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Life at school...and Woodlouse!

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Chapter 3

A beam of light streamed through the windows, an indication of happiness, life and fullness outside the imprisonment many people called The Splinter Orphanage.
The six o clock ear piercing bell woke all the children out of their deep, troubled sleeps.
A raggered, dusty, cloth rumpled and a head moved unwillingly towards the opening at the top. James grunted and sighed, his eyes glistened as he stared at the tiny beam peering through one of the dusty panes in the window which had been shattered, leaving cold air to circulate freely. James had tried to cover it up with a square of cardboard but Mr Splinter had ripped it down pronto, saying the fresh air was good for them.
The two boys shared a room, which was small, and smelt of damp and mould. Not to mention the bare floorboards creaked.
"Get up Laurance," he said, getting up from his bed and arousing Laurance who had fallen back to sleep.
The orphans had a ten minute walk to their local school. At least today the grey rain and blistering winds was enough
to wake them from their sleepy states.
For the two fifteen year olds, school was quite fun compared to their home. They sometimes hung around with Daisy and Maddie, and were usually in the same classes as them, and all the silly little girls who followed them around like exasperating puppies. But their best friends, the one's who understood everything were three girls in the year below.
Summer Doodleson, Jess Crepsly and Melissa Spaghetti. They were the only people who knew where James and Laurance lived, after they had followed them home one night because James had forgotten to say hello to them. And they confided everything to each other. Before James and Laurance had explained what life at the Orphanage was like, Summer, Jess, and Melissa thought their boarding house next to the school was a hell hole. But at least they were actually allowed to listen to music! And they were allowed to spend more then three minutes, forty seconds in the shower! And they were even allowed to keep pets.
Jess was one of those girls who old people sigh at in disbelief and start ranting on about "Teenagers these days!" When they see her trudge past. She was stumpy, but scary looking with long black and purple witch like hair, and a pale little nose that wriggled when she laughed. She got on best with James as they had the same taste in fashion and music.
Summer was tallish, with short spiky ash blonde hair and swimming pool like eyes. She dressed as if she was in the army, with khaki or black oversized t-shirts, teared combat jeans and big clumpy doc martin style boots. She loved adventure and excitement and enjoyed kindly teasing Laurance as he made her laugh so much.
Melissa was a tall slender girl, with a fun personality, but before you got to know her she could seem quite shy.

She had amazing dark skin and glittering almond eyes that sparkled when she gazed at you.
The teachers didn't usually get on well with the boys. They didn't agree with James eyebrow, lip, and ear piercings and Laurence's cheekiness. And many a time they found themselves outside the headmaster's office. But they never seemed to get into any serious trouble, as the Head seemed to have a soft spot for them and knew they could be extremely clever, bright, and hardworking boys when they put their minds to it.
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