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The First Meets

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A new girl comes to school. Billie doesn't know what to do.

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The classroom is quieter then usuall. Suddenly the old door creeks open and in comes a new student. Everyone looks and stares as the darkly dressed girl takes a seat in the back in front of Billie Joe. The teacher then says "We have a new student, class." Everyone looks at the new girl. "Her name is Jade Trackman and she is from New Wark, New Jersey."
Billie then leans up to whisper to Jade "Hi, Im Billie Joe. And welcome to Oakland, Californa." Jade didn't turn back around to say anything but in the hallway going to there next class; Jade hands Billie a note. He reads it in his next class. It read:
Im new here as you see. I don't have many friends. Im wondering if I could find one in you. Well, yeah. I dont want to ramble on but...

Billie looked back at Jade and smiled a sweet, caring smile and nodded his head. Jade smiled back showing her bright blue and purple braces.

Later at lunch Jade went to sit with Billie but some popular cheer leaders were rushing over to the seats also and sadly beat Jade there. But as soon as Billie saw that Jade was sitting by her self at another table;he went right over there and sat straight in front of her. Billie started the conversation just by saying "Hi Jade" All she could do was smile and hold her arms as if she were cold but only very shy. "I guess its hard to come all the way from New Jersey to Cali" Jade softly said "Yeah, but then again I hated it there at my old high school. When I wasn't with my friends, some of the other kids would..." She then hesitated but then thought to her self...I can trust him. "They would push against the walls and call me names." "I won't let that happen here." He said with care. They smiled at each other.

Billie saw that she hadn't gotten her food and lunch was almost over. They had chatted almost all of lunch period, so niether of them had eaten anything. So Billie gave Jade his sandwhich. Jayde then said "Thank you" and took a bite. As she thought in her head Whoa this sandwhich is the worst But she ate it anyway acting as if it was the best ever just being from him.
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