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The Movies

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At the movies, something special happens.

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On Friday, Billie went to get into his mother's car. As they were on the road to pick up Jade up, Billie was tapping his fingers on the beautiful red rose he had in his hand ready to give to Jade. Just as they stopped at her driveway, Billie got out and went up to her door way. He rang the door bell and here came Jade, dressed very pretty.He handed her the rose as she got in the car.

As they were in the car driving Billie put his hand on Jade's. They stayed quiet for the rest of the car ride. Billie's mom let them out and said "I will come pick you up after the movie!"

Still holding hands they got out of the car and walked toward the entrance. Suddenly someone bursts out pushing Jade down. Billie starts yelling and shoving the guys that did that. "HEY WATCH OUT MAN. YOU JUST PUSHED MY GIRLFRIEND DOWN!" Billie shouted out in anger.

"Im ok Billie" said Jade rubbing her elbow in which she fell on. "Well, I just dont like the way they acted back there Jade. I care so much about you and i dont want anything to happen to you...ever."

They kept walking to the movie theater, Billie now had his arm around her shoulder as they walked. They sat near the front row. Billie gave Jade his jacket because she mentioned she was cold in line for the tickets.

"So what was that all about when you were yelling at those guys? You called me your girlfriend." Whispered Jade. "Ummm...I didn't..." Then Jade enterupted him and said "...Im not mad at you for it. I was waiting for that moment."

As his mom stopped at Jade's house she got out and Billie walked her to her door. Before he left she snuck a kiss on his soft cheek and ran inside.
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