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Happy Birthday!

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Mary's Birthday! wooooot!

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I heard my phone blasting 'Basket case' By Greenday.
'Hello, Mary's pizza service'
I had to hold the phone away from my ear it was that loud.
'What the fuck guys?!'
'Aww, we just wanted to surprise awake yet?'
'Well obviously since I answered the damn phone and you yelled in my ear dumass!'
I heard laughing.
'Aww, so your all ganging up on me now?' I put on a sad voice.
'Come to My house I heard frank say, 'Bye!'
Then they hung up. Assholes.
I grabbed my hoodie and walked outside toward Frank's house.

We gave each other huge hugs before walking together toward Frank's house.
'Mary, Um, Frank is so sorry, but Brian, the guy that's signing us has asked him and Gerard to go and do some paperwork, I'm so sorry' said Ray.
'Naw it's ok. I'm really happy for you guys', I said giving him another hug.

We finally got to Frank's house and when we walked inside the light's were turned off.
I tried to find Ray but couldn't see, or feel him anywhere.
'Ray, you here dude?' I asked.
{=O darkness...Is this what I think it is? [Me: Maybe...] looks for Frank [Me: NOooo get over it! Just wait dammit!]}
I heard something move, and I turned around in time to feel someone's lips press up against mine. I was about to kick who's ever it was ass but the lights flicked on and I saw it was Frank, and the house was done up with balloons, streamers and lollies everywhere.
'Oh My God Frank!' I yelled, looking around.
Soon everyone came out of the kitchen, The guys, their parents and even my mum!
'SURPRISE!' they yelled.
I was so happy right then. I had never had friends before, never really realized that I had a life until right at that very moment. I kissed frank again and gave everyone a hug.
The party was awesome, we started dancing, and playing around for about 3 hours and soon enough I heard frank yell.
'Frank!' Yelled his mum, and slapped him playfully.

We sat down around the floor and Mum was the first to give me my present. It was a Ramones Cd and Shirt. I gave her an huge hug and thanked her. Gerard and Mikey had put in to buy me a new guitar.
'How did you guys know I played?' I asked.
'We kinda asked your mum', said Mikey blushing..again. He is so cute.
'Aww thanks guys!' I ran up and gave them kisses on the cheek.
Ray had gotten me a Jacket with greenday patches on it. I loved it. Bob had gotten me a Nightmare before Christmas watch and a $20 voucher to Hot Topic.
'Aww bob Thank you!!' I ran over an gave him, and ray big hugs and kisses on the cheek. Then It was Frank's turn. He blindfolded me and I heard shufflinf and luaghing'
"whats going on?' I asked, it was taking him forever!
'Ok, you can look now' he said and I took the blind fold off. He was standing in front of me with no shirt and a red bow around his neck. I laughed and he kissed me on the cheek and I felt something move in my lap.
{=O.....[Me: you have a sick mind.] Keep going! Come on! [Me: sigh]}
I Looked down and couldn't believe what I saw. It was the most beautiful puppy in the whole world.
'Oh My Gosh Frank, Thank you so much!' I said, the puppy playing around in my lap and licking my hands.
'Anything for you babe', he said and kissed me on the cheek.

We kept the party going for about an hour after that and people started heading home. Mum got up unexpectedly and gave me hug and kiss n the cheek.
'Where are you going?' I asked.
'Home, have fun!' she called, already walking out the door.
I felt arms snake around my waist,
'You ready?' He asked.
'For What?' I looked at him suspiciously.
'You Know', he gave me a grin and he let his hands rest on my lower back.
I must have looked funny because I was standing there with a shocked expression on my face.
He started laughing, ASS!
'Yeah, we are going out to dinner remember'
I breathed a sigh of relief.
'Why, what did you think we were doing?' He smirked.
I Gave him an evil glare and he kissed me. How could I stay cranky at that?!

About 30 minutes later we were in his car and heading toward god knows where.
'Ok, here we are' He said after a while. We had left Buddy (yes, I named him Buddy, how cute?) at his house. I watched him run around to my side and open the door for me.
'Aww, someones being very nice today'. I said.
'I thought I was nice all the time!' He said.
'You are so full of yourself!'
I laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

We walked inside and my jaw literally dropped. I looked around the place and it was REALLY fancy. I looked at him and he smiled. A lady walked up to us and said, 'may I help You?'
'Yeah', he started, 'We are reserved, name is Iero'
'She looked through a book.
'Ah yes Mr.Iero come this way'.
She led us to a table next to the window so we could watch the people on the street pass by.

We talked and ate and I had the best night of my life.
When we finished he wouldn't let me see the bill and paid. I poked my tongue out but he just kissed me.

-------------a short drive later--------------

We were back at his house and we were watching a movie, my head in his lap and he was stroking my hair.

------------------------Frankie's POV----------------------------
/Would she say yes? I mean we were getting signed and all, and I know I wanted this, but would she?/
I held my breath before asking.
'Mary, would you......'

[Me: hides in corner DON'T HURT ME!] OMG, come back here! finds in corner [Me: NOOOOOO]
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