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The Orphanage

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Explaining about the boys and the orphanage...

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Chapter 2

Back in the dungeon, James and Laurance were dying of boredom.
"God I wish Mr Splinter would hurry up and come and let us out of here. I'm hungry and I have a colossal pile of homework to do for Monday," moaned Laurance.
"And I have to wash my hair," agreed James.
After another painfully slow two hours had passed they finally heard key turning in the lock and Mr Splinter's voice boomed down.
"Come on boys. Get up! Its dinner time, and remember that its your turn for the washing up.
"But Sir we did the washing up on Friday. It must be someone else's turn?" Protested Laurance, climbing up the steps and blinking at the bright light compared to the darkness of the dungeon they had just been engulfed in.
Mr Splinter brought his ham pink face close up to Laurance's, and pointing a chubby finger in Laurance's face, he snarled.
"Do not answer me back boy. If I tell you to do the washing up. You bloody well do it. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes," mumbled Laurance, trying not to laugh at James who was making a pig impression of Mr Splinter behind his back.
"Yes what?" Shouted Mr Splinter, his face as red as a boiled lobster.
"Yes Sir," replied Laurance. Suddenly James accidentally snorted, pretending to be Mr Splinter...The pig. The real Mr Splinter turned round and glared at James, who just stared at him, not trace of misbehaviour on his face. Laurance envied him for being able to keep a straight face in these kinds of situations.

"I'm warning you. Don't mess me around James,"
"Sir, May I ask what I've done?" Answered James.
Mr Splinter made a strange growling noise like a bear, before marching out of the room, flustered with rage.
The two boys counted to five before bursting out in a fit of laughter.
"Wow his breath STINKS!" Laurance said,
"I know. He must never brush his teeth and eat garlic for every meal!" Replied James laughing.
It was almost always like this when they got into trouble with Mr or Mrs Splinter. They could never take it seriously not matter what the punishment. They always looked on the funny side of things, to cheer themselves up...To get by.
They always enjoyed getting their own back by playing tricks on Mr and Mrs Splinter. Last week, they had covered the toilet seat with clingfilm just before Mr Splinter had taken himself of to the toilet. And the sound of his yells of shock and anger coming from the depths of the toilet booth was sweet music to their ears.
Unfortunately for them, Woodlouse had seen and had gleefully gone and told Mr Splinter with jubilation, which resulted in them spending their entire Saturday afternoon cleaning the Orphanage toilets with their toothbrushes.
They entered the dining hall; there was about fifty children, boys and girls from the ages of 11 to 18. There were long wooden tables lined with benches either side, the walls and the tiles on the floor were pallid and colourless, and the only source of light came from the dim glow of the spooky black chandelier hanging high above their heads. Most of the boys were crowded around Woodlouse, trying to impress him so they wouldn't get beaten up.

"Pathetic," thought Laurance and James who couldn't care less about them. Unless he was feeling very brave and was surrounded by his gang, Woodlouse didn't really try to physically hurt them much. Because everyone knew that behind he girly personality and the long eyelashes, James could do some outstandingly good karate and kickboxing moves...
Two girls, who were sat on a bench in a far corner, turned round and waved to them. Their names were Daisy Flamingo, and Maddie Halfling. They were the only two kind people there who accepted James and Laurance as who they were.
Daisy's short ginger hair was ruffled and stuck up at the back, and her fringe covered one of her heavily black outlined eyes, making her look a bit like a sort of tropical bird, or a hedgehog.
She was James' girlfriend.
Maddie was Daisy's best friend. She looked grown up for her age and she was funny and outgoing. He cool turquoise and black striped jumper matched her sea coloured eyes and cool hairstyle.
Two years ago James had told Laurance he was bisexual! But for the moment he seemed very happy with Daisy.
"Heya you two," shouted Maddie.
"Heard stupid old Mr Splinter stuck you down in the dungeon again, you poor things."
Daisy pulled James closer and the two started snogging. Laurance felt another strange pang in his insides.
There was an almighty noise as Mr Splinter rang the serving bell and set of down the isles pushing the dinner trolley heaped with some gruesome inedible muck. Mrs Splinter was then followed by her husband, who strode in carrying his long stick. He marched round the tables ordering silence and slamming the stick down on the table if anyone dared to talk. The meal was as abominable as usual. A stew which resembled a sewage

Swamp with strange bits of smelly, grisly, stone grey fish heads and tails swimming around in it. You had to be truly famished to eat it. But everyone usually was. At least it was a Sunday so they got desert, not that it was any better then the dinner. Revolting, lumpy, florescent yellow custard. Then when everyone else had been sent up to their rooms, James and Laurance started on the mountain of washing up. Surveyed by the scary Mrs Splinter.
So all in all, not a good day. But then it was just another day for the poor James Willbery and Laurance Biggles.
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