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A Crush and A Date

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Hehe, Its about Mikey, what more do you need to know?

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Ok peeps. I'm getting down to the point. READ THIS FANFIC OR I WILL CRY!!! lol, Ok, i tinks I gots it across. Lovez ya, lol.

Mikey has always been shy, and it was a wonder why he had friends. High school life was nothing but clicks and heartaches. He sighed and sat at the table with his older brother, Gerard. He had other friends, Ray Toro, a boy with wild chestnut brown hair, Bob Bryar, a blonde guy with a cool lipring, and wild Frank, the punk of the group. He sighed adn took out his lunch. Gerard spoke. "Man, this sucks. I'm gonna cut class after lunch, i need some air." the other guys agreed and Mikey just sat there. All of a sudden he stopped eating and turned a bright shade of red. Gerard looked athim. "Yo, Mikey you ok?" Mikey nodded and looked down. Frank errupted in a grin. "Ohhh, I know what's wrong. Little Mikey has a crush." Mikey gave him the death glare. "I do not!" Frank Iero and the other guys laughed. He spoke again. "Oh yea right. Who does it have to be??" They all began to look around. Ray spoke. "Is it, Marie?" They looked at him and noticed his face wasn't really red. They all shook their own. Bob laughed. "Its got to be Alice. Blonde, and chipper." Mikey had to laugh with that one. There was NO way he'd go with a blonde. Just then, she walked closer. She was a bit short, but tan, long black hair with Hot Pink streaks, bright doe green eyes, the perfect body, and the brightest smile. Everyone loved her, she was....adorable in a sense. She was only a year younger than he was, but, in the same grade. She was super smart. She smiled and walked over to the table, and sat next to Mikey and Gerard. "Hey guys, sup?" Gerard shook his head. "Nothing, just trying to figure out Mikey's crush." She looked at him with a bright smile. "Oh, have you figured it out yet?" Frank looked at the tomatoe formally known as Mikey and had this sheepish grin. "I know who it is..." She looked Frank and blushed. "Really? Who?" Frank went to say something, but got kicked. Mikey just smiled and took a bite of his sandwich. She looked at him. "Oh, can I have a bite? I'm starved." He blushed and nodded, unable to speak. He held it out out ot her and she put her hand over his, taking a bite out of his food. She pulled back and smiled. "Thanks Mikes." She managed to say with a mouthful of food. It made him laugh and put the food down. She swallowed and stood up. "I've got to go. I've got some meeting to go to for the school." She turned to Mikey. "Are you still riding with me after school?" Mikey nodded and finally spoke. "Yeah, since Gerard and the guys are gonna skip after this class." She pouted at the other guys. " guys are gonna fail..." Gerard ruffled her perfect hair. "Eh, it's gonna be ok. We'll graduate with you and Mikey, Bella." She narrowed her eyes. "Sure..." She then smiled and hugged Mikey from behind. "I'll see you later then Mikes!" She rubbed his head and walked off.

