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Three - Kiss and Don't Tell.

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Yay for three!

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The boys of Delilah shifted uncomfortably in their seats as they agreed whole heartedly to Pete's proposal - the only thing missing from the decision was the approval of Kate. She was more than an hour late and Sam had thusly decided that glancing at the door every five minutes was not helping her get there faster. They had already played the 'maybe we should wait for Kate' game and had lost - Pete Wentz was a very convincing guy when he needed to be and right now Pete needed his A game to persuade Delilah that a joint tour with Fall Out Boy was an amazing idea. The boys agreed almost immediately, of course they were going to help out the one band who believed they could make it back in the day, the only problem was Kate. They believed that she would be hesitant but would agree; the fact that she wasn't there however was one, weird as hell, and two, putting a damper on their decision to go ahead with a joint tour.

"I was also thinking that maybe Trick could do the vocals on that one duet song you guys are working on." Pete coughed in as the meeting was coming to a close.
"Uhm . . ." Sam held the word as he glanced hesitantly at his band mates.
"Sure whatever you need man." Brian responded confidently as Matt nodded his approval.
"Whatever you guys need." Sam finally echoed less confidently then his friends.

Just as the boys stood to end the meeting the doors flew open and Kate ran in severely disheveled and severely out of breath. "I am so sorry" could barley be heard through her deep breaths as she shuffled to the table. Kate's heartbeat echoed in her ears as her head pounded. She blushed under the stares of her band, her brother, and her manager - she was always punctual and it was completely out of character for her not to be the first one in the room. The look of shock and disappointment across everyone's faces informed her that she had missed something very important.

"We're doing a joint tour with Fall Out Boy." Sam informed her nonchalantly; Kate inhaled sharply but nodded over enthusiastically.
"They're not doing so good so going on tour with us would help them a lot." Matt added.
"Oh my gosh of course, yeah sure. You know I'm always up to help you guys . . . in any way." Kate smiled hesitantly as she gestured to her brother who nodded apprehensively.
"Also you know that song that needs male vocals?" Brian started before glancing at Pete and then Kate.
"The duet?" She questioned and everyone nodded.
"Yeah we're thinking that it would be great publicity if you and Patrick did that together." Pete let his voice trail off at the end and Kate started laughing.
"You mean me and Patrick, doing the duet, the love song, together?" She was still laughing but stopped once she noticed that no one else was joining her.
"Are you serious?" Kate questioned but didn't wait for a reply.
"No way - no, absolutely not - never in a million years will I sing that song with him."
"Please." Pete's voice was soft and she sighed.
"Pete please don't make me do this, not that song." Kate whispered, it was Pete's turn to sigh.
"Kate my band is going to hell, this is my last attempt at saving it, I would never ask you to do something like this unless it was my last possible option. I know you guys have history, I know that more than anyone else on the planet, and I know it hurts when you're together I mean I saw you guys last night."
Kate immediately stiffened with the mention of last night and her grip around the forgotten piece of paper in her hand grew tighter, Pete didn't notice and continued on.
"You know his vocals would be amazing in that song and your vocals together would just, I don't even know how to describe it. This would be the perfect thing especially with us going on tour together."
Kate swallowed hard before closing her eyes and nodding.
"Alright I'll do it."
Pete made some kind of screeching noise before embracing his sister tightly. In mid embrace Kate glanced at the crumpled paper in her hand.

- Patrick

His scribbled handwriting was distinguishable to anyone who knew him well enough - it was the only thing left from the night before. Left on her pillow none the less, left for her to roll onto and discover that he had left to go back home to her. And now she was being reduced to one giant publicity stunt - how fabulous. Kate shoved the note into her back pocket after pulling away from her brother.

"When do we go into the studio? All we have left to record for that song are the vocals." Kate questioned while scratching her head.
"I can do the vocals later today, and he can do them whenever he wants." She added while shrugging.
"You don't want to record the vocals together?" Sam asked confused.
"No Sam, I do not want to record the vocals together." She spat back.
"With such a personal song wouldn't it be best to record the vocals together, especially since I'm assuming you'll be singing together on sta- hey Brian you thinking about Chinese later?" Sam immediately changed the subject once he noticed the daggers Kate was firing his way.
"No most certainly they will be recording together - it saves studio time." Frank (Delilah's manager) threw in before checking the schedule.
"Noon today is good, the sooner we get it recorded the sooner we can start pushing the tour. Call your boy, tell him to come in A.S.A.P." Frank pointed at Pete who nodded obediently before pulling out his phone.
"Noon? Noon is an hour away, what the hell? Do I not get any say in this at all?" Kate yelled over all the commotion.
"You would have if you were here on time sweetie." Frank responded before answering and incoming call.
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