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It is dawn, and Frank is warm

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For Prompt #082


AN: Ha, probably the most meaningless thing I've ever written. But I rather like it.

It is dawn, and Frank is warm.

Not just a temperature warmth, but a full body, mind blowing, perfection warmth. A beautiful warmth. A light and feeling and swell that fills every portion of his being, coating his skin with glow and his mind with sober haze.

The curtains are open, letting in streaks of golden air that shimmers against the curves in the blankets; the mattress is large, but their bodies take up less than half of the space as they breath in the sunlight together, their eyes closed and their faces content with sweet dreams. Sweet memories.

Frank shifts in his sleep, a hand running across the back of the person next to him, sending a pleasurable shiver down his partner's spine. Frank's lips form three sleepy words against his neck, and the body next to him responds by pressing back against him, curling up and seeking Frank's warmth to combine with his own. A bird chips outside, and the sun continues it's peak, but Frank sleeps on.

It is dawn, and Frank is warm.

For once.

It is dawn, and for the first time, Gerard finally lays beside him.
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