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Prom Drama

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*Ok, I suck at these stories. Kill me now....LOL... Read on!!!*

Frank laughed and shook his head. "I'm just kidding. I walked her home and Kady was there....I've been trying to talk to her for a while now..." He just blushed and looked away. Mikey stood up. "Oh, man, you freaked me out for a min there. I'll be back in a min..." He just walked out. When he was on the sidewalk, he looked across the street, and one house over. She lived there..her lights were on, showing that her parents were home. He sighed and walked around to the back. He climbed his way up her tree and sat there for a moment. What he saw broke his heart. She was crying her eyes out into her pillow. He tapped on the glass and caught her attention. She faked a smile and let him in. Instantly he hugged her close to his body, causing her to break down. "Shh...Bella, Frank's,.....Frank...He's always going to be chasing after skirts.." She sniffed and pulled back. "How did you know?" He looked at her. "Know what? That you liked him?" She nodded and they sat on her bed. "Yeah...that.." He smiled. "That's what happens when me...notices things. It was sooo obvious. You blushed when he talked to you." She giggled. "Well, I was hard to get him to notice me..." She let a few tears fall. "It didn't work. He goes out with Kady.." She put her hands to her face and cried. He pulled her back to his chest and smoothed out her hair. "Bella there are other guys out there wanting to get with you...Frank is of the guys you need to stay away from...he's...a donut.." She laughed and moved her hands, putting them around his body instead. He sighed and laid his head on hers. "Feel better now?" She nodded. "A little bit. Tho, why is he a donut?" He laughed. "He's got a hole in his head." She looked up at him and blushed slightly. Mikey noticed that...He smiled and took a free hand, moving her hair back from her eyes, and wiping any access tears. She smiled and leaned in, kissing his cheek lightly. Her voice was too soft hear. "Thanks Mikey..." She pulled back and her green eyes looked at him intently. He nodded and smiled while blushing. "No problem..." Just then they could hear footsteps. She stood up and looked around the room. He fell to the floor and hid under her bed, disappearing as the door came open. "Mom..." Her mom smiled at her. "Arabella, dinners ready. Feeling any better? I know that Frank was the guy you were after, but there's plenty of other fish sweetie. Try Mikey." Bella blushed. " I'm fine. And, I know, Franks just one donut. But Mikey is my Best Friend...I can't possibly...No." Her mom looked at her confusedly. "Donut?" Bella smiled."Mikey told me that. He's just one of the many guys with holes in his head." Her and her mom laughed. Then her mom left... Mikey crawled out and dusted himself off. "Well...that was interesting." She giggled and took some fuzz from his hair. "Grr...well, I'm going down to dinner. I'll see you tomorrow? I might walk to school." Mikey nodded. "Of course." She looked down and he tilted her chin to look at him. He smiled and wiped away some tears. "You don't need donuts. You need pickles." She giggled and hugged him tight. He sighed softly and put his head on hers again. "This is why I love you sooo much Mikey. Your always there for me." He smiled as they pulled apart and ruffled her hair. "Damn straight. You should eat. Bye Bella." She nodded and watched as he climbed out..Out on the sidewalk, he looked up at her window and found her smiling and waving at him. He smiled and waved back, watching as she vanished. When he got home, he noticed that the guys were gone. He ate some food silently and walked to his room, falling asleep.

The next day was ok. He had a silent drive with Bella to school. At lunch, he noticed that Kady was sitting with them. She smiled. "Hi Mikey..." Mikey nodded and took a bite of his sandwich. Frank smoothed some hair from Kady's face and smiled at her sweetly. Gerard looked at him and shook his head. "Ok, Kady, have you seen Bella?" Kady shook her head. "Nope, Arabella skipped 1st block this morning." Mikey looked at her confused. "No, she was in 1st. You weren't paying attention." Kady shrugged and looked at Frank with a smile. Mikey was about to take another bite, but got arms wrapped around his shoulders instead. He looked up and found green eyes and a bright smile. "Bella." She giggled and sat next to Mikey, away from Frank. "Mikes." She looked at his food and he held to to her. She leaned over and took a bite, and pulled back with a small smile. He smiled back and handed her his drink. She shook her head and took out her water. "So, what's going on?" They all shook their heads. Frank looked at her. "Nothing. Why are you sitting all the way over there. You always sit next to me." She shrugged. "I don't know." She looked back at Mikey and he noticed she was heartbroken. He put up his food and took her hand. "Come on, lets go." She looked up at him. "Go where?" He smiled. "Let's go. Let's skip..NOW." Gerard looked athim. "Mikey, you know you don't skip..ever." Mikey shrugged. "I do now. Come on" He took her books and held her hand softly. She blushed and smiled. "Ok..." She held it tighter and he smiled sweetly at her. "We'll see you guys later." Then they walked off. Bella looked at Mikey. "Why are we doing this?" He looked back at her and smiled. "Because, we've got to show Frank what he's missing." Bella looked down. "Why?" He put his arm around her shoulder. "You are the kind of girl that needs to get out more. You can't just hang around us group of misfits all day...Come on. Guys like what they can't have." He took her hand agian and they got into her car. They drove to the mall and just hung out.

