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Snap shots, and the truth

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Mikey's POV...

I woke up early the next moring with this pounding headache. Last night, Frank told me he slept with Bella. In truth, it hurt me alot. I still love her, despite Alice. I sighed and stretched, noting that Alice was nowhere in the room. When my feet hit the floor, I heard Frank and Bella's voice. "I'm going to tell Mikey.." I could hear as someone shifted around and Bella's voice flooded my ears. "Tell him what? That I dislike his girlfriend immensly? That I don't really what to be on tour with her on the bus?" Frank laughed a little. "That we're just faking it. He needs to know that we're doing this to keep Alice off your back." She sighed and I could hear as she moved some more. "Ok...but..." I couldn't hear the rest, she had started whispering. I sighed again and made a loud noise. Frank's curtain opened and I could see Bella looking at me with a smile. "Morning sunshine. I take it that you heard the conversation?" The way she looked at me made me what to say everything that was on my mind. "Yeah, I heard..." She nodded and Frank's head peeked out of the corner. "Ok, just..." I had to interrupt him. "So you both slept together?" Bella's face instantly lit up like a bright red volcanoe. "Y...yeah, Mikey, we did... but it was nothing...he was trying to cheer me up..." When she was at a loss for words, I stood up. "Yeah, ok." I had to get out of the room. Everyone else was already up and lounging around. Alice looked at me with a smile. "Morning baby. You sleep ok?" I nodded and sat on the sofa. She sat next to me and yawned. "The lazy one's are still sleep huh?" I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Don't talk about my friends like that. They do alot." Just then, Bella walked out, fully dressed and talking on her cell. "Yeah, I know..OMG, are you serious?? OMG. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU!!!" Then she hung up. She had this smile on her face, and when Frank walked out, she hugged him and kissed his lips. I felt sick. I had to speak. "What are you so happy about?" She smiled this sweet smile at me that made me feel like an ass. "I've got a photo shoot about 30 mins away from the concert arena. Every stop we make, I've got a shoot, so I still get money for this tour! I love my Mimi!!" She giggled like a school girl and Frank hugged her tightly. "Great, I get to see more of you!" Everyone but me laughed, I don't think Alice laughed either...

Bella's POV...

I noticed that Mikey didn't laugh. I knew he hated what me and Frank were doing but, he brought it on himself. He didn't take up for me when Alice was saying all those things, Frank did. He acted like that kiss we shared was nothing. Like I was worthless and there. He didn't even say anything about it. I gave Frank the softest look I could and smiled as sweetly as I could. I sat down in the kitchen and looked at the guys. "The thing is, that they would only let the people I'm touring with in." I sat and thought for a moment. "Well, the people I like anyway." Alice looked at me with this, dagger like glare. "And what are you trying to say? You afraid you've got a little competition in me?" I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "No, if they want you to model, they will, but they'll point out all your flaws, and I doubt snobby bitch like you can handle it." I could see that Alice wanted to say something about what I said, but Mikey butted in. "Look, Bella, back off. Leave Alice alone. I haven't seen her do anything to you yet, so shut your mouth." Bullet to the brain...I could feel tears well up in my eyes, but I wouldn't let them fall. I've cried over this one guy for so long, that now, it seems pointless. I looked down and I could feel everyone's eyes on me. I could hear Alice's voice faintly in the background. "That put her in her place..." I felt an arm on my back and saw that it was Gerard. He gave me a faint smile and rubbed my back. I let a tear fall and looked back down at the ground. "I've got to get ready...." I stood up and watched as Gerard got up too. "I need to talk to you..." I couldn't help but nod and walk away. I couldn't even look at Mikey anymore. Once in the bunk room Gerard locked the door. "Bella, don't mind Mikey, he's being put on the spot. Alice wants too much from him.. And your one of his old friends... He can't choose." I sat down and shook my head. "I'm not minding him..I...It..." I let the tears fall, and almost instantly I felt his arms wrap around me securely, as I cried. "It hurts so much......I'm still so inlove with him Gee..." Gerard's hand held the small of my back securely and the other smoothed the back of my hair. "Oh, Bella...I knew about the letter...I didn't know would still have feelings for him." I shook my head and pulled away. "I know Gee. But, after things happened, I was hoping that you'd all find me. That everything between me and Mikey would be ok. That..." I burst out crying again....He sighed and just held me close as I did so.. After a while, I heard a soft knock at the door. Gerard sighed and pulled away. "I'll get that...Are you going to be ok?" I nodded and wiped away any tears from my face. "I'll be ok." I smiled sweetly at him and watched as he opened the door. Frank stood there with a solomn look. "Bella.." I stood up and Gerard walked out. When Frank walked in, he locked the door and laid down in his bunk. "Here, lets talk." I couldn't help but smile. I sighed and laid next to him with my head on his chest. "Don't cry over him anymore. I don't like seeing you so sad.." I giggled slightly. "What no sex this time?" He chuckled and I felt my head bounce a little. "No sex. That was a one time thing... I don't think I could bring myself to do that again..." I looked at him square in the eyes and poked him. "Yeah right. You enjoyed seeing me naked, admit it." I got a laugh outta him that time. "Ok, I did more than enjoyed it. But, I think that's what got Mikey acting this way.." I sighed and nodded my head. "True.." I fell silent and closed my eyes. "I need to sleep. Will you wake me in....(look at clock) an hr?" Frank nodded. "Do you want me to lay with you?" I shook my head and sniffed. "I think it would be best if you just let me lay by myself." Frank nodded and walked out. I closed my tearstained eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Mikey's POV...again

