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Untiled(for now)

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Artemis's parent droped a bomb shell on the mastermind six hours ago and now his whole life has changed. New people, new home, new everything; how will the young genius handle it?

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Artemis Fowl the Second stood with his parents outside the house of his future wife. He wasn't ready to be married in all honesty, but he didn't have much of a choice. It had been planned since he was born and his parents had only just told him about six hours ago.
Six Hours ago
"Arty, darling, could you come here for a second, your father and I have something every important to tell you."
Artemis looked up from the book he was reading, wondering what his parent could possibly want to tell him. When he entered the living room he found his parents sitting on the couch facing him, so he took a seat across from them.
"Yes Mother, Father?" he asked. The two of them looked at each other and then at him.
"What do you think of marriage?"
Artemis looked at them strangely. "I don't really doesn't pertain to me, why?"
His father sighed and said rather plainly, "Artemis, your getting married."
"WHAT!" Artemis was out of his seat by now staring at his parents bewildered. "That's not possible! One, I'm not old enough, and two, I'm not even engaged!"
"The first part is correct, but you are engaged; you have been since you were a baby." Artemis sucked in his breath and let it out slowly; sitting down again, knowing that he wouldn't be able to get out of this one.
"What's her name?"
His mother smiled brightly and hugged her son tightly. "Amy, Amy Li."
Now, he was standing right outside his Fiancé's house; the fiancé that he had never met.
"Now, remember, Artemis, she's extremely shy until she gets to know you, so please go easy on her," his father said. Artemis merely nodded as he reached out and rang the door bell. 'Here we go.' He thought to himself. Moments later the door opened to reveal a girl of his age standing before them. She smiled shyly and stepped aside.
"Please, come in," she said. Artemis quietly sucked in a breath when he heard her speak; to him it was like angelic bells being rung.
The Fowl family piled into the foyer and took in their surroundings. Mrs. Fowl had been watching her son's every move and was very pleased to see that since Amy, she could only presume, opened the door he hadn't taken his eyes off of her; almost like a trance. Amy took their coats and hung them up in the foyer closet, then led them into the kitchen where her parents were waiting.
"Angelina, it's so good to see you again! What, it's been seven years, right?" said the young woman by the counter. "Amy, why don't you take Artemis upstairs and get acquainted. I'll call you down later; we have a lot to talk about."
Amy turned to Artemis and led him up the stairs. As he followed her up the stairs he took in his surroundings once again. The hallway at the top of the stairs was rather small, but homey with the many pictures that hung on the wall. Her bedroom was a faint pale green, her carpet a coral green. There were posters on all her walls of American bands and stars. She also had ivory plates with Japanese symbols engraved on them hanging on her wall under a large plate that had her name on it.
The copper haired girl led him into the room adjacent to hers. It was again small, but cosy. It had a wooden desk with a wooden side table on the right, a guitar in the far left corner, a TV up against the back wall centred in the middle of the room, and a white arm chair in the far right corner next the wooden side table. Above the wooden table was a wooden shelf with an assortment of knick-knacks.
"You have a very nice home, Amy," he said pleasantly after a few awkward moments. Amy turned and looked at him. Artemis was again held captive in her eyes; the beautiful swirling blue depths that shined brightly against her fair skin and copper locks.
"Thank you, Mr. Fowl." Her voice was so soft he almost missed what she had said.
"Please call me Artemis."
There was silence once again. This time it was almost unbearable.
"How long have you known about the marriage?"
Artemis looked up, her shy voice surprising him slightly. "About six hour."
"Really, that's all?" she questioned.
"Yes, that's all, why have you know longer?" he asked. The girl before his didn't meet his eyes, but instead look away and out the window.
"No, actually my mother didn't tell me until about three hours ago when I got home from school. It all kind of happened so fast!" Amy turned back to Artemis and smiled.
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