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Chapter 00

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Three Joes go out into the back woods of New Jersey for a hunting trip, and end up facing a three hundred year old legend up close.

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/G. I. Joe - The Jersey Devil Encounter /

Author: "Wolfman Six"


A team of G.I. Joes takes some down time to go hunting in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and becomes a part of a three-hundred-year-old legend.

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This is entirely a work of fiction, although some information is based on fact. I derive no income from producing this work, but please credit me if you reproduce or retransmit this material in whole or in part. All original material in this work is mine, all mine, and I will hunt down anyone who steals it!


Custom Characters:

Thanks go to Niki for permission to mention her Marine character "Chaser" in my dispatches.

Navy Lieutenant "Crypto" (real name Classified) is the author's brainchild, along with a number of other customs!
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