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Ch. 4

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A race of beast men called the Brawl, fight against a pompous diminutive race called the Ramin

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-Keck pushed open the enormous double doors that were covered with murals of great battles fought by the greatest warriors of the Brawl. It was traditional that only those strong enough to move the heavy stone doors had the right to enter. Although Keck was old, the fact that he still had strength enough to move those doors was all the proof Tarock needed that his friend still held the right to be Alpha.
-The doors opened before the strength of Keck's massive arms once again and the two passed through. Tarock had opened the doors himself many times and there would be none who objected to his presence. The two of them walked down the long hallway leading to the inner sanctum.
-The hall was dimly lit by overhead lanterns spaced far apart but it was no trouble for a Brawl's eyes to cut through such darkness. All along the walls were carvings of the great deeds by Brawl heroes. The stone on the floor was polished by all the Brawl feet that had passed over it before.
-In the inner chamber five other Brawls sat in a semi circle encompassing half of the brightly lit room. The one sitting on the left of the center seat that was directly across from the hall noticed a pair of shinning eyes coming through the darkness.
-"What took you two so long?" he asked, his rough voice reminded Tarock of claws scratching stone.
-"I was inspecting Gullna's trophy from the other night," Keck answered with a sly smile. "You do remember that his trial was last night don't you Raytook?"
-Tarock cracked a grin as he watch the irritated scowl form on Raytook's face. It was no secret that the two of them didn't see eye to eye but they did have a fragile respect for each other. Raytook was taller than Keck but not nearly as bulky, he had bright red fur that made him look scrawnier than he really was.
-Tarock had learned first hand that Raytook had an uncanny ability to slip right through a warrior's defenses. Shortly after Keck had taken Tarock as a pupil Raytook had made a condescending remark and Tarock, being young and feeling he needed to prove himself, took offense and got into a fight with the older warrior. It had been an embarrassing loss for Tarock but a valuable lesson.
-Keck and Tarock took their places with the others. As Alpha, Keck had the center chair with three advisors on either side. On his right sat the second, his pupil Tarock. Tarock's duties as second in command were to fallow and guard Keck at all times and to make sure that Keck's wishes were carried out.
-Next to Tarock was Tou, he was in charge of the craftsmen and builders. He was a quiet one that enjoyed working with his hands and creating more than destroying things. Next to him was Tossk, in charge of security.
-On the right sat Raytook, he was charge of resources. He was a stingy man and it helped him do his job, thanks to his rationing of food and materials the brawl never ran out. Next to him sat Kex, the spiritual advisor. Kex was short and had huge shoulders but despite his rugged appearance he was one of the most even tempered Brawl Tarock had ever met.
-Finally there was Brista, in charge of the healers. She may have been a healer but she was the most imposing and intimidating member of the council. She was a no nonsense woman who felt that no brawl was above getting his tail grabbed if he got mouthy. She was always Keck's mate.
-"So how did the pup do?" asked the gruff elderly Brawl sitting next to Raytook. Keck smiled, "well what he lacks in skill he makes up for in strength and determination, much like you Kex," the old Brawl chuckled; it was well known that in his youth Kex had been very reckless until he made peace with himself.
-Keck looked into the eyes of each of his advisors, an old tradition before starting discussion to assert dominance and inspire loyalty. Much of brawl custom was derived from dominance and submission.
-"Alright brothers, what is on the agenda today?" Keck asked. As was tradition the advisor sitting at the far right of the Alpha spoke first and then it went around to the other end, it was a system designed to allow them to deal with one topic at a time and prevented bickering.
-Tossk stood up to speak, like the others he was an older Brawl whose hair had lost its shine. He was blind in his left eye but he was not one to cross. Despite his short temper Tarock had noted that Tossk always managed to solve problems relatively peacefully. He was in charge of the defense of Crag.
-"Well I suppose we all already know this, but the damn Ramin are pressing into our territory again. Our hunting parties have spotted their prospectors in our land testing for metals for their blasted war machines three times in the last week. Normally I would have ordered them killed on sight but seeing that our relations with them have been shaky as of light I recommend sending an ambassador"
-Tossk said the word as if it left a bad taste in his mouth. The old warrior had nothing but contempt for the Ramin. The brawl considered treachery and lying to be dishonorable but the Ramin saw such things as intelligent and civilized. It was on of over a dozen cultural differences that constantly put the two races at odds.
-The Ramin saw the brawl as dumb, primitive brutes that were little more than animals. The brawl for their part saw the Ramin as sneaky cowards who thought themselves superior to everything including other Ramin.
-The Ramin were always pushing into the brawl's territory for resources. They always needed more precious metals from the brawls mountain home for their strange machines and devices. One on one a Ramin was no match for a brawl, there were few things of Destill that were, but their machines managed to even the odds enough for the brawl to seek diplomatic solutions to their disagreements.
-"Thank you for your restraint Tossk, believe me I know it can't be easy," Keck said. "I shall go do deal with the Ramin myself, but not until after Gullna's initiation is concluded."
-The others nodded in agreement and Tossk sat down, his business finished. Tou spoke next and so on all the way around. Everything else was the usual, updates on the progress of buildings, the food and water stock piles. When everyone had spoken Keck stood up to conclude their business.
-"Thank you all for serving our people. I shall see you again in one week, and don't forget about Gullna's initiation tonight."
-The rest of the brawl stood up and walked out of the room leaving Keck and Tarock alone. Keck sighed and Tarock knew what was wrong. Tomorrow they would go to Solem to meet with the Ramin.
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