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Bob 'n Katy, Katy 'n Bob

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Read the title. Think.

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Hiya guyysss! Yes, I add letters onto my words to emphasize them. Whatever. By the way, thanks for my ONE review last chapter. Either you didn't like it or you just didn't read the freakin' story.
One more thing: I don't even think Katy's Grandma's name is Italian... I just randomly made it up.

- - - -
"Grandmama, this is Gerard Way. Gerard, this is Mildred Kioni." I said, and Gerard shook hands with her, giving a pleasant 'hi.'
"Just call me Grandmama. Please, sit." The small woman had taken a window table with three chairs, one facing the window, the others facing each other. She took the middle seat, leaving Gee and I to face each other. "So Gerard, what is your occupation?" Grandmama asked, lifting a menu gracefully from the table and unfolding it. I unfolded mine also, scanning it as Gee answered her question.
"I'm in a music band, actually. I'm the lead singer." A flicker of disapproval flashed through her eyes, but it passed.
"What kind of music do you play?" She asked, looking at a very appetizing plate of peach pancakes on the menu.
"Most people say we play rock, and others say we play emo." I studied my menu harder, glad I was excluded from the conversation.
"What is this 'emo?'" I cut Gerard off before he could say anything.
"It's a type of music where the band puts more emotion into it. Basically, the music is more meaningful in it's lyrics." Hopefully she wouldn't get mad because she hadn't directed the question at me. She flipped the page, and gave a nod.
"Speaking of singing, do you sing anymore?" The menu in my hands slid from my fingers. I caught it before it fell, and glanced up at Gerard, who had this tinge of amusement in his eyes. Damn, I thought, fakely smiling.
"Oh, singing wasn't a huge thing for me. It was just in middle school, really." Grandmama looked at me, almost confused.
"I thought it was a huge thing for you, though. You sang the Star-Spangled Banner in eighth grade, I remember that. There also was the concerts in seventh
grade, and the musical in sixth. I even remember in third grade, that one play... Oh, I don't remember the title." I had this sudden urge to hide behind my menu and hit my head with a ketchup container. Why, why bring this up in front of Gerard? Why? "Do you remember the title, Katherine?" Ketchup bottle, menu, get ready.
"Peter Pan." Oh, but there was barely any singing! Just a couple of notes to hit. I knew I was blushing furiously, but I would be okay as long as Gerard didn't know what character I played.
"What character did you play?" Jesus Christ, woman! You know what character I played!
"P-Peter Pan." Okay, I played a boy. As my gaze flickered up to Gerard's, he just smiled and shook his head. Yeah, Mr. Wise Ass, smile and shake your head. I don't think you had to play Peter Pan! Well, maybe he did. I don't know.
"Didn't you also play in Cind-" Thank God for waiters. Note to self: give waiter big tip. Even though it took him long enough.
"Hello I'm Brett, I'll be your server today. Can I start you off with some drinks?" Thank you Brett. Thank you, thank you thank you.

Gee had politely excused himself from the table when his cell phone rang, receiving a slight glare from my Grandmama.
"It must be important." I urged, but she just took another bite of her peach pancakes and set down her fork.
"Katherine, do you love Gerard?" Random question, yes. Why would she ask that, though? Who would have the nerve to ask?
"I love him like a father or a brother, Grandmama." Oh, Jesus. She wasn't going to ask about...
"Do you love Mikey, Bob, Ray, or Frank, then?" Fork clenched in hand, I gave a soft response.
"I love Mikey, Frank, and Ray like brothers, ma'am."
"What about Bob?"
"Like a brother, Grandmama."

Incest! Incest! Eww!

Finally the brunch thing was over. Gerard and I gave our thank yous when she insisted on paying, then we were out the door.
"So what did your Grandmama ask you when I was outside?" I was hesitant to answer, yet finally did.
"She asked if I loved you, and I said, I love him with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Then-" He sent me a look, and I giggled. "Okay, anyway, then she asked if I liked the rest of the band, and I said like brothers I loved them. Or I loved them like brothers... Or something..." Gerard smiled and put his arm around my shoulders.
"I'll never understand you." He said, and I began chewing on my stubby nail.
"And I'm okay with that."

"You poohead." Mikey complained, poking Ray harshly in the ribs.
"Oh, now I'm the poohead. Whatever, muffin face." Frankie coughed loudly, then spoke.
"I think I could go for some Chinese food." Gerard instantly agreed.
"We're going out, peace my homies." Gee said, standing simotaniously with Frankie and casually grabbing his shoes. Mikey pulled out his cell phone, flipped it open and frowned.
"Shit, Alicia texted me and I missed it... Oops, gotta go!" He spurred from his position on the couch and was out the door in under thirty seconds.
"I'm gonna go eat a banana in my room." Ray declared, standing and waltzing out the door.
"They planned that, didn't they." Bob said, hand on chin. I was next to him, on the couch.
"Bastards." I agreed, with a slight nod.
"You know, I was thinking..." He began, but I cut him off.
"About last night..."
"I didn't mean, like, er, um."
"I get what you're saying. Neither did I." I said, biting my lip.
"It meant absolutely nothing." Shaking my head to emphasize 'absolutely nothing,' Bob shifted positions. "It was just a totally random outburst."
"Didn't see it coming." I agreed, and he dropped his hands to his knees.
"So you get what I'm saying?" Turning to him, he placed his blue eyes on me.
"By the way, are you doing anything tonight?" I didn't need to ponder that.
- - - -

"But they didn't need to have sex." Gerard muttered, throwing the ball in the air again, then catching it in his bony fingers.
"You never need to have sex, Gee. Unless you're absolutely-" The older of the two threw the ball at him. Mikey winced exaggeratedly, and Gee laughed.
"I guess it's okay." He said, rolling onto his back. Mikey was on the floor, Gerard on the couch, as some movie played.
"You think it's okay that Katy and Bob had sex?" There was a pause.
"Well when you say it right out there: 'Katy and Bob had sex,' you make it sound bad." Mikey shook his head.
"That's the truth, though. The truth can be ugly." Gee stuck out his tongue for a moment.
"But Bob and Katy having sex is just... Uglier." They chuckled quietly to themselves.
"Gerard?" Mikey said timidly after a moment.
"Do you think that... Do you think Bob, uh... Do you think Bob fucked her?" There was some sort of an awkward pause.
"Let's not think about that." Gerard said, staring at the ceiling.
"No, let's not. Bad question." Mikey muttered, shaking his head.
"Oh, God, terrible question." Frankie's distinct laugh could be quietly heard.
"What, are you like, eight now? I think you can handle a little love." Mikey and Gerard both paused.
"But it's Bob and Katy," Gee said, biting his lip.
"Katy 'n Bob." Mikey agreed, nodding his head. They both imitated shivers.
"Fuckin' morons." Frankie muttered, shaking his head.

- - - -
Hope you liked. Oh, and by the way, Diaries Of A Werewolf should be updated soon.
=D Peace out.
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