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One - Red Carpet Blues.

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Sequal to 'I've Seen Love Die' - it's five years later, can the past stay in the past?

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As usual the club was packed - Kate sighed as she leaned on the metal railing that over looked the club and thusly separated the VIP lounge from the rest of reality.
VIP - that's all she was now.

With the release of their debut album in March 2007 'Delilah' swept over the airwaves taking the world completely by storm - it was no surprise that their fame only rose with the release of a second and then third album. Kate Wentz was punk rock royalty even to the likes of her brother. A nostalgic Pete would be more than happy to be the jester in his sister's court just to squeeze one ounce of the 'It' factor she seemed to posses and he seemed to have lost.
The hype of Infinity was gone - of course each boy individually had their projects that were flourishing, but as a whole Fall Out Boy was struggling - it had been 5 years since the release of Infinity On High and it looked as if the Fall Out Boy train had long since stopped.

"Kate!" Sam's voice caught her ear and she turned slightly to look at the drummer who had his arm lazily slung around tonight's girl of choice. She said nothing but motioned for him to continue.
"You're supposed to be having fun Kate - it's DecayDance's annual shindig - dance, be merry." Sam gestured to the surroundings before allowing the anonymous scarlet to pull him away. Kate smiled and waved her hand slightly before returning her gaze to the party below her. Her eyes scanned the room for him. She knew that he wouldn't show, it wasn't his scene, it never has been, but that didn't prevent her from looking.

Within the five years since their break up Kate could count on her hand the number of times she had seen him face to face- twice to welcome new additions to the Wentz family, and one awkward 'dance off' in a crowded TRL hallway. He had a new life now with a new fiancé - and she was pretty sure she wasn't 'ok' with it.

She sighed when she felt protective arms wrap around her shoulders.
"Sister." Pete stated with a smile - Kate smiled back.
"Hey Brother, fancy party you threw together." She gestured below her and he laughed and brushed off his shoulder.
"Nah, it was all Sara - she's has super powers I'm convinced." He nodded seriously and Kate laughed.
"That kind of happens when you're a mother of three with one on the way - " Kate paused to rethink the statement she just said before continuing, "Seriously Pete you need to calm your sperm down."
"Gross! Baby Sister you're not supposed to say such things." Pete whined while distorting his face and Kate laughed again before smacking him playfully. Pete smiled until something in the background caught his eye. Slight panic covered his features and Kate caught his glance before looking in the direction as well. She smiled when she finally focused onto the figures of Joe followed by Andy and Rose (Andy's fiancé) worming though the crowd. Kate immediately bounced over and embraced all three of them. She was a little more than happy to see people that she considered family in a sea full of strangers. Joe immediately grabbed her hand and preceded to drag her through the club, she would have gone willingly but the person stepping on the train of her dress prevented further movement. Rose laughed and smacked the person in the shoulder in order to get their attention. Kate inhaled sharply - Rose was obnoxiously shy and would never ever smack a complete stranger. The man glanced at the floor before lifting up his foot releasing her train from his shoe's grip. He mumbled out an apology and she smiled until she realized who the stranger really was. It was then that the difference between wanting to see him and actually seeing him became apparent. Her breath got hitched in her throat making it difficult to breathe and thusly probably making her look as unattractive as possible - Patrick's sad eyes met Kate's as he reached behind him to grab the hand of the girl that had 'replaced' her.

so yeah a sequel - i hope it doesn't dissappoint - rate & review let me know 'cause i'm kind of nervous/excited about this.
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