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Living La Vida Loca, thanks to Pixie Stix!

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Just a goofy little clip from The Little Mermaid: Evolution.

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This story was deleted from, who know why. Anyway, here it is. And just in case it isn't clear in the disclosure, I own absolutley nothing.
Disclaimer: I own absolutley nothing. Toad and Pyro belong to Marvel, the song Living La Vida Loca belongs to Ricky Martin, and I don't know who Pixie Stix or Coca Cola belong to, but it sure isn't me. This idea's been buzzing around in my head ever since I saw Shrek 2, but I didn't consider writing it until I read todd fan's one-shot song fic Bibbidi Bobbidi Bang. And this is NOT script format, this is just the easiest way for me to write a duet. If you have a better way, I would like to hear it. And this takes place after chapter 4 of The Little Mermaid: Evolution. Hopefully I've made it at least slightly better.


Pyro and Toad are on a stage outside with lots of bright, multi-colored lights, wearing silk and velvet suits with lots of fringe and sequins. Pyro's is red, orange and yellow, while Toad's is green and yellow. A clock shows that it's about a quarter after midnight, and the floor beneath the stage is carpeted with empty soda cans, styrofoam coffee cups, and Pixie Stix wrappers.

Pyro: Uno, dos, quatro, hit it!

The music starts.

Pyro: Toad and Pyro, mates.
She's into superstition,
Black cat and voo-doo dolls!
Sing it, Toad!

Toad: I feel a premoniton,
That girls gonna make me fall!
Here we go!

Toad: She's into new sensations,
New kicks in the candle light.

Pyro: She's got a new addiction,
For every day and night.

Both: She'll make you take your clothes off
And go dancing in the rain!
She'll make you live her crazy life,
And she'll take away your pain,
like a bullet to the brain!

Upside inside out,
She's living la vida loca!
She'll push and pull you down,
Living la vida loca!
Her lips are devil red,
And her skin's the color mocha!
She will wear you out,
Living la vida loca!
Living la vida loca!
She's living la vida loca!

Here the boys take a break from singing during a long instrumental and start dancing around the stage badly. Pyro uses his flame-thrower to create some back up dancers while Toad begins doing some complex acrobatics. The fire dancers cause the wrappers to ignite, and Pyro uses the resulting blaze to create dozens of pretty designs before allowing it to extinguish. Then they start singing again.

Pyro: Wake up in New York City,
In a funky cheap hotel,

Toad: She took my heart
And she took my money,

Both: Must have slipped me a sleeping pill.

She never drinks the water,
Makes you order French champagne

Pyro: Once you've had a taste of her,
You'll never be the same,

Toad: She'll make you go insane!

Both: Upside inside out,
She's living la vida loca!
She'll push and pull you down,
She's living la vida loca!
Her lips are devil red
And her skin's the color mocha!
She will wear you out
Living la vida loca!
Living la vida loca!
She's living la vida -

Suddenly the music stops and the lights flicker then go completly out, leaving the two mutants in total darkness.

"Hey, what happened to the lights?"

"How should I know?"

"HEY! What do you two think you're doing?" A girls voice demands. Pyro and Toad scream and cling to each other as the owner of the voice climbs up onto the stage.

She turns on a flashlight and holds it up to her face, revealing short red hair and thin framed glasses. She appears to be wearing a black t-shirt and matching jeans. She turns the light on the boys, who are trying to stammer some type of excuse. The girl holds up handfull of empty Pixie Stix wrappers.

"Leaving the set, stealing Lance's Jeep to steal the towns entire supply of Pixie Stix and Coca Cola, then taking over the theatre to act like insane idiots, then almost burning down said stage, and you didn't invite me?!?!?!" she yells at them. Before they can say anything, she grabs them each by the ear and drags them off the stage, ignoring their complaints.

Well, hopefully people will think that this random little bit of insanity is funny. Maybe funny enough to review?
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