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Ch. 3

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A race of beast men called the Brawl, fight against a pompous diminutive race called the Ramin

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-"Trying to sneak up on an old man eh?" Keck said maintaining his grip. "I suppose this is what I get for trying to wake someone half senile," Tarock grunted in response. Keck chuckled and released his young pupil, "Smart enough to get the drop on cocky young warriors," Keck said. Tarock turned to face the old brawl and smiled. Keck may have been old but his mind was as sharp as any blade.
-Keck was about half a foot shorter than Tarock but he had more mass to him, his beard combined with his hair to form a kind of main that made him look even larger. His fur had taken on a soft grayish tone that went with his age and although a Brawls hair was always black Keck's was not as deep and full in color as it once had been.
-Keck carefully stretched and Tarock could hear his old bones popping. The old brawl yawned showing that his teeth were still sharp. Keck reached behind his bed and pulled out a thick vest that he fit around his chest, although few brawl wore shirts the older ones found that their fur was no longer enough to keep out the cold of the mountain.
-"Gullna should be waiting for us in the proving grounds by now." Tarock said. Keck nodded and walked to the door, "then let's not keep the young pup." Tarock fallowed his mentor through the city, every brawl they passed got out of their way respectfully. Many of then greeted the old alpha warmly, Tarock knew that Keck was much beloved by his people.
-The two of them came to the proving grounds, a place where cubs and pups could train to become warriors. The brawl had always believed that the tending of the next generation takes priority and so much effort was put into training and teaching the young ones. Before then was the gate of passage, a large stone archway of two brawl locked in combat, an old one and a young one. Each warrior stood on a pedestal with words of wisdom etched into the old stone.
-Below the young warrior read, "I am the future, I over come any obstacle; any foe and I shall surpass my teacher. I shall learn all he has to give and show my respect by becoming better." Below the older read, "I am the past; I have lived my life and learned much. Now I shall challenge the future and make it stronger. I shall offer my wisdom and teach it all that I know. In that hopes that it shall surpass me and become greater than I."
-Tarock read the words every time he came here to remind himself of the reason he came here, he was the past, and Gullna was the future. Keck had told him the first day he had come here that it was the duty of the old to teach and guide, not belittle or scold. And Tarock had done his best to honor his teacher. He only hoped he had done a good job.
-They passed under the archway and approached the lone warrior standing in the center courtyard. Tarock instantly noticed the wound on Gullna's face and saw that the young one had already administered some healing slave to the wound. He was forced to hold back a smile of approval, most young warriors trying to prove themselves thought that leaving open wounds was an impressive display but Gullna knew better. Slaying a strong opponent was an act of bravery, leaving a wound untreated and risking infection was an act of stupidity and neither Tarock nor Keck respected that.
-Keck walked up to Gullna and took hold of the pups chin to get a better look at the wound, "well you look none the worse for wear." He said, "at least you had good enough sense to treat it." Gullna kept silent and still as Keck knelt down to inspect the large skull neck to the boy. Tarock watched Keck trace his hands over the trophy, it had been a full grown Numrek beast though not especially large. The fangs were in good condition and the beast had been in good health. Keck seemed pleased until he examined the back and something caught his eye.
-"Tarock." Keck said without looking up from whatever it was that met his disapproval. Tarock quickly responded to the command and came in closer. He instantly saw what Keck saw, a large gouge in the back of the skull just above where the brain stem would be. The wound was very recent and that meant Gullna had missed the fatal blow. Tarock looked to Keck and saw the old brawl nod knowing what his young pupil was thinking. If Gullna missed the clean kill how had he taken the beast down?
-Tarock fallowed Keck's fingers as they continued to trace along the bone until he came the side when he noticed something curious. Tarock and Keck both saw that the bone that held the jaw in place had been badly broken. Keck nodded with approval, what Gullna lacked in skill he made up for in resourcefulness. Ripping a Numrek's jaw off was definitely something you could brag about.
-Keck and Tarock returned to facing Gullna. Tarock could tell by the look in his pupil's eye that he knew he had messed up by missing the clean kill. Several years ago Tarock had stood in that very spot while Keck and Vren had inspected his kill.
-Keck stood up and nodded to Gullna before walking away. Tarock smiled at Gullna who seemed greatly relieved. The trophy had been accepted and now he had to prepare it for the ceremony latter that night. Tarock fallowed Keck out of the proving grounds and up the steps leading to the council chambers.
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