in her stockings and the pencil dress, she was horribly English, but it was too adorable.

"I just wanted to say good night." She said with a little smile, clutching the wine glass.

"Night Petra."

She smiled at him and he let his eyes fall over her body as she turned on the balls of her feet and made her way out.

Turning again, she smiled and he waved.

Removing her make up with cotton pads, she took the final sip of wine and sat on her bed, looking out the skylights at the stars.

He glanced through the gap in the door, she was in a camisole and panties, he was unsure whether to intrude, but happy to watch.

"Petra..." he whispered. She quickly got off the bed and fully opened her door.

"I'll be going away for a few days, I won't see you, I'm going at 5am. If you get any problems, just let me know. I'll have my cell on as much as possible." He said, leaning against her bedroom door.

"Ok, well, have a good few days...and...I'll see you when you get back!" she smiled.

"You will."

Unsure of what affection was appropriate on this occasion, she treated him as she would've a friend and gave him a quick hug, his hands nervously hugged her back and she smiled to herself.

freaking dork

"You take care." She said, he nodded and turned to head down the stairs.

She smiled as he quickly moved down her stairs and he looked up once more.

"Later Patty!" she smiled and shut her door quickly.

He glared at her door, her closed door.

He heard her lock it.

Her closed, locked, door.

Shaking his head, he went to get his head down before he had to get up.
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