The room got silent. I can't believe it, I just snapped at one of my oldest friends. I saw as she looked down to try to hide the tears. I knew her all too well. Gerard gave me the death glare and put a hand to her back. When she looked at him, my heart sank. She had tears spilling from her eyes. Alice looked at me with smile. "That put her in her place..." I didn't try to shut her up, I felt way to bad to. I heard her speak softly to everyone. "I've got to get ready." When she stood up, Gerard stood with her. "I need to talk to you." I saw as she walked away, and not even so much as glance at me. When the door closed and I heard the click, I felt like everything we had just vanish. I looked over and Ray shook his head at me. "I have nothing to say to you man...Nothing at all." Bob never spoke much, but what he said scared me a little. "I ought to beat your ass." Then he just turned away from me. Frank just looked at his fingers. "I don't get it. Bella is one of the sweetest people out there, and you treat her like crap, all because of Alice. The blonde chick you said you'd never go out with in high school." Alice turned to them and snorted. "Well he's with me now isn't he? I don't see what you guys see in her. She's a skank. All models are." She fell silent and shook her head. It seemed like hrs till Frank got up and knocked on the door. Gerard walked out and the door locked behind him. "She can' stop crying. Way to go Mikey." He ploped down beside me and moments later, Frank walked out. I was expecting him to say something again, but he didn't. He just stared out in space, ignoring me completely. About an hr later, Frank woke up Bella and she came out fully dressed and glammed up. She still wouldn't look me in the eyes. "Frank, are you going to take a shot with me?" Her arms were loosely around his neck and a carefree smile plastered on her face gave me the impression that she was trying to show off. Frank smiled back. "If you want me too baby." She giggled and noticed that Alice was staring, but she didn't say anything to her. Later on, at the shoot, I felt weird. There were models everywhere and Alice was all jumpy. Bella introduced us to her photographer, Jon, and a scout. Jon looked at Bella with a smile. "Ara, you look fabulous. Follow Sam and she'll take you to get ready." Bella nodded and smiled sweetly. "Ok, now, Alice here wants to know if she'd have a shot at be the judge." Alice who was holding onto my hand let go, and stood up proudly. Jon frowned. "No, no one would use her. Her hair is too fake looking, her breasts too oversized, and she chubby. We don't go for chubby models. And besides, we've had enough of blondes. They don't have the right attitude." I looked over and saw that Alice's smile faded. Bella looked away. "Oh....well....I'm gonna go change...." Then she followed another girl out the room. The scout, who's name was Rachel, sighed. "Ara is one of a kind. She's got more heart than anyone here." Alice smiled sweetly. "Is it true that I wouldn't have a chance..?" Rachel nodded. "Tis true my dear. You don't have .."IT". Ara has grace, personality, and the look. You don't have any of those. I'm sorry to be so blunt but, your not the right type." I heard as the guys started snickering and turn away. Ray spoke proudly. "Bella was right. You couldn't handle it..." Just then one of the Models ran out..."Uh, Ara is crying...I don't think she can do this shoot.." Frank clenched his teeth. "Damn it. Uh, let me talk to her." The model nodded and walked him back there.

