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Gerard loves the kiddies and the Frankies

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For Prompt #085


(NOT mpreg. I don't delve into that fandom (fangirlish squeal of "eeeew!")

"Wouldn't it be great?" Gerard asked to the darkness, his hand gesturing wildly to the ceiling. "To have a kid, you know?"

Frank stared up at the darkened expanse above him, his arms behind his head as he listened to the man laying beside him. The hotel room was far from silent, with Gerard's voice never seeming to cease as the radio played old '80's classics nonstop for the greater part of the night, but Frank felt quiet. He just wanted to listen; which was convenient, because Gerard didn't even give Frank a chance to answer (not that he cared to) before he was off again, the grin on his face obvious even in the night.

"Like, we could take them on tour, let them see what kind of life their dad leads, you know? They would be some fucking awesome kids. They'd read Garth Ennis and J.D. Salinger and watch Star Wars and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... yeah, and then we'd dress them up for Halloween or whatever. Maybe for no reason. And they'd learn our favorite songs and sing them and jump around the house and pretend they were us. Wouldn't that be great?"

Frank should've expected something like this. Gerard's head was still swelled from that little eight or nine year old kid that had come up to him after the show with an old school mohawk and a homemade MCR shirt that Gerard had completely gushed over. The art, or something. The kid was good, damn good, and Gerard was astounded at the portrayal of bones and life and death. He had let the kid follow him around all backstage, talking avidly and showing the sweet little child all the inner workings of the stage. His parents trailed along behind or sat on the couches, watching in awe and gratitude while this strange man momentarily became their child's new parental unit.

And now, even hours later, the meeting was still affecting him. And Frank, for that matter, because all through Gerard's little daydream, Frank hadn't seen the endless possibilities, he had seen the one little problem with Gerard's brilliant plan.

"Frank?" Gerard asked, turning to grin at his band mate.

Frank wasn't in the mood. He wasn't in any mood. He had been enjoying himself until Gerard had opened his stupid mouth to talk about that kid again, and Frank's stomach had fallen faster than his heart.

"That would be pretty cool," Frank started slowly, a lump in his throat. "But there's a teensy problem that I think you may have overlooked."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah," Frank answered. "Sorry Gerard, but in case you have noticed, I don't have a uterus."

Gerard paused, sensing the hostility in Frank's voice.

"Oh, babe, I didn't mean it like that. I was know--"

Frank stood up. "Yeah, I got it Gee. Listen, I'm going to bed, so--"

"--Frank, don't be mad--"

"I'm not mad," Frank replied immediately, out of sheer habit, before realizing it was the truth. He wasn't mad.

He was hurt.

If you had wanted a girl Gerard, you should have gotten one, he wanted to say, but withheld it, the words pounding demandingly against his throat. "It's okay, Gee. But, you know, sorry."

Gerard sat up and tried to grab Frank's hand, but Frank pulled it away from him inconspicuously, making it seem like only an accident when Gerard's fingers brushed his skin, but couldn't clasp onto him.

"Frank, you're upset, I know. Please, just--"

"Really, Gerard, it's fine," Frank said, turning towards the door to head back to his own room. Just as he reached for the knob, he looked back at the man sitting in the middle of the floor, a lost and blank expression on his face. His fingertips grasped the metal and he turned it, pulling the door open, telling Gerard goodnight with the last whispered words of,

"But just so you know, if I could, I would. For you."


"Frankie, get up! I've got a present for you!"

Frank groaned and rolled around underneath the covers, trying to block out the light that was seeping in through the window and invading his privacy.

"Geraaaaaard! If I had something to whack you with, you'd be getting one hell of a...of a...of a whacking right now!"

Gerard snorted. "Oh sugar, I just love how literate you are in the morning."

"You can't see it, but I'm flipping you off right now. Under the covers. Because you're a bitch."

Frank felt the mattress groan and a weight being pressed against his side as Gerard leant down to nuzzle his face against Frank's through the covers, humming gently and whispering lowly, "Hmm, you got anything else for me under those covers?"

Frank grinned and avoided the yawn that would seriously be a mood killer. "Why don't you come down and see?"

He heard Gerard gasp, and giggled lightly. Gerard, however, shifted until he was sitting cross-legged by Frank's knees, putting on a tone of complete horror and shock.

"Frank! Don't make sexual puns while your child is in the room!"

Needless to say, the grin melted from Frank's face as he sat up, the sheet falling off of his head to reveal disheveled hair and a very confused facial expression. Gerard grinned at him. "Surprise."

And then all Frank could feel was a small bundle of warmth when a wriggling thing squirmed it's way into Frank's lap as soon as Gerard had released it, yipping in delight and showering Frank's chest with wet-nosed kisses.

"Gerard!" Frank gasped, picking the puppy up and looking at it eye to eye; it was pure white, with a small brown streak down it's tail and a little black nose. One eye was a shimmering baby blue, while the other glowed a deep, relaxing, sugary brown.

"Say hello..." Gerard started, crawling across the bed to sit next to Frank and lean his head on his shoulder. "To our baby girl."

Frank turned his head, his lips brushing up against Gerard's momentarily. Gerard was smiling at him, obviously pleased with himself, but Frank couldn't help but feel a little upset. He hadn't meant it to turn out like this.

"Gerard, this isn't... I didn't mean to be so mean last night. If you want a child, really, it's okay. I mean, you'd be kind of a weird dad, but I'm sure they'd be some pretty weird kids,'s all good. But, I'm...I'll understand. Really, I'll--"

"Frank," Gerard interrupted, breaking eye contact to reach over and rub the little dog's ears as it sat happily in Frank's lap, cuddled between the guitarist's hands. "I'd be a shitty father, both you and I know that. And this--" he rubbed a finger affectionately across the dog's neck and face, "--this is all I'll ever need."

"But..." Frank said, faltering slightly, "But we can't dress it up, or have it sing our favorite songs, or...or have it tell us how much it loves us every night before we tuck it into bed. A dog won't be able to do any of those things, Gee."

"That's okay," Gerard answered with a grin, his eyes glimmering in the early morning sunlight. He pulled Frank close for a small kiss as the puppy yawned widely in Frank's lap. "That's what I have you for."
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