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After the concert, they were all back on the bus. Bella was sitting with Frank and Gerard. Mikey was on the phone with...ALICE...!!! He loved Alice, but, he recently got his feelings back for Arabella... He sighed and continued his conversation with Alice, while tuning into the one Bella had with Frank and Gerard. Gerad spoke. "So, and Frank?" She laughed and blushed. "I don't know. Me and you?" He smiled and shrugged. "I don't know." Frank put his arm around her. "Hey, this is my girl." Ray chimed in. "Hey, she's MY little rocker fairy." Bella laughed and nodded. "That is so true. I missed you calling me Fairy." Mikey saw as Ray gave her a goofy grin and rolled his eyes to himself. "Oh, yeah, Alice..." He debated whether or not he should tell her, and did it anyway. "A really old friend of mine, that moved a while back...I just found her. She's a model, and she's on tour with us.." He sighed and stood up, walking to the kitchen. "No Baby, I don't have a thing for her. She's a really old friend of mine..---No, I'm not going to do that...----Ok, I love you too. Bye." He hung up and looked at them. Bella smiled at him. "I hope I didn't get you into trouble." Mikey shook his head. "Nope. She's ok with it." Bella nodded. "Ok." She smiled sweetly and went back to talking to the other guys. Later on that night, after everyone went to bed, Mikey got up. He had to pee, really bad. He walked to the bathroom, but heard voices in the living area. It was frank and Bella. "You know, you've grown up a lot, your aboslutely gorgeous." She giggled. "I've changed. I'm not same old Bella." Frank gave her a chuckle. "I've changed too. I'm not same old Frank. I grew up a lot after you left." There was a small silence, before he spoke again. "Is it true that you left Mikey a note, saying you loved him, not me?" Mikey froze...what if she denied it? "Yeah, its true. I loved Mikey at one point...but, that's the past. He never really loved me the way I wanted, so...I had to move on." She got a small nod of understanding from Frank. "Here, you need a hug." She giggled and he wrapped his arms around her. Mikey stood there, waiting for more conversation, but instead, got nothing but silence. He sighed, used he RR, and went back to bed.

The next morning, Mikey was the first to wake up. He walked onto the living room and saw Frank asleep on the sofa, with Bella in his arms. She looked so peaceful. He sighed and walked into the kitchen, making coffee. he had just sat down when Frank started stretching. "Baby, wake up." Bella groaned and buried her head in his chest. "I don't wanna!!" Frank laughed and sat up. "Come on... You have to." She sighed and looked at him. "But Frank..." He gave her a stern look. "Ok, fine, I'm up. But, don't call me baby.." He laughed and she sat up. She looked over and smiled. "Morning Mikes!" He smiled at her and sipped his coffee. "Morning. You sleep well?" She nodded and stood up. Mikey's eyes fell out of his head. She was in nothing but a Bra and some underwear. She giggled. "When your a model, you don't get embarrassed as easily. I'm going to get dressed." She then walked into the bunk room. Frank watched as she left, then joined Mikey. "Dude, she's amazing. I don't see why I didn't hook up with her when we were younger..." Mikey gave him the look. "Your hooked up with her now?" He got a shake of the head. "Nope, but I'm getting there." Just then everyone started piling out, all the guys with smiles on their faces. Bella was laughing. "Ok, anyway...besides getting to see me barely dressed, what's up with the smiles?" Gerard looked at her with his famous smirk. "Seeing you barely dressed." She sat beside Mikey and shook her head. "Preverts.." (i say that to all my friends. I know, its supposed to be perverts...) Mikey sighed and walked to the bunk room. He didn't want to be around her. He had to think of Alice....wait...ALICE....

When the bus slowed down to a stop, he ran out of the bunk room. Gerard looked at him. "Mikey, what's up with you?" Mikey shook his head. "Nothing, I just forgot that we were picking up Alice....she's here now..." Just then the door's opened and she walked in...Bella moved closer to the guys and hid behind he coffee as a female form hugged Mikey. "Mikey!! I missed you soo much!!" Mikey smiled and hugged her back. "Alice, baby." She squealed and pulled back. "So, where is she?" Mikey smiled and gestured toward the kitchen. Bella stood up and smiled, thank God she got dressed. "Hi, I'm Ara.." Alice gave her a fake smile and spoke. "I'm Alice..his girlfriend." Ara sat back down. "I know, he's said so much about you..." Frank put his arm around her and so did the other guys. "Nothing to worry about Alice, Bella here, belongs to the rest of us guys.." Alice raised her brow. "I thought it was Ara?" Bella sighed. 'They changed my name. My name is Arabella Clarice Mionette...My employers dubbed me Ara, while friends call me Bella...Ok? Got it now?" Alice looked taken back and Frank chuckled. "Way to go Bella.." She looked at him confused and sighed. "Ok..?" Alice spoke. "Ok...but there was no need for the attitude.." Bella was about to say somthing else when Franks lips collided with her own. She melted into it, and pulled back. He winked at her since Alice couldn't see his face. He turned to her and smiled. "She's my girl anyway.." Bella blushed and giggled. "I'm going to go lay down ok?" He nodded and she walked to the bunk room.

