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Canine stupid

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Joe is repeatedly insulted by the narrator but still finds the strength to deal with Caroline. In a more relaxed scene Dax proves that mischevious is as mischevious does.

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C a n i n e s t u p i d

"Joseph! I can't believe your letting Caroline's badmouthing get to you. You can't be serious!" Brenda was talking herself into a rage.

The human imagination is without a doubt a strong force. Not only does it allow us to spend our time at our jobs or at school in the most productive way, as for instance cooking up questionable stories, it also allowed Joe to anticipate the conversation with Brenda with a positive feeling.

You see, it really wasn't his stupidity, just his imagination.

"This has nothing to do with Carl. It's what I think is best... Actually she said she would be ok with us dating," he defended his friend.

Why couldn't she just accept his decision, why did things like these always end in drama? Oh, right, it's the one thing that's more powerful than Murphy's Law, yet oftentimes similar in its working: Ficwadian law.

Joe had worked up all his courage and decided to talk to the woman in the comfort of her own home. Of course, this would easily enable her to put on a grand show but he would survive.

"Naïve" sounds a bit nicer than "stupid", don't you think?

They were sitting at Brenda's kitchen island, two glasses of coke in front of them. Luckily, Joe had put on a dark pair of jeans and a black sweater this morning.

"What's the problem then, Joe?" the she displayed a confused expression.

He hesitated. He had expected that she would ask for the reason and she had a right to know. Only, she wouldn't like it.

"Well..." Joe took his hands from the tabletop and placed them in his lap. "Basically I have a problem with people lying to me. I do have to put up with it, it's common in the entertainment industry. What I do not need is lies from people who I spend my non-job-related life with. I want to be able to trust them."

"But... you can trust me, Joe," she whined.

It was a tough decision: whining vs. sweet-talking. This seemed like a situation which required the first, it could be dangerous but usually more effective.

Joe didn't know if it would be appropriate to place a hand on hers. He didn't want to give her the impression that her attempt to make him change his mind was fruitful, but he also didn't want to come across like an asshole. He was a nice guy after all.

The man settled for the golden mean, putting one hand back on the top of the kitchen island.

"You kept your other boyfriends a secret and-"

"They weren't my boyfriends, Joe!" she threw her hands up in the hair, her forehand in an angry frown. "And I didn't actually lie to you, you never asked if I was seeing someone else..."

Her hairsplitting over hiding facts and lying annoyed him. It was the kind of immaturity that he did not need. He could have handled the age difference but he didn't want to put up with childish discussions. Her current course of action only affirmed his decision to split up.

When Joe got home half an hour later he got out of his coke-stained jeans and sweater and hopped into the shower to wash out the soda from his fro. People needed to respect his hair, sheeesh.


Dax was more than happy to have his Joe back.

Nothing was as comfortable as the man's torso. The beagle had had a fun time with Pepper and Oreo and their biped with the exciting games but hardly anything ever came close to having his real owner chase him through the entire house.

Such a shame that he, Dax, always had to encourage him, Joe, to run after him by snatching either his cell phone, the remote control or better yet, one of his gaming controllers.

"Alright. Alright!" the man stopped and leaned against the doorframe, trying to catch his breath. "You win!"

The puppy noticed that the weak human had given up and slowed down his pace, turning around on the stairs. He looked down at Joe who was still huffing in the doorway.

"You can keep the stupid controller... I have more than one, you know," he waved his hand in the air to demonstrate his disinterest in the slim white object in the dog's muzzle. Then he rested his palm on his thigh and breathed deeply.

Dax scurried down a few steps and sat down at the bottom of the staircase, eyeballing his owner. Was this a decoy? He put the gaming controller down and cocked his head to the side. (This would give him a different perspective.)

"I give up. You can have it," Joe straightened up and walked over to the game room.

Canine eyes followed his every step. The man hesitated before entering the room and turned around on his heel. In a matter of milliseconds the gaming controller was back in Dax's mouth and his tail was wagging at full speed. So this was round two. Silly human thought he could fool him.

"I'm serious, dude. Keep the thing," Joe smirked and shuffled into the room.

The beagle barked to get the man's attention but it was no use. He would let him have the thing. He had more of them in his cupboard.

"Funny..." Joe peered deeper into the cupboard and rummaged through the mess of cables and game cases. "I thought I had put them in here."

In the meantime the puppy had followed him, the white object safely secured between his jaws. He paced a few steps towards the man and put it down on the floor.

"Ha, I don't want that anymore," his owner said with faked hurt pride in his voice.

Then he averted his eyes from the animal and and started to go through the rest of his cupboards. No other Wii controllers there either.

"Where in hell are they?!" the man ruffled through his hair. (This would stimulate his brain.)

In the flowerbed, under the oak tree and under the hedge in the backyard. It had taken Dax a good half hour that afternoon.

"Oh, well... I guess I'll take this one then. Thanks, Da-"

Just as Joe bent down to pick up the controller the beagle darted for it and ran off.

"You know what?!" the man yelled after him. "That's just fine. I was gonna watch TV anyway."

- - - - -

A/N: I'm thinking this will be the next to last chapter. Thank yous to everyone who's stuck with Dax & Joe up to this point. Big woof to you!
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