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Will You..........give me a cookie?

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What wil rank ask? Will Mary say yes or no? Do You like cookies? =O shocking...lets find out...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Parody, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-03-09 - Updated: 2007-03-09 - 694 words

'Will you move in with me?'
'OMG FRANKIE........YES!' I moved in and kissed him passionately.
'Thank you so much! I Love You!' I gave him small kisses all over his face.
'Ok..he ok! hehehe ok...hehe ok!!!!' He said giggling. He was so cute when he giggled.
He hugged me and let me lie down on his lap again, stroking my hair.
We fell asleep together and I was the happiest person in Jersey.

-------------------------------Graduation day [Me: I know, shocking....]----------------------------
We had all received our diplomas, one after the other and as soon as Frank walked off the stage he ran over and kissed me.
'Babe, WE'RE LEGAL!' he said.
'omg, is that all you can think about!?!' I asked smiling.
'Nooo.......' He said and gave me 'the grin'.
I hit him on the arm.
He looked at me all innocently.
'What did I do?!' and before I could answer he had me in one of his kisses again.

I gave all the guys hugs and kisses, except Gee.
'Where's Gee?' I asked, kind of worried.
'FRANK! RAY! BOB! MIKES!' I heard from behind me.
I looked around to see a flustered Gerard looking at all of us, with the biggest grin he could manage.
'Yeah' they all said in unison.
'WE GOT SIGNED! GOING ON A TOUR IN 10 MONTHS!' he Practically shouted at us.
It was all silent, the guys had shocked looks on their faces, waiting to see if Gerard would point at them and say, 'APRIL FOOLS!', but when he didn't, they all started piling. And guess who was in the middle?
'OhMyFuckingGoshGetTheFuckOffMe!' I tried to yell!.
The guys were so happy, they started yelling and jumping around like idiots, I had just escaped the My Chemical Romance scrum before a pair of familiar lips was pressed to mine. I Love his kisses! I Love Frank!
'Babe, I Can't believe it! Tour in 10 months! You're allowed to come!' He said, grinning widely.
'Am I? Are You Sure, I mean-'
'Nah babe, I'm gonna leave u here with nothing to do but sit around waiting for me to come back' He raised an eyebrow.
'I Love You, You Know that?'
I laughed and gave him a hug. I then felt something slip into my hands. I looked down and it was a key.
'Told You We're Legal!' He said, I was shocked.
'I'll drive you' He said, and he grabbed my hand and took me to the car. I noticed the guys weren't standing there anymore too. I started to get suspicious of where he was taking me.
We drove around for about 10 minutes and we finally pulled in out front of a block of apartments, next to a car that looked familiar. We got out and I was taken to the bottom stairs. We went up 2 levels and he opened the door to reveal our home. It was already furnished and as I went running into the bedroom I noticed all my belongings had been taken here already. I felt hands snake around my waist.
'You Like it?' He asked.
'Nah...Love it' I said.
Then I heard from the closet,
'Dude, what happens if they make kinky sex and were sitting in this closet?'
'What? It's true!'
I laughed and opened the closet door to see Gee and Mikes tumble out, and I don't know how they fit but Ray and Bob came a short time after.

I gave each of them a hug and told them That I loved it. Then I started yawning.
'Tired?' asked Frank.
'Yeah, I might head in, Night'
'Night babe, Love you'
'Love you too, night guys!'
'Night! Don't get eaten alive!'
'What the fuck Gerard?!'
'Hehe' I laughed and headed into bed. My Life couldn't get any better at this point in time.

{Or Can it? wink wink [Me: What have I Told you?!] What....just saying the truth! [Me: whatever] Sooooooooo... whens valentines? [Me: 2 weeks] WHAT!? [Me: haha sucked in, and im not promising anything for valentines...] Aww please? [Me: no.] Think about it? [Me: Fine, ill think...] Thats a first... [Me: WHAT?!] Nothing hides}
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