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Chapter 1: Proposal

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Mamoru gave Usagi a ring before he left for America. Now it's five years later and they're finally about to have the wedding Usagi has dreamed about since childhood but she's wishing Chibiusa had t...

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Chapter 1: Proposal

"I still can't believe you didn't realize he was proposing to you," laughed Ami as she flipped through the pages of an old high school photo album.

"Well," started Usagi as she flipped a pigtail over her shoulder in mock indignation, "You were only half right. After all, it's not an engagement ring; it's a promise ring. And Mamo-chan has promised me a real one some day."

"And someday may not be that far off," added Rei, popping her head out of the walk-thru closet that connected her bedroom to Usagi's. "After all, you birthday is tomorrow. Isn't Mamoru taking you out for some fancy dinner?"

"Oh, wouldn't that be romantic? Twenty-one and engaged!" squealed a voice from deeper in the closet.

"Minako! When did you get back?" demanded Makoto, nearly flying across the room to tackle her friend and roommate.

Minako straightened her trademark red hair ribbon and answered, "I just got in. I dropped my bags in our apartment and came right over. But I'll be back in just a minute. I was allowed to pick a few of my favourite outfits that I modeled in the shows and I have something just perfect for you Usagi-chan. Oh, to think he's going to propose!" Minako continued her excited chatter as she ran across the hall to the apartment she shared with Makoto and Ami when she was in Japan. Life as a super model kept her traveling a lot. Her most recent trip was a one month runway modeling contract in America.

When the door clicked shut, Usagi glanced around at her remaining friends, her cheeks warm and pink. "I-I'm not even sure that he's going to propose yet." She stood quietly and walked out of the room, letting herself out onto the balcony. Resting her elbows on the railing, she stared silently towards Mamoru's apartment building, just two blocks away in the heart of Tokyo's Juban district.

It's been five years since I saved the world from Chaos, she thought to herself. Five whole years, but it seems like just yesterday. I thought I had lost them all-I thought it was over. I've seen my future, but can I really trust that it will end up that way? I know the future isn't secure. I watched my darling Chibi-usa disappear before my own eyes. My sweet Mamo-chan, it won't be real until we say our vows and our souls join as one. Please, my dear Mamo-chan, let that day be soon. Usagi sighed and a silent tear rolled down her cheek, glimmering in the evening's fading light

(Scene Change)

There was a slight creak followed by a sharp snap as the hinge on the tiny black velvet box popped open. She had been anticipating this event for years, for several millennia, actually, but she was not really prepared for what the sight of that ring would do to her heart. Nestled into the velvet was a small flower shaped diamond: a perfect, delicately sized replica of the silver crystal.

"Usako, I had it crafted into this shape-the silver crystal, your star seed-because it is the light of hope, and you are the light of my life, the only real hope in my world. Usako, my love, will you marry me? Will you be my wife and my queen?" Mamoru's voice was low and soft as he spoke, his eyes filled with a gentle but passionate love.

With a delicate touch, he slipped the heart shaped ring from Usagi's finger and transferred it to her right hand. He then held the diamond at the end of her left ring finger, repeating his question with his eyes.

"Yes." The word was so soft, barely audible, but at the sound of it, Mamoru pushed the ring onto Usagi's finger and gathered her into his arms.

"My sweet Usako-our dreams are coming true." His voice broke, and as tears filled his eyes, he buried his face in her hair, wrapping his fingers into the length of it.

Finally, Usagi seemed to come alive. She stared down at her hand, touching a tentative finger to the diamond. "This is for me?" she breathed. "This is real? Oh Mamo-chan, when will we marry? Will it be soon? I feel as though I cannot live another day without you."

Mamoru settled Usagi back into her seat and prepared himself for her disappointment. "Well my princess, it takes a long time to plan a wedding fit for a queen. And you will be queen. We will have our wedding in one year. June is a lovely time for a wedding."

"But Mamo-chan! A whole-"

"Hush, Usako." Mamoru ceased her whining with a delicate finger on her lips. "We will be married soon. A year is not too long to wait. And remember, you are a lady now. I haven't heard you whine like that in years. Once you start planning, you will wish I'd given you more time."

"But, Mamo-chan-" Usagi took a deep breath and plunged into a final attempt to shorten the engagement. "Minako has a contract booked already. She will be in America for almost all of next June. Surely we can have the wedding before she leaves! I can't get married with any of my girls missing!

"Then we will push it back one week into July. I know how much your friends mean to you. Get rid of that pout, Usako. This is for the best." Mamoru reached out to her and ran his thumb along her cheek until she sighed and gave him a look of defeated submission. "I know you're getting tired. I'll take you home. But do try to get some sleep tonight. I'm sure you've got some girls waiting for you in your apartment right now who won't let you rest until they've heard every detail.." Mamoru paid the bill for their dinner, then gently helped Usagi from her chair and led her from the restaurant to his car.
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