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A Chat

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Theresa wakes up in the hospital and get's a little surprise

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Friend or Foe

Chapter 2: A Chat

I woke up and I was looking at white walls, many guards are around and it looked like there was some outside the door too. Only then did I realize where I was.

"Theresa, thank god you are awake. The doctor said that you will be out in the evening." Her favorite guard David said to her.

"That's great! How bad is it?" I asked frowning.

"Not deep that's for sure. It has only gone about and inch in." Her only girl guard Melissa said to me.

The doctor walks in and I jump.

"Sorry to scare you." The doctor said.

"No prob." I answered back.

Next thing I know there's a lot of noise out in the hall.

"Were sorry you can't go in there." One of my guards said.

"Oh yeah, I'm getting or else you'll be the one in the hospital. C'mon boy's." A familiar girl's voice yelled.

A fiery long haired red head followed by 4 boy's coming barging in.

"Theresa, I can't believe he did that. What was he thinking?" Atlanta said.

"Nether do I and I don't know why he would do such a thing. Guards leave them alone their friends of mine. But I'll have to you guy's later anyways cause' I'll be out of here in the evening. Melissa tell one of the guards to take my friends to my place and make them feel at home." I said while the team was leaving.
I'm sorry it's so short I have a ton of homework to do.
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