Frank smiled. "Arabella's a peice of work. She's pretty hot if you get my drift." They nodded and Gerard sighed. "I've been thinking about asking her out to prom this year, but I heard she's already got a date." Ray spoke. "You and Bella? I don't think so. I was thinking more like...Mikey and Bella, their closer in age." Bob nodded. "Yeah, but...Bella and Mikey arent a good fit. She's more...not shy?" They all laughed and Mkey blushed. "I wish you guys wouldn't do that. Bella is my friend. I've known her since she moved" He picked up his trash and walked off. He remembered that day. He was in 2nd grade, and sitting under the Jungle Gym. Some boys started tugging at his legs and she walked up, with this...adorable look. ~Flash Back~~ "What are you boys doing? He's gonna fall off!!" Mikey looked down at her and let go. The boys pushed her down and laughed. She got up and threw dirt in their eyes and took Mikey's hand, pulling him to a secret spot in the corner of the playground. "Are you ok?" Mikey nodded and blushed. "I'm Mikey Way." She smiled and showed off her lack of front teeth. "I'm Arabella Mionette. But, you can call me Bella." He nodded and ever since then, he's always hung out with her.~~End Flash Back~~ It was recently that he found he had feelings for her. She was talking to some guy, that ended up with the guy putting a hand to her waist, making her smile and blush. He sighed and saw as Bella made her way to him. "Mikes!" He smiled and felt his face get red. She looked athim funny. "Are you ok? You look really hot..." He nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. What's up?" She giggled. "Well, I'm thinking about cutting class too. Ride with me?" He smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I guess I can do that." She squealed happily and took his hand. "Then lets go!!" She dragged him to her car. When they got on the road, he spoke. "So, I heard you got a date." She giggled and shook her head. "Nope. I declined. This one guy put his hand on my waist, and made me too nervous to say yes....So, date.." She laughed and looked at him. "Why?" He cleared his throat. "Gerard wanted to ask you...he just didn't really know." She sighed. "Nothing against your brother, but, he's too old.." She glanced at him from the road. "I was....sorta...kinda....hopin....someone else would ask me...." He looked at blushed stained face. "Really? Who?" She smiled sweetly and spoke low. "You... We've known each other since 2nd grade. I mean, i'd feel more comfortable going with you, than some guy who really just wants to lay with me." He smiled at her. "well, I guess I can be your date..." She giggled and jumped a littlein her seat. "Thanks Mikes. That means alot. I'm so glad I can always count on you." He sighed and nodded. "Same goes for you too Bella."

Later on that day, Mikey was sitting in the living room with the guys. Gerard and the guys noticed the goofy grin he had on his face. "What's up with you?" Mikey just smiled wider. "Uh, turns out, Bella, didn't have a date." Gerard looked at him curiously. "Really? And why does this make you happy?" His grin got even wider. "She asked me to be her date. So, I'm taking her to prom." Just as they were about to say something, they heard soft footsteps. They looked at the staris as Bella came down them. Franke smiled. "Bella, Mikey here tells us that you asked him to prom." She smiled sweetly and nodded. "Yea, I did. Mikey doesn't want to sleep with me, what more of a prom date could I have?" They laughed and Frank moved Bob over so that she could sit down. She sighed and propped her legs up. "So, what are you guys doing besides talking about me?" Frank pushed some her hair back, causing her to blush. "Eh, talking about you." She giggled and looke daway. "Frank...don't do that." He laughed and poked her sides. "I can't help it. Your beautiful." She laughed again and Mikey felt bad. It was pretty obvious that Bella had a thing for Frank. She'd blush when he talked to her, or touch her. He just siged as loud as she did, and caught her attention. "What's wrong Mikes?" He shook his head. "Nothing. Why? Does it look like there's soemthing wrong with me?" She looked taken back. "Sorry, I didn't meant to worry. I'll just go." She stood up and walked back up the basement stairs. Mikey instantly felt bad for snapping at her. He sighed agian and softy beat his head against the table. Gerad looked at him. "What was up with that? What did you snap at her for?" Bob spoke too. "Its pretty much there. He likes her." Mikey rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that's it. I like her. I doubt that. Me and her are like tree and leaves. She's the tree, and I'm just one of the many leaves she knows." Frank smiled. "Cool. I'm gonna...walk with her...Yeah..." He was up and gone in a flash. Gerard laughed. "Frank has a thing for her....they'd make a good couple. Maybe settle him down a little." Bob laughed. "Yeah right. There's a better chance of Bella shooting Rats out her ass before she'd go with Frank." They alughed and that cheered Mikey up a bit. After about...30mins, Frank came back with this smile on his face. Ray looked at him. "Ok, what happened?" Frank shook his head. "Nothing. Its not like Bella's a good kisser or anything." Mikey's jaw dropped. "What???"
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