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First Day of a New Life.

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Mary's first day of her new life, and her first day at school.

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Bzzzzt Bzzzzzt
I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I didn't want to open my eyes, and face this new life of mine, but I was going to have to one way or another. I opened one eye, and realised my room was all set up. Mum must've not slept much, or wasn't able to because she had put away and set up all my things, except for my posters. She must've known That I wanted to paint my room, how sweet. I got up slowly and drew the curtains, I shielded my eyes before opening the balcony door and walking out. The sun and the fresh air was good in the morning. I felt so refreshed. Then My alarm went off again, shit I was going to be late for school!

I ran into the bathroom next to my room and stripped off, running the hot water. When I was finished I put on my black and purple striped hoodie, black tight fitting jeans and my green chucks. I ran back into the bathroom and brushed my dark brown hair and left it out. I did my eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipgloss before bolting downstairs.
'Thanks mum for doing my room, I love You Bye!' I yelled as I grabbed my bag and ran out the door, waving.
'Cya Hunny!' shouted mum from inside.

I Checked my watch, 8:15am, shit! I might just make it for first period! I Bolted down the street and finally ended up at the huge school that was to be mine for the year. Panting, I walked through the large school gates and went to the office to recieve my timetable.
'Mary Triston' I manged to gte out in between breathes.
'Ahh,' said the kind lady at the desk, 'Here's your timetable, your first class is in B13, good luck!'
'Thanks' I smiled and walked toward my first class.

I walked through the door and was pulled in by the teacher.
'Ahh you must be Mary? Welcome! Class, this is Mary a new girl here. Be nice and give her all your respect please,' She paused and looked around the classrom, 'Ah yes! You Can go sit next to Mr. Way If You'd Like!'.
'Thanks' I said and walked to where she was guesturing.
She had pointed to a boy at the back of the room, with long black hair, looked a bit pale and dressed in all black. He looked up at me and I saw gorgeous brown eyes. I sat down next to him and pulled out my black sketch book. I had different pictures of guitars, bands and really random stuff. I saw him glace at my work before starting on his own.

I had nearly finished my picture when I felt someone poke me In the Elbow. I Looked over and saw the boy place a note on my desk. I looked at it cautiously before putting my pencil down and unfolding it.

Hey I'm Gerard but you can call me Gee.
You look like a nice person, want to sit with Me and My friends at lunch?

I Smiled and picked up my pen,

Hey Gee, I'm Mary,
Thanks, you too. I'd love to come an sit with you guys. Thanks again!

I saw him smile, before placing the note in his pocket, then the bell rang. I opened my bag and took out my timetable.
History - D04
I sighed, and put my timetable back away in my bag.

---------------xFrank's POVx---------------------------

I was sitting at the back of my history class doodling on a piece of paper. I heard the door open and saw a girl walk in. She was the girl he saw who just moved in down the road!
wow, shes really cute I thought as she sat down on the table across from mine. We caught each other's eye once again, but this time I noticed something. She had a huge bruise on the side of her face. Wow//,I thought, //I wonder what happened to her?

-----------------xNormal POVx--------------------------

Hey, that's the guy I saw on the street! I thought, as I saw who I was sitting across from. We caught each other's eye again, but this time I saw his eyes drift to the side of my face where I Know i had the bruise from where I'd been hit. I quickly looked away, but couldn't help but think about those hazel eyes. He's pretty cute i thought, as My gaze drifted from my work to his face once again.

The Lesson was boring as hell, but I managed to get through it without falling asleep. Soon enough, the bell went and I packed my things and headed toward my locker.

'Hey' I heard from behind me, I jumped.
I turned around to see that guy from history standing there with his hands deep in his pockets.
'Hey, whats up?' I asked.
'Hey, I'm Frankie.. just thought I'd come and say Hi' he flushed.
'Hey, I'm Mary, nice to meet you frankie', I said as I gave him a warm smile.
'Umm, my mate Gee is in your art class, he said that you were going to sit with us.. want me to take you?' He asked.
/aww, hes so sweet/I thought.
'Yeah sure, that'd be great!', I smiled back at him.
We Walked out into the warm sun and he moved me over toward a tree, where 4 guys were laid out.
'Hey Mary, Dudes, get the fuck up and meet Mary!', Said Gerard.
I blushed and gave a small wave.
'Hey', they all said in unison.
'Ok,' started Frankie, 'Umm, well, you know Gee, The nerdy dude with the glasses? That's Gee's little brother Mikey..'
'Shut the fuck up!' Said Mikey in defense and he blushed a deep shade of red.
'Carrying on,' Frank winked at me, 'The dude with the 'fro is Ray and The Blondie is Bob.' He said, as they all nodded their heads as their names were spoken.
'Look, thanks for letting me sit with you, I know you hardly know me and all but-'
Gee caught me mid-sentence.
'You look, you seem like a really nice person and stop worrying about everything. Just sit down and relax, and to top it off I Think Franks got the hots for you so You'll fit it just fine', He smiled at me and went back to lying down on the grass. I turned to face Frankie, just in time to see him flush and put his hands deep in his pockets.

After lying down and chatting for what seemed like hours the bell rang and we went our separate ways, but before I could head to Music, yet another note was placed in front of me.

Hi Mary,
Listen, We have a band called My Chemical Romance and I would love it if you came to Gee's place later on and watched us rock out (Oh yeah!) and maybe we could go watch a movie one time?

Aww he's so cute, I thought as I picked up my bag. I walked over to him and turned him around,
'Sure I would love to watch you 'rock out' and yes I would love a movie!' I smiled and quickly pecked him on the cheek before running off to music.

-----------------------xFrankie's POVx-----------------------------

Then I quickly ran off in the opposite direction toward my Geography class.
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