3rd POV

After a few moment, Frank and Bella walked back out there. She was wearing angel wings, a white lacey bra and underwear, and heals with strings that tied up around her legs. Bella's eyes were clear and Frank was looking at Mikey with a death glare. He couldn't take it. "Bella, I need to talk to you." Bella nodded and sniffed. He walked up to her and gave her a hug. "I'm so sorry. Please stop crying..." She pushed back and wiped away her tears. "Ok, just...please don't hug me anymore.." He nodded and she shot him a small smile. "I have to work.." Mikey stepped back and she got infront of the camera. Jon smiled. "Bella, you are perfection." Bella blushed and giggled. "Jon, you flatter me." He laughed and began taking shots as she posed. After a while, she was done posing. She walked up to Jon and smiled. "Do you think you can take a couple shots of me and the guys having fun?" Jon nodded and she pulled Frank out first. They were just joking around first and the other guys joined in. Alice sat some where....away from all the fun.. Mikey joined in. One of the models tossed him a pillow and he hit her with it. Feathers flew every where and Jon called them out. "Hey, Frank, hold her in your arms. Ara, postion number 23.." She nodded and jumped into his arms, her body limp like, her face toward the camera, but intense look on her face. "Frank, look at her sadly." Frank nodded and did as he was told. Jon snapped a few pics. "MORE FEATHERS!! Gerard!!" Frank put her down and Gerard walked up to her. The people that worked there found a way to get them more feathers. "Gerard, hold somewhat close to your body. Ara, I need position number 56." She got close and he held the small of her back as she leaned down backwards. Jon smiled. "Give me the saddest look you can muster sweet heart." Bella smiled and gave him the look he wanted. Jon snapped those photo's too. "Bob, Ray!" Gerard walked off and the two stepped on. "Ok, I need you both to holdher in your arms. Bob, hold her upper body." He did so, and Ray got her feet. Jon shook his head. "No, all wrong. Ray, go." Ray left and Bella was still in Bob's arms. "Ok, Ara, postion 84." Bella smiled and put her left arm over his shoulders and reached away for a feather. Bob looked at her with a smile and Jon took those. Ray came up and decided he wanted to reach for them too. Holding her hand softly in his. Jon took those too. Last was Mikey. "Ok, Mikey, hold her in your arms. Ara, postion number 1." Bella blushed. "I can't do that. He's got a girl!" Jone looked at her. "Do I hear Ara, the one who's aboslutely great at this, protesting?" Bella laughed and shook her head. "No..." She stood close to Mikey, her face so close to his that she could feel every breath hee took to exhale. She put her left on his chest, and the right on his cheek, caressing it softly. Mikey's hand found her back and her waist, pulling her in closer. She smiled sweetly and tilted her head to the side..."Ok, that's it...I got one more for a group shot." Mikey pulled away and she blushed deeply. To them, it was like time held still. Bella just laid there with her head in her hands and they gathered around her. "GROUP SHOT!!" They all burst out laughing and thus, the day was spent. After the photo shoot, they got ready for the concert. Leaving Bella and Alice alone....DOOM..
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