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Two - In The Business of Misery.

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ok so far so good - we'll see how this works out and how y'all like it - you just have to stick with me i have a plan. lol.

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The room suddenly got very hot it seemed as if the temperature was escalating by the second - he let go if his fiancé's hand in order to loosen his tie that he was sure was getting tighter with the rising temperature. He watched her lips as she asked if he was 'ok' - he nodded that he was but knew that he wasn't - she wouldn't know the difference though, she didn't know him like Kate did. Speaking of Kate, he turned around to look for her but she was nowhere in sight. She had run into a crowd that was more than happy to engulf her.

He sighed before looking down at his fiancé Meg. It was blatantly obvious that she was a genuine Kate Wentz knock off - obvious to everyone except for Kate who if asked would spew stories of Meg's superior beauty and her 'legs that went on for days.' Those stories would almost always elicit sighs and rolling eye gestures from the people listening to Kate's skewed vision of a photograph that she once stumbled upon while going through her brother's kitchen drawers. Patrick knew that some little piece of him had to love Meg, he wasn't sure which little piece but he knew that something inside of him had to love her enough for him to propose, right?

He wiped his sweaty hand on his pants before once again grabbing hers and leading her to the VIP area . Once on the couch he pulled his hat over his face and sat while Meg frolicked around kissing anyone's ass that would bend over. Patrick silently scolded himself for allowing her to talk him into coming, he knew Kate would be here, she was expected to be here, it was her job to be here and he didn't feel worthy being on the same planet as her much less breathing the same air or even worse being in the same building. He stopped sulking momentarily only to remind himself that since they broke up she has been 100% safe - and it was all thanks to him and not due to the fact that the ones out to hurt her were in jail for 20+ years. It was then that he heard Meg squeal above the music.

"Oh my God you're Kate Wentz!" She stated overly excited, Kate inhaled sharply but nodded politely. Meg grabbed her hand and shook eagerly.
"You know I have been telling Patrick that I have been wanting to meet you for the longest time but he always had some sort of excuse as to why I couldn't. I didn't understand 'cause from what I hear you guys go way back, you've been friends since forever, but whatever all that doesn't matter cause I'm meeting you now."
Kate was at a loss for words, she never wanted to meet Meg much less touch her or have her acknowledge her presence.
"Yeah." Kate breathed though a forced smile and Meg's eyes grew wide.
"Ok I know this is me totally being a weird teeny bopper but can you sign something for me I just love your music and you are my nieces idol."
Kate patted her sides,
"A pen doesn't really go with this dress." She sighed and Meg held up a finger signaling her to wait just a second before running off.

Patrick immediately stiffened up as Meg plopped next to him while hurriedly going though her purse.
"Wha-what are you doing?" He sounded more panicked then he had hoped. She glanced at him confused before abandoning her pursuit for a pen.
"Baby do you have a pen? I want Kate to sign something."
"Maybe you should just leave Kate alone, lets go home." He pleaded and she laughed before digging her hand into his pocket. She smiled triumphantly at the sharpie that had emerged.
"It's so funny that you carry a sharpie in your pocket still I mean honestly, when was the last time someone asked you for an autograph?" Meg laughed and didn't wait for a reply before standing and heading back towards Kate. Patrick sighed,
"Just habit I suppose." He whispered to no one before resting his head on the back of the couch.

Kate robotically signed what was thrust in her face and handed the paper back with the smile she had since learned to perfect. Once satisfied, Meg bounced away - to torture her next victim I suppose Kate thought before spotting an empty spot on the couch. She sighed heavily as she sat.
"This is so fucking pointless." She mumbled to the air. At the sound of her voice Patrick's head immediately shot up. His sudden movement caused Kate to jump. She held a hand to her chest obviously surprised.
"Was that really necessary?" She questioned while looking to her left, she jumped again when her gaze met his - she wasn't expecting the spaz sitting next to her to be Patrick.
It was then as if the music had muted - Kate could hear the blood pulsate though her ears and it felt like her heart had jumped up into her throat to make way for the butterflies that were now fluttering around in her stomach.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean, I didn't mean to scare you." He mumbled - Kate couldn't hear his words but she read his lips and nodded.
"It's not your fault - I'm just jumpy I suppose." As soon as those words left her lips she immediately covered her mouth - she was surprised that anything came out much less a coherent sentence - and by the look on his face it was apparent that he was surprised that she had even spoken to him. Patrick opened his mouth to speak but closed it when he wasn't sure what to say- I love you, I can't live without you, I'm sorry for being an idiot, Come back to me - all of those thoughts were floating around in his head just itching for him to let his guard down so they could break free. But the next time his mouth opened only one thing came out -
"Do you want to get out of here?"
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