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Delilah's P.O.V
(The Academy 11:50pm)

Everyone had gotten in bed late that night due too the ammount of homework Al and Scarlett. They always said that lots of work gives you lots of knowledge. I turned off my computer and got dressed for bed , I was really tired from all that work. It wasn't long before i finally got to sleep. I had the strangest dream abut my parents. I woke up from a good night sleep got dressed and went for breakfast.

I walked past Al's office as i went in the kitchen.
"Al when are you ever going to tell Delilah the truth". I recognized that voice as Sarlett's.
"After a few important missions, Scarlett" said Al. "If i were you i wuld tell her NOW!" came Scarlett's final responce before heading to her office. "Hey there kitten is something wrong?asked Scarlett. "No i was just heading to the kitchen that's all" I replied. I went to the kitchen right away to see Julius sitting at the table with some toast eggs and bacon.

"Hey Julius" i greeted him. "Well if it isn't Sleeping Beauty" he said with a smile. I blushed it was true i usually got up at 8:00 and seen it was 9:15am. "You look like you seen a ghost , De what's wrong? Did i detect concern in his voice?

"Ok well i'll tell you but you probably won't believe me when i do." i told him. It's ok De , tell me. So i sat down with him and told him what happened. Will he believe me? I bet he won't take it as a joke.

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