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A Little Bit Of Love

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Just reaaadddd....

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It was quiet, again. Silence seeped through the walls of the apartment, shivering off them like fallen snow. To break that peaceful moment of me- lying on the couch, like usual, the phone's annoying ring shuddered through the air.
"Hello?" I muttered into the phone after stumbling off the couch and to the small device hooked to the wall of the kitchen.
"Katy? Oh, my dear, you sound terrible! I would hate to have been locked with those men! How many are there?" Recognizing the voice instantly as my Grandmamas', I shifted a bit and leaned against the wall.
"There are five, ma'am. There's Gerard, Bob, Ray, Mikey, and Frankie." Some sort of a satisfied grunt emitted through the phone. Finally, words.
"How are you doing, Katherine?" Came the old and crackled reply, to the response of me placing a hand on my forehead.
"I'm doing fine, Grandmama. How are you?"
"Oh, good, fine. We should meet for brunch, say tomorrow? Nine o'clock, at that old cafe... What was it, Bert's Brunch? Yes, there. Nine o'clock. Why don't you bring one of your friends, too? It'll be nice to meet him. Good bye, Katherine." My mouth had dropped the first time she said nine o'clock. As the dial tone sounded, I stood wide eyed and smashed the phone into the receiver.
"Damn Grandmama." I muttered, trudging out of the kitchen in blue boxer-shorts and a black t-shirt. Pajamas still, since it was summertime. "What? Nine in the morning? I don't get up until..."
"You don't get up because you don't go to sleep." Said Ray who had entered the room, and I laughed.
"What-ev." With that retort I fell to the couch, old cushions enveloping me like a memory of sunshine on a winters day.

I awoke around nine o'clock at night to somebody tripping over me. I hat fallen to the off-white carpet in my sleep again.
"Oh, sorry Katy." Sliding my arm from under my belly I gave whoever it was a thumbs-up. Rolling over, I found myself looking up at a smiling Gerard.
"How much have you slept today?" He asked, extending a hand down to me. Accepting it, I was pulled to the couch next to him.
"Let me see... one, two... Four hours." The man's eyes widened, laughter concealed within them.
"How much did you sleep in on Thursday and yesterday?"
"Not at all." I responded, leaning into the couch.
"You should try sleeping sometime. So... What's up?" I pulled my legs on the couch and pressed my knees against my chest.
"Well. You eat breakfast, I've learned that..." He gave sort of a nod as if to ask where this was going. "You're not doing anything tomorrow morning, and you like food, and you like old people, so...We're cool!"
"Wait, what?" Gerard was smiling crookedly, a confused expression sat on his face.
"My Grandmama asked me to go to brunch at that little brunch-ie place down the street. She wants to meet you."
"Ooh, fun fun. Is she the Italian one?"
"Grand. Mama. Take a wild guess." He rolled his eyes.
"Shut up. Just a brain freeze."
"More like brain-frozen-forever." I gave a fake laugh at the stupid joke, and he shook his head.
"Yeah? Well you're a thick head." He stuck out his tongue to emphasize the insult.
"Soft head."
"Stupid head."
"Empty head."
"Fucked head."
"Fucked mind."
"Fuck you."
"Please don't."
- - - -
in the apartment
10:43 PM
- - - -
"Oh, fuck. Eww." Frankie had fallen asleep on the floor as the movie The Hills Have Eyes played. Bob sat next to me, since the whole band had been hanging out here. Ray had fallen asleep in my bed when he was reading something, Gerard was "out" and Mikey was with his girlfriend. "Eww. Damn, do they really have to show that?" Wrinkling my nose, I realized how close I was sitting to Bob. I didn't have a crush on him- did I?
"Some people enjoy seeing some creep-o monster thing rip a girl's ass in half. 'Least they didn't show like... Completely everything, though." Biting my lip I continued to watch. Occasionally, I would jump at the movie, and fall into Bob and squeeze my eyes shut. My legs were pulled up against my stomach and my arms were wrapped around my knees when I yelped slightly and instantly Bob's arm was wrapped around my shoulders.
- - - -
Bob's P.O.V.
- - - -
Oh, God.
She's like, eleven years younger than you! Why the fuck do you feel this way? What I really wanted to do was lean over her and kiss her, right there and then. Just this sudden urge- God dammit, maybe it's just one of those sudden urges... To fuck off.
Yeah, totally normal. A sudden urge to fuck.

That was when it happened. She gave me this smile and looked up into my eyes, and it fucking happened.
- - - -
Katy's P.O.V.
- - - -
I was fucking making out with fucking Bob fucking Bryar.
Suddenly he just leaned forward and his lips gently touched mine- as if asking permission. Quickly when I didn't shove away, he was on top of me.
Our mouths melded together, tongues making contact as he pressed on top of me. He slid his hands under my shirt and moved his hand along my curves, mouths still making contact.
If you don't know, making out with a man who has a lip ring is very different than with a guy with no lip ring. It's more of an adventure that way.
Yet to ruin my adventure...
"Oh, fuck." Those were the two words that escaped Gerard's mouth as he opened the door. Startled, I yelped and slid off the couch, dragging Bob along me, to land on Frankie who had started snoring and woke with another,
"Oh, fuck!"
We got situated and stood, Frankie grumbling about weight loss, me rubbing my head, and Bob chewing on his lip ring.
"Wow. Uh, awkward. Majorly awkward." Gerard said, shutting the door quietly.
"I think I hear my conscience calling me. Peace out." I said, sliding into my room, blushing furiously.
Oh, jeez. Ray was sleeping on my bed. At that moment I realized how tired I was- I hadn't slept in a while, or at least it felt like it.
"Fuck it." I muttered, picking up a blanket thrown in the corner of the room and collapsing on the floor. "I should've never kissed him back. I should've told him no..."
But I really wanted it to happen again, was what I realized as I thought about what happened.
I fucking kissed him! Haha! Bob and Katy sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

"So, are you going to tell me what happened?" Shuffling my feet on the sidewalk, I straightened my black blouse and didn't look over to Gerard.
"Yes, eventually. You'll make me." Staring down at my dark blue jeans that curled around my black sneakers I sighed. Why did it happen last night? I didn't know. It just happened...
"Cue the confession." The man continued to walk with his hands in his leather jacket's pockets.
"It wasn't supposed to get that far. Actually, it wasn't supposed to happen. It just sort of... I don't know. Suddenly we were making out on the couch." We were walking towards the breakfast place to meet up with my mother's mom, which was only a block or two away from his apartment. There was some sort of an awkward silence I broke when he opened the door to the place for me.
"Thank you," I said quietly, stepping inside.
"Oh, Katherine. So glad you could come. Who is this?"

The realization hit me like a smack in the face- I really didn't like my Grandmama.
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