Mikey looke da Frank and saw that he was giving him a that said.."I just saved your ass, you owe me.." Alice sighed and looked at Mikey..."Are we going to catch up?? Alone?" Mikey blushed and nodded. "Yeah.." He turned to Frank. "Uh, can you get Bella out of the bunk room?" Frank shook his head. "Nope, cuz then we're going to use it. You get her out.." Mikey sighed and nodded. 'Ok.." He walked into the bunk room and noticed that Bella was in Frank's bunk.."Oh, Mikey.." He smiled. "Uh, hi Bella." She sat up and looked at her fingers. "You need the room huh?" He nodded. "Yeah, we do.." She nodded and stood up. "Ok." She walked a little passed him then stopped. She turned and looked at him softly. "I'm sorry.." She took his shirt and kissed his lips softly. He kissed back, but then felt as she pulled away. She looked down. "I've always thought of you. I'm still so inlove with you Mikey.." Then she walked out. He walked out and took Alice, and her stuff, and walked into the room with her. Frank looked at her. "So, Bella, you like the evil bitch so far?" Bella laughed and shook her head. "Nope, not at all.." Frank laughd and sighed. "The kiss was for show.." She smiled and nodded. "I know..So, are we gonna fake it?" Frank's face errupted in a grin. "Fake it? As in.." She nodded. "Yep.." He jumped up and held her in his arms. "Hell yeah baby." She laughed and scrunched up her face. "OMG, what did I get myself into?" They all laughed and her and Frank sat on the sofa. After a few hrs of "catching up" Mikey and Alice walked out. Alice was the first to do so, and when she did, she found Frank and Bella making out on the sofa. Mikey just sorta, stood there. Frank had his hands all over her. Bella pulled back and looked at them.. "Sorry.." Frank pulled back and smiled. Bella sorta rested her head on his chest. "So, guys whens the next concert?" Alice looked at her with narrowed eyes and Bella gave her an evil glare. Frank took Bella's hand and smiled sweetly at her. "In a few days." She giggled as he brushed her hair from her face. Mikey sighed and sat down, noting that Alice sat in his lap. He hated when she did that. Boney people don't sit in eachothers lap...ALice turned to him and smiled. "It's a wonder why Frank hasn't kicked her out yet...She's kinda slutty..." Bella perked up and so did the other boys. "What? SLUTTY?" Alice laughed. "Yeah, slutty. I mean...models aren't faithful." Bella stood up and Frank held her back. "Mikey, you need to control your girl." Mikey took Alice's hand. "Baby, don't say that. Bella's an old friend of mine." Alice put her arms around his neck softly. "I just want her to know that your mine." Bella shook her head. "OMG. This is a load of shit. You can keep Mikey." Then she walked to the bunk room with Frank not too far behind.

Gerard looked at them. "Alice, I don't care if your my brother's girl or not. If you say another damn thing about Bella, I'll kick your ass myself." Alice looked at him like she didn't care. "Sure you will." Ray looked at her with pure hatred. "I don't know why Mikey fell for a blonde. He told me there would be no way in hell he'd go with you.. I don't see why he did." Bob spoke up too. "Besides, any girl who's acting like a bitch to one girl must not trust her man enough. Your basically showing that you don't trust him around her, when it should be the other way around." Alice shut her mouth then. Mikey took the time to speak. "You guys, leave Alice alone. " Alice smirked and snuggled closer to his chest. After a few hrs, it was pretty late, Frank came out there with no shirt on. Alice had fallen asleep and so had the other guys. It was just Mikey and Frank. Mikey looked at him. "What happened when you went in there after her?" Frank looked him in the eyes. "I..I'm sorry man." Mikey shook his head. "Sorry for what? Just tell me." Frank sighed and looked down. "I slept with her. It was the only way I could think of to get her mind off Alice. I told her not to think anything of it...and she didn't was just..pity sex?" Mikey's heart fell. Frank got what he wanted, in a sense, but...did he? "Oh, wow..." Just then Bella walked out there, bra and underwear. "Are you coming back to bed Frank?" Frank smiled and nodded. "Yeah Bella, I'll be there in a min." She smiled and turned away, going back to the room. Frank stood up. "I'll talk to you about this later...its not what it looks like. I swear." Then he walked into the room after her. Mikey sighed and looked up at the ceiling. There was going to be some major drama in this bus, he knew it....

*Ok, the next chapter is going to be a bit different. You'll see everyone's point of view's....and stuff...that's if I like typing it this way...tho, I do want to switch around the romances, ok read on..*
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