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The 'Rocking Out' Scene.

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Mary goes to see Frank Rock Out...will either of these two read the signals that are ebing given off!?! lets see..

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The Bell rang for the last time that day and I literally bolted to my locker. I pulled out my books, shoved them in my bag and went to lift it up but slipped under the weight.
'Mother fkn piece of fkn shit bag..' I mumbled under my breath as I got up quickly and ran to the end of the hall.
I had just made it out the school gates when I felt a huge tug on my back. I screamed and turned around to see Frank with a grin on his face.
"What was that for!?' I asked.
'I was bored.' he said, still grinning
'Ah well, ok Frank where is Gee's place?' I asked, watching him watch me stagger under the weight of my bag.
'Here..' He said and grabbed my bag out of my hands, 'I'll take you there, and anyway it looks like your having trouble with your bag so It's easier if I take it'.
'Aw thanks Frankie!' I said and gave him a hug.

We were walking down the footpath and I started to notice that he kept looking at my face, but when he saw me notice, looked away. This went on for about 5 minutes before I asked him.
'What do you mean what?'
'Why do you keep staring at me like that, what's wrong?'
I saw him look at his shoes before speaking.
'That bruise on your face, how did you get it?' He asked, still looking at his shoes.
'I fell.' I answered shortly. I couldn't tell him about my bullying problem with not only guys my age but my own father, He wouldn't believe me anyway.
'Oh ok,' He said, 'Here we are anyway, here, you go in first', He held the door open and I stepped inside.

'MMMMAAAAARRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY!' Then out of nowhere came a black blur that gave me a rib cracking hug.
'Whoa!' I stepped back to see Mikey, who was literally jumping on the balls of his feet.
'You come to watch us play? Yes. Want to come down to the basement? Yes, Ok then its all settled follow me!' He ran toward the basement stairs and I followed behind him, and Frank behind me. I sat on the couch that Mikey guestured to and took in the room. Gee was up front fixing his mic, Ray was to his right tuning his guitar, Frank was on Gee's Left Finding some chords, Bob was getting a beat going and Mikey.....wait.....where was Mikey? They all must've read the look on my face because they all stopped what they were doing and Gee turned quickly and said,
'Omg Mikey, where the fuck is he now? Wait......NO GOD!' He ran over to an over excited Mikey trying to plug in one of the amplifiers.
Mikey went to retaliate, but chose not to as he saw that Gee was a foot taller than he was and that what he said was true.
He silently went over to his bass and tried to tune it.

'OK, a one, two, three, four..'
The Band started and they were magnificent from the first note. They played a song called, 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)' that Gee had written himself.
Frank winked at me,
'Trust me.' He said into the mic.

The show ended and I clapped. Gee walked over to me and gave me a hug.
'You think it was good?' He asked.
'Good? Never. Very Good? Never. THE MOST KIK ASS SHOW IVE EVER SEEN? Totally.' I answered.
That must have made his day because he gave me the biggest hug, and soon enough the whole band was in on the hug as well.
Gee, Mikey, Bob and Frank went upstairs to get drinks while Ray and I packed the equipment away.
'So are you and Frankie together?' He asked while rolling up a pile of cords.
'Umm, not that I know of..How come?'
'Well, it's obvious that he likes you, and trust me it's not often he likes anyone at school. Ever since that girl in primary called him a Fag he hasn't liked a girl since'. He smiled at me, and went upstairs, passing Mikey on the way.
'Hey Mary!' He came over to me and helped me pack away ray's guitar.
'So, do you like Frank?' He asked.
'Maybe, why do you ask?'
'Oh nothing...Umm I've gotta go new toothbrush. Yep that's it, ah,
Fight against the plaque!' He said punching his fist in the air and running up the stairs again, passing Gee and Bob in the process.
What the hell is going on? Why do they want to know if I like Frankie....What the Fuck!?

'Mary!' I was embraced by Gee and Bob.
'Dudes, what's up? Why do you all want to know if I like Frank or not?!' I asked getting really annoyed.
'Nothing babe, listen, You Like the guitar?' asked Bob.
'THAT'S IT!' I yelled, getting angry, 'BRING FRANK DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!'
Bob and Gee did exactly what I said as soon as they saw the look on my face.
I waited a while until Frank came down the stairs and sat down next to me on the couch.
'What's up?' He asked, as if nothing was wrong.
'Why is everyone asking If I like you or not? What the Fuck Frankie?'
He looked at his shoes, his hands deep in his pockets before answering,
'DO you like me?' He asked, this time making eye contact. His hazel eyes were making me melt inside, and his smile was making my mouth jump up and down like an idiot.
'Uumm, well, Yeah I suppose I do'. It was a pretty awkward moment, and we sat there for a couple of minutes without speech. I was about to get up when he said,
'So do I.' And before I could get a word in he had pressed his lips up against mine, gently. I was shocked at first, and he was going to pull away when I realized what was happening and I kissed him back.
'Whooooot! Knew you had it in you Frank!' I heard from the top of the stairs.
I looked up to see the guys peeking from inside the door, and when they saw I had noticed, giggled and shut the door again.

We sat together in the couch for a while until I saw the time.
'Shit! Frankie my mums gonna kill me! I'll see you tomorrow babe..'
'I live 2 houses down from you, and it's not safe for you to walk alone at this time. I'll come with you.' He picked up his Bag and walked with me to the door.
'Cya guys, thanks!' I called from the door.
'Anytime!' Yelled back Gee.

Walking was pretty boring. 1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps, 4 steps, 5 steps, 6 ste-
'Yeah Frank?'
'Well, you know how you said that you'd watch a movie with me? When do you want to-?
'Umm, maybe tomorrow since it's Saturday, and would you like to come to my house because Mum's gonna be in court for a week so I'm gonna be alone.'
'Oh ok, sounds sweet. Umm, why's your mum in court?' He asked concerned.
'Divorce Papers'. I said, and we didn't say another word until we reached my house.
'Bye babe, I'll see you tomorrow at 10:00?'
'Yeah, sure', He pecked me on the lips before smiling and taking off to his house.

---------------------Frankie's POV----------------------------
DUDE! Once again, SCORE! I Havn't felt this way about any girl since primary school! Shit...what am I gonna wear tomorrow? How am I going to do my hair? Does she like Nightmare Before Christmas? He kept thinking to himself until he reached his house, where he then went straight inside and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
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