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Call My Aunt Marie, Help Her Gather All My Things, Or Rather Don't

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Katy's visited, unexpectedly, by who? Oh, oh, oh, cliffhanger right there in the summary. I'm on a roll!

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Gee's Apartment
the day after the chaotic interview

It was quiet. You know, actually quiet in that household. For once. Frankie wasn't running into walls, Mikey wasn't screaming about how his pudding was warm, Gerard wasn't singing, Ray wasn't playing his guitar, and Bob wasn't pounding on anything like a drumset. It was QUIET.
Just to break that silence...
Ding-dong. Silence. Ding-ding-ding-ding-dong.
"Frankie, your turn." The man, who had somehow fallen asleep across the sink in the kitchen rolled off of it and moaned.
"I'm sleepy." I ignored him, laying on the floor with my feet on the couch, staring at the ceiling. "Fine, just throw me in chains and sell me as a slave..." He muttered, beginning to open the door. I recognized the perfume, the voice, and that just nasty aura about the person standing there when it was open just an inch.
"Close it!" I said loudly, rolling under the couch and peeping out from under the small dust-ruffle sort of thing on the couch.
"Hello, darling. Is Katherine George here?" Frankie looked at where I had been, shrugging.
"I think she's under the couch." The woman appeared startled.
"Who are you?" She asked, narrowing her eyes.
"Who are you?" Frankie retorted, crossing his arms.
"I'm Katherine's aunt, Marie Roldman. Who are you, young man?" Now if there was something that could get Frankie mad, it was calling him young man or kid or something that referred to youth. I had no idea why, seeing as half of the time he acted like a third grader...
Frankie looked her in the eye, putting two things together: He didn't like her, I didn't like her. Settled.
"My name is Frankie Iero. And I believe you mean Katherine Iero. We're engaged." He winked and smiled.
"Engaged?" Aunt Marie asked, gasping.
"Yes. You know, few people know this but..." He leaned close to her and whispered, "-she's pregnant. It's triplets." The woman gasped.
"Where is she?" She demanded, and I rolled from under the couch, smiling like an idiot.
"Oh, Frankie, that was amazing last night- Aunt Marie!" I shouted, standing up and walking up to her and Frank. "I didn't know you would be here!" I said, smiling crookedly and holding out my hand. The woman looked thoroughly disgusted, pinching her pudgy lips together.
"I've had enough!" She yelled, turning and storming out of the building.
We were cracking up once the door was slammed.
"I have to admit though," Frank said, rubbing his belly, "- I am pretty good in bed." I stuck out my tongue.
"You are so disgusting." I said, walking into the kitchen.
"You know, most girl's tongues go a little lower on my body-"
"Frank, I've heard enough!" I shouted, biting my lip and shaking my head as I began to look through the freezer to find microwavable pancakes. As if I struck gold I smiled, pulling them out and putting them in the microwave on a plate. No syrup needed. Pancakes were good enough for her.


Sorry it's short, but I lost track of time and we have some state testing at school so I have to get 'more than four hours of sleep,' so says my Mom. Yeah, whatever.
Hope you enjoyed! And don't think that's the last of Auntie Marie!
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