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The Question

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Finally Billie asked the question he had been waiting for...a long time, 2 years.

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Ever since that day at lunch they walked to class together every day. It made it very easier since they had the same classes.

Two years later---------------------------------------------------

Now this was the hardest thing Billie had ever tryed to say. He was so nervous. Yet he had to do it for there fuure relationship. He finally built up the courage to go over and talk to Jade.

Billie walked up to Jade with his long brown hair in his face. "Jade can I ask you something?" Billie asked innocently. "Sure Billie, anything!" Billie hesitated,"Ummm...Do you want to..."

The bell rang. Jade ran off saying "We'll talk later BJ!"

That very moment Billie's courage was crushed. He spent all of homeroom building up that courage. He now knew what he had to do...try again.

Billie caught up to Jade after class. "I have to ask you something now, Jade." Billie said hesitantly again. "Ok, what is it?" She said. "Do you want to...ummm....Will you?" Billie said, yet to ask the question. "Yeah Billie. What is it?" "Umm...Do you want to, uhhh....go to the movies with me on friday?" Finally Billie asked very nervously. "Yes..." Jade said as she smiled.
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