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You're Crashing, But You're No Wave

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When Elise comes home to Chicago from France, where she studied, she finds the world she left has changed, and finds her best friend is in a band now

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Patrick and I grew to be best friends over the next weeks. I felt like I could tell him anything, and I liked having someone to talk to. Especially when Pete and I fought. It happened quite a lot these days. Pete would snap at me over something stupid, and I'd just go to Patrick's and talk. When I got home, Pete would apologize and tell me he loved me.

Only one day, the fight lasted a lot longer.

I got home from work, exhausted, and went to go change. Pete was in the kitchen, waiting for me.

"Hey, hun. You want Chinese for dinner? I'm not in the mood for cooking," I said as I walked in. Pete just glared at me. I didn't mind him as I went and got a soda from the fridge. I turned around and he was still sitting at the table, glaring. I noticed a magazine in his hand. "What's that?" I asked, sitting down next to him.

"This? Why don't you look for yourself?" he asked, angrily shoving it in my direction. I looked at the cover and nearly choked on my drink. The headline read "PATRICK STUMP OF FALL OUT BOY WITH MYSTERY GIRLFRIEND." And on the cover was a picture of Patrick leading me out of a store we had gone in last week as we laughed. Not good.

"Care to explain?" Pete asked. I sat there in utter shock.

"Patrick and know we're...we're just friends, Pete! He's my best friend!" I said in defense. Pete gave me a skeptical look.

"Of course you are." He left it at that, getting up and leaving me in complete disbelief. He couldn't think that I'd cheat with Patrick. Just as I thought that, I felt my phone ring in my pocket. It was Patrick.

"Did you see that magazine?" he said angrily as soon as I answered my phone.

"Yes. And the worst part? Pete believes it."

"He can't," Patrick said.

"He does. He's so mad at me right now."

"That's it. Get over here right now and bring clothes. I don't care what you have to say to Pete, but we need to talk." Patrick hung up the phone. I snuck into out room and got some clothes. Pete wasn't in there, and I wasn't in a rush to talk to him again. As soon as I had a few changes of clothes, I left. But I did write a note in lipstick on the bedroom mirror for him to read when he found me missing. It was the only thing I had to write with, and I hated that color anyway.

I ended up staying in Patrick's extra room the entire week. I didn't get one phone call or text message or anything at all from Pete. I charged my phone every night just in case. I went back to my apartment a few days later to get some stuff, and Pete was there.

"What did you mean by this?" he asked, gesturing to the mirror. "I've been worried sick this whole time, wondering where you were," he hissed angrily.

"If you were so worried, you should've called," I said simply. I went back to getting what I needed as he sputtered furiously after me.

"That's it? No explanation, no apology? You just tell me that I should've called?" he called angrily after me. I swung around.

"Oh, so now it's my fault you believe every word that you read in those tabloids? It's my fault you got mad at me for something that isn't even true? I'd love to stay and hear more about how everything wrong in your life is my fault, but I have work, and I really don't want to hear it. So just save your breath," I said furiously.

"All I was saying was that you could've offered me some explanation as to why you and Patrick are on the cover of some magazine. And you could've apologized for leaving without any warning."

"I need to tell you that I'm not seeing Patrick behind your back now? What is wrong with you? I told you before, and I'll tell you again. Patrick and I are JUST FRIENDS. Get it through your head. And I don't need to apologize for leaving. You left the same way that night, and I don't hear you apologizing," I shot back. This was not going to end well. I could already tell by the look on Pete's face.

"You know what you did? You went and became one of those girls you used to hate. You're one of those girls who doesn't care about anyone but themselves," he hissed. I gasped, shocked.

"Boys like you are so overrated. You try so hard not to look as desperate as you really are," I said. Pete flinched.

"Maybe you should just go. I could care less now where. Just go," he said. Ironically, I listened to him and let him kick me out of my apartment. But not without the last word.

"Gladly," I spat as I turned on my heel and slammed the door with my stuff, speeding back to Patrick's.


A/N: I am so sorry to keep you all waiting. If anyone even reads this anymore. Whatever. It's continued in the next chapter.
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