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Confessions of a Teenage Broken Heart.

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Aw, Frank and Mary are going out. How cute!!

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I was asleep in my
'MARY! SOMEONES HERE TO SEE YOU' I heard my Saturday alarm clock/Mum call out.
I hate mornings.......I HATE THEM I TELL YOU!
I seriously couldn't be bothered getting up, so I just lied there and listened to the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. My door soon opened, and I rolled over to see Frank standing there with a smirk on his face.
We had been going out for a month now and I was the happiest girl alive. Ever since I started going out with Frank I've been happier and more lively than before.

'Hey babe', he said, walking over and kissing me.
'Hello. What brings you here at this time of the morning Mr.Iero?'
'Uhh babe, It's 11:30..' He gave me a strange look.
'Oh shit, is it ? Ah well, what do you want to do today?'
His smile turned into an evil grin.
'FRANK!' I hit him with my pillow.
'Aw babe, but see that's why you love me, so, how about we go see the guys and hang out?' He asked.
'Naww, maybe in like, 12 hours...'
He gave me the puppy dog face.
'Oh alright. Just let me get changed'.

I ripped off the covers and walked over to my cupboard. I pulled out an Orange and black hoodie, a pair of plain skinny's and my-favourite-couldn't-go-anywhere-without-them-even-if-I-tried Black Chucks. I poked out my tongue before slipping into the bathroom and changing. I left my hair out with a few clips and walked back out to Frank lying on my bed.
'Hey babe, want to go to the park first? I Havn't been on a swing in ages' He asked, kind of.....randomly.
'Yeah sure' I said, grabbing his arm and leading him out the door.
We walked in silence, hand-in-hand until we reached the park. Frank looked like an excited 5 year old as he ran to the swings and took the big one. I laughed and walked over, and sat down on the baby one.

'Mary, I was meaning to ask did you really get that bruise on your face?' He asked. I looked at him and his eyes had concern written all over them.
'I told you, I fell.'
'No you didn't, why won't you tell me?'
well if I tell him then there's a chance he
'won't believe me anyway..'
'What?! Of course I'll believe you, why would you think like that Mary I love you'.
OMG, I SAID THAT OUTLOUD?! Ah well, looks like I'll have to tell him sometime or another..
'Well, when I was in my old school, I was pretty much an outcast. I Had no friends and was bullied continuously. I didn't care about it really. I liked my own space but I suppose it would have been nice to have a friend. Well anyway it got out of hand one day and this bitch called Brooke got her boyfriend to come and beat me up...' I paused and looked at him. He got off his swing and came straight over giving me a huge hug and kissing me.
'I'll always be here for you, and If any prick tried that on you while I was around, he'd be dead in a second. Don't take it to heart Mary, you are not an outcast and have friends here, and I promise you that I'll never leave you', he started tearing up, 'and I know about the cuts on your arms and leg. Where they because of all the problems at school?'

'No, back at home I had a father. He used to come home drunk all the time and lay into my mother and I. That's why we moved here in the first place, and I'm glad we did.' I looked up to his eyes that were glistening and he kissed me gently.
'Frank, I stopped all this because of you'. He smiled and grabbed my hand.

----------------------Frankie's POV---------------------------
I can't believe it. What pricks? If I ever met the bastard that did this to her I swear I would beat the living shit out of him. And I can't believe what she said. I mean, it had been the third or fourth time we had gone out and as she was scratching her nose, her sleeve had fallen down, revealing numerous scars. And now I was the reason she stopped....

--------------------Normal POV----------------------------------
We walked for a bit until we reached the Way household. We knocked and Mrs. Way answered.
'Oh Hey, The guys are around the back, you can go too if you like' she said smiling.
"yeah ok, thanks mrs.way'

We opened the side gate and went around to see the guys in a circle under a tree. Seriously, what was with them and trees?
'Hey mary, hey frank, your just in time.' Greeted Gee.
'Oh and hows that?' I asked, giving all the guys a hug.
'We were just getting started on a game of Dares', he smirked.

Frank and I sat down in the circle and the game started.
'Ohk, I dare Ray to make out with Bob', said Mikey.
'Aww do I have to?' asked Ray, with pleading eyes.
'That's offensive, I saw you eyeing me off before!' Joked Bob.

They made out for about 10 seconds before pulling away.
'WATER!' yelled ray, and ran inside.
We all laughed, It was Frank's turn.
'I dare gee to wear a pink shirt for the day'. Said Frank.
Gee looked like he was going to drop dead right there.
'No way man, come on!' Gee looked at Frank, then went on his knees.
'Dude, please no. I'll do anything else, just, I am not wearing that pink shirt Mum gave me.
'Nu-uh, you're wearing it!' said frank, giggling.
Gee trudged inside, and came out later with a baby pink T-shirt. We all laughed because it was SO not him to dress like that AT ALL. He went red and sat back down in the circle again.
We played dares for another few hours and I started to get tired, even though I did sleep half the day.
'Hey Frank baby? I'm gonna head off, Sleeping Beauty needs her rest'.
'Awk babe, I'll walk you.'

We said our goodbyes, and exchanged hugs. Frank and I laced our fingers together as we made our way back out to the footpath.
'Thank you', said Frank.
'For what?' I asked him
'Well, it took a lot to tell me what you did earlier, I could see it, and I'm thanking you'. He put his arm around my shoulders.
'It's ok' I said.
OMG, does he think of me any differently now? What if he doesn't like me? Is he angry at me for what I did?
'I'm not angry at you'
'what the hell!?' I asked, astonished that he had just said what I was thinking.
Haha, don't worry about it' He smiled and I went back to my thinking.
That was a little weird. Ooo, I Wonder if he remembered My birthday's coming up, then 3 weeks after that, it's valentines!
'Your birthdays coming up in a week, then 3 weeks after that it's Valentines Day' He said.
'Can you stop doing that!?' I said, and laughed.
'Sorry babe, It's just that it's so quite I can literally hear what little of cogs you have in your head, working' He smiled, and put his arm back around me.
'That was nasty Mr.Iero!' I playfully pushed him away and pretended to sit on the curb and cry.
'Ah well' he said and kept walking.
Smart ass.
I ran up behind him and without warning jumped on his back.
'AHHH mary! You gotta warn someone before doing that, I could have been in a wheelchair for life!' He joked.
He walked with me on his back for the rest of the way home, and put me down when we reached my front gate.

'Love you babe, see you tomorrow' He said and kissed me.
'Love you too'.
I watched him walk off and I smiled.

Awww I'm so lucky! [Me: why?] Because I'm with Frank Iero! [Me: I'm too nice to you ppl] yes you are, but I want a 'scene'...pleaseeeeee? gives puppy dog eyes [Me: Maybe...] plleaasseee [Me: I said Maybe...]
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