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to tell or not to tell that is the question

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Everything seems perfect in the hero's life, they've got friends, their, fighting the god of time and winning. But In one night it takes a turn for the worst...

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The next day Atlanta and Theresa were in Theresa's room. They were reading some magazines when all of a sudden Atlanta jumped up and ran to the washroom. Theresa ran after her. When she got to the washroom she found Atlanta throwing up into the toilet. Theresa quickly ran up and held her hair back.

"you okay lan?" theresa asked

"I don't know I just had to throw up all of a sudden." she said wiping her mouth off. Theresa was about to question further when she too had to throw up. This time Atlanta held her hair back.

"okay what was that all about?" Atlanta asked after Theresa was done.

"I don't know maybe it's just a flu-bug" Theresa said

"maybe, why don't we go to the hospital and get checked up, just incase" Atlanta said

" okay, let's go." Theresa said

At the hospital-waiting room
"i wonder what it is?" Atlanta asked Theresa

"probably just the flu like I said" Theresa responded camly. The doctor walked out, and stood infront of them.

"miss.Cannon, miss.hunt, we have the results of your test's" the doctor said reading a clipboard

"and? what's wrong with us?" Atlanta asked

"your pregnent" he said

"which one of us?" Theresa asked

"both of you, it's really quite odd considering your age, but yes you are pregnent" he said

"thank you" Theresa said helping Atlanta up, who was in a state of shock. When they got outside they both realized something and turned to eachother.

"who the father of yours?" they both asked at the same time.

"jay" Theresa said very quietly

"archie" Atlant said also very quietly

"wait I didn't know you guys were dating" Atlanta said as hey entered the brownstone.

"shh," Theresa said dragging Atlanta upstairs to her room. They locked the door and sat down on the bed.

"were not, well I guess we are now but we weren't until last night, I went over to Jay's room cuz I was bored while you were out with Archie, so I came in a layed on his bed and he layed beside me, and we kind-of kissed then, umm well you know" Theresa said embarassedly

"what about you and Archie?" she asked Atlanta

"well when we got back form our run there was no-one else home and we were watching TV and well we got kind-of cuddled up and we kissed, then we went upstairs, and you know what happened next" She said

"what are we going to do?" Theresa asked Atlanta

"I don't know but we can't tell the boys, Jay will freak out and say this is the perfect time for Cronus to attack, and Archie will, well Archie will just plain freak ouot" Atlanta said to Theresa

"we have to tell them" Theresa said

"why I know Archie and he will have a fricken heart-attack." Atlanta complained

"well I'm gonna tell Jay, you have to tell Archie, hiding this from him won't make it go away" Theresa replied to Atlanta

" fine let's go" Atlanta said.
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