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I wish I was as Invisible as you make me out to be.

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Mary is an 18 yr old girl about to Graduate. She has issues at home and is changing schools at the most crucial time of her school years. Will she cope, and manage to stay in a relationship at the ...

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I walked silently out of the schoolgates and out onto the sreet. I could already feel the cool breeze of the air as soon as I set foot on the concrete footpath, and I looked behind me. I walked down the street leading down and away from my school. I could just see the park over head and my slow pace soon turned into a jog, I couldn't wait to get home, and into my nice, safe warm bed. I jogged up the driveway and jammed my keys into the lock. I sprinted upstairs and flung open my door, before crashing on my four poster bed and crying. I felt like I could cry in my room, and nobody would judge or mock me. I felt safe and secure. Why? Because my room reflected me. My walls were painted black, with millions of band posters all over them. I had stray CD's, homework, clothes and makeup tossed around the floor and I wouldn't like it any other way. Then I heard my mother.
"Mary, are you OK? Hunny?'
I sighed, and grabbed the box of tissues next to my bed.
'Yeah Mum, I'm fine.' I tried my hardest to dab away the tears, but they just kept coming.
'Are you sure? I can come up if you want..'
'NO MUM, IM FINE!!!!' I yelled, I know i shouldn't of, She wasn't the reason I was upset. She didn't say anything after that, and I finally settled down.
That day was the worst day of my life. Eeveryday I am pointed and laughed at by other people. Do I care? No. But today, they went too far.

'Ooohhhh Look it's goth girl!' I heard that bitch Brooke saying. I could feel all eyes on me at that very moment, I ignored her as usual and closed my locker. I grabbed my bag and started walking down the hall.
'Awww, going to go slit your wrists again?'
It was true, I did have a fair few scars down my arms and ankle, but this was going too far.
'Piss Off Brooke' I snarled.
'Oooohhh Im scared now!' She laughed and her friends laughed with her.
'Should be.' I mumbled and kept walking, my pace getting quicker.
'Oh Em Gee! Drake, did you just hear that? She threatened me, I'm so sick of her, Can you deal with her please babe?' She cooed to her boyfriend. I could hear footsteps behind me and before I knew it I was lifted up by the collar and thrown into a group of nearby lockers. I felt a sharp pain in my back, as I saw Drake closing in on me.
'What did you say to my girlfriend?' He asked me, Coming closer with every word.
'I didn't say anything to your bitch of a girlfriend' I snarled, big mistake. Before i Knew what was happening A huge fist collided with my face and I was out cold.

Now I'm lying here in a pathetic bundle. I had woken up in the hall half an hour later, and heard the bell ring. And that's when I ran straight home. Face it, my life was shit. I lied on my bed for an hour before drifting off to sleep.

'Oh Shit' I crawled out of bed, knowing perfectly well who was yelling at me. I climbed down tha stairs and reached the landing, just in time to see my father hit my mother in the face.
'YES IT FUCKING IS, IS THIS WHY U WANTED ME? TO SHOW ME HOW YOU CAN HIT A WOMAN? BIG MAN YOU ARE!' I knew I shouldn't have done that. I knew what he was like, If only I could keep my big mouth shut for 5 seconds...
My already bruised face experienced another blow, and I stumbled back a few steps before finding the wall. I slid down and cryed in my knees.
'GET UP BITCH' this time he was really close, I could smell the alchahol in his breath. Great. He's been out drinking again and come home to take it out on Me and Mum.
All I could do was cry. This has happened before, but this time it was a lot worse.
'GO PACK YOUR FUCKING BAGS, YOU AND YOUR MOTHER ARE FUCKING LEAVING' I was lost for words. I had no choice, but to silently get up, and trudge back up the stairs again. I found my room, and started to pack everything I had. By the time I was finished, my room looked surprisingly clean.
I opened my door and slowly walked downstairs again with my bags. I saw my mother with all her luggage too by the door. She was in tears, and apparently lost for words. I walked over to her, and opened the door. We both walked out a loaded our luggage into mum's 4 wheel drive before heading off.

'Mum?' I asked gently.
'Yes sweetie?' She sounded as though she was going to bawl her eyes out on the spot.
'Where are we going? And where are we going to live? And where am I going to graduate at?' I said really fast.
Mum just sat silently for a few minutes before answering.
'We are going to New Jersey to live in a house your aunt left me when she died. I didn't think I'd have any use for it until now. And don't worry about school, there is a nice school there that you can finish in, there is nothing to worry about to stop fretting'. After that I was pretty calm, though I had a lot on my mind to think about.

'Mary, wake up' I heard my mum say as she shook me awake.
'Whe-Where are we?' I asked, confused that I had woken up in a car, and we were parked in front of a house that definatley wasn't ours. It was white whith a large balcony on the second storey. It had a nice garden out front and a paved driveway leading up to a wooden and glass front door.
'Sweetie, don't you remember?' She asked.
Then Last night Hit me.
'Yeah, i do' I Lifted myself up, and made my way toward the boot of the car. I Lifted out my Bags and as I was walking up the driveway something caught my eye. A guy, he looked no older than 18 was walking down the side of the street. He was wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt and ripped black jeans along with Black chucks. He had short, black hair and a cute side fringe. He wasn't too bad looking. We caught each others eye, and he smiled. I quickly looked away blushing. Mum gave me a questioning look. I smiled at her, and looked through the now open front door.
It was beautiful inside, but I didn't have time to stare, I was too tired. I Just trudged upstairs, found a bedroom I thought would be great to have as my room and fell straight asleep on the neatly made bed.

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