Skip Ahead
It was PROM DAY!! Mikey was nervous beyond all reason. He had to go and pick up Bella. He hadn't seen her in a few day and...he was a bit...worried mixed with confusion and excitement. He took a deep breath and knocked on her door. Her mom answered. "Oh, Mikey..." She smiled sweetly and led him in. He waited at the stairs as her dad walked in. "Mikey, take good care of Arabella." Mikey nodded. "I will.. Don't worry." Just then, Bella walked out. His breath caught in his throat and his face turned red. She was in a black silk dress that complemented her breast, slim stomach and legs. It was V cut and it had a diamond looking belt under her boobs. A slit came to about her hips. Her hair was done in soft curls. Her smile made the jewelry she wore seem dull. "Be...Arabella, you look.....amazing." She blushed and walked up to him. "Thanks Mikey. You look pretty spiffy like in your tux." He laughed and placed a corsage on her tiny wrist. Her parents smiled. "Ok, pictures!!" Bella smiled and held her body close to Mikey. He put his arm around the small of her back and smiled shakily. After pictures, they heard a knock on the door. Her mom opened it and the whole gang came flooding in. Gerard had Anna, Ray had Sharon, Bob had Amarie, (Bella's cousin) and Frank had...Kady.. Now, Kady and Bella had a huge falling out..mainly because Kady thought she was too good for her. She'd ditch everyone of her friends just for Frank. Gerard hugged Bella. "Wow, you look great." She blushed and looked down. Bob picked her up and swung her around. "Great is the biggest understatement of the year. You look GEORGOUS!" Ray kissed her cheek as Bob set her giggleing form down. "Stunning." She was beet red by now. Mikey was smiing proudly. She looked better than the girls that were in the room. Frank smiled at her. "Bella.." She took Mikey's arm, and cut him off. "Let's go." She kissed her parents and they walked out the door. Kady looked at her. "Uh, I think Frank was trying to tell you something." Bella turned to Mikey. "OMG. She finally pulles her head out of her ass to talk to me!" Everyone froze. When Bella used profanities, it was a bad sign. Kady let Frank go. "What was that supposed to mean??" Bella turned to her and crossed her arms. "Eversince you've been with Frank, you've ditched me. We don't even talk anymore. So, there, you thought you were too good to talk to all the other girls you normally talk with." Kady laughed. "Yeah right. I ditched you because you liked Frank. I was just making sure you coudn't have him." Bella blushed and looked down. Frank spoke. "You liked me?" Bella looked up and smiled sweetly at him with tears in her eyes. "Yeah, but that was a long time ago. Its water under the bridge now." Mikey took her hand and she looked at him. Kady looked at him. "Come on Frank." Before they could say anything, he was being dragged away. Mikey smiled sweetly. "Come on beautiful." She blushed and nodded, and the rest of them got into the limo. At prom, Mikey mostly sat there with the guys as the girls danced. Frank was nowhere to be seen. They came to the conclusion that Kady was killing him. Just then, Bella sat down with the guys and smiled. "Hey..." They laughed and said Hi in unison. She stood up. "I've got to pee." They laughed and she left. Just as she did, Frank sat down. He looked at Mikey. "Did you know?" He nodded. "Yeah, that day you hooked up with Kady, I checkt to see if she was ok. She was crying her eyes out..." Frank had a sad look on his face. "Bella..I..." He sighed and looked down. "I could never bring myself to hurt Bella. And, I could never date ber because I'd end up doing that. I care about her more than the girls I do date....and...I wanted to let her know that, I just want to be friends....." Mikey sighed and looked up. Bella was talking to some girl before sitting down. "Frank." He looked up at smiled at her. "I just wanted to say...I want to be friends...again" She smiled and nodded. "Ok." Just then, a slow song came on. Mikey took her hand. "Will you dance with me?" She blushed and nodded. He took her onto the dance floor and held her body close, blushing all the way. "Frank didn't want to hurt you. He does care about you more than Kady.." She nodded into his chest. "I figured." She looked up and smiled at him. They danced silently and close together till the song was over. Well, Prom was over. He was returning her home. He stood at the door with her. "That was great." She giggled and hugged him. "You were the perfect date. Thanks Mikey. I'm glad I spent it with you and no one else." He blushed as she pulled back. Her arms were still around him. He leane down and kissed her lips softly. He was surprised when she kissed back, making it more intense.When they pulled back, they were blushing. "Mikey.." She looked at him softly. "We...we...can't...." He nodded. "I know, I'm your best friend.." She nodded and smiled sweetly. "I'm sorry. But..." She blushed an even darker red. "Thanks...that was my first kiss." He smiled at her. "Your welcome..?" They laughed to break the thick ice and hugged her again. "Good Night Bella." Then watched as she walked inside her home.
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