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**Hey peeps, Sorry it took me so long to write a chapter. I've been uber busy. I had at least, 6 more chapter's after this one, saved to a floopy, and since my mother believed that I shouldn't waste away in Mikey heaven behind my computer, she shut off the internet causing me to post these up at school....(damn that vile woman!!) AND THE DAMN COMPUTERS ERASED ALL MY WORK SAVED TO MY FLOPPY... Grrrrr them all....._ angry kirby....but, do read on...thanks...

Alice gave Bella this stern evil look. "Look, I don't know what stunt your trying to pull, but stay the hell away from Mikey. Oh, and I know that you and Frank aren't together. What the hell is up with that??" Bella looked ather, worn out and defeated. "I'm not trying to pull a stunt Alice. And yeah, I'm not with Frank, its pretty obvious that I'm not. But, you can't tell me to stay away from one of my best and oldest friends." Alice rolled her eyes. "I'm not telling you to stay away, I'm telling to you get way. I don't want you anywhere near him. Don't think I havent seen the way you look at him." Bella looked at her, confusedly. Alice laughed. "Oh come on. I'm not stupid. I know you LOVE him. Its like a sad little puppy, lost and alone. You look so pitiful. It must kill you to see him so happy with me.." Bella began to ball her fists up. "No, it doesnt. I don't love Mikey....." She watched as Alice shook her head at her. "Oh, yeah right. You've just been lying to yourself this whole time them huh?" Bella looked some small way, Alice was riht. She'd been lying to Frank, to Mikey, the rest of the guys and to herself. Alice spoke sternly and loudly. "They were fine without you then, they'll be fine without you now...Face it, they never really needed you." Bella took that like a blow to the chest. Instead of talking about it, she just turned and walked out....leaving Alice backstage by herself.

Bella's POV

I zipped up my jacket and walked out. I felt as the cold air softly hit my face, and buried myself deeper into my warmth. "She's right, they don't need me..." I sighed and walked on the bus, I knew what I had to do. I had to get away from them. All I'm doing is confusing Mikey, and I didn't want to do that. And for some odd reason, I felt so bad about Frank...I couldn't...could I?? I looked out the window and at the stars....Flashback It was me and Mikey, sitting on his roof after his mom told us we needed to come back inside. The stars...."You know, they seem brighter tonight, don't they Mikey?" He looked at me and smiled. "They've got competition." I looked athim and saw his blush stained cheeks and his shy smile. "That's impossible, nothing can't look a beautiful as the stars MIkey..." He was about to say something, but his mom interrupted by sticking her head out he window. "Come on inside, I don't want you both to fall and hurt yourselves..." end Flashback I sighed and noticed an envalope on the counter..Jon...This is why I loved him. He makes copies just for me to keep myself. And he tries to get them back to me in an hr...I smiled to myself and looked through them, stopping at the pic of me and Mikey. OMG, we had the look. I stuffed the pics back in the envalope and kept the group shot on the kitchen counter. I ran to the bunk room and began packing my bag. I didn't hear the doors open, the footsteps getting closer, the sound of soft breathing... "What are you doing?" I jumped, and turned around to see Mikey staring at me. "Oh nothing. I just forgot to get something. I don't know where I put it.." I laughed and saw that he laughed with me. Then he grabbed his spare glasses and sighed. "I hope you find it before the concert." I smiled and nodded, holding back tears. "I'll see you there." He smiled at me and left. As soon as the doors shut, I started packing again. After a few moments, I threw the bag over my shoulder and walked to the kitchen, I stole a piece of Gerards sketch paper and wrote down a little note before leaving. When the cold air hit my face again, I knew that I had a chance to turn back, and go, but....decided against it...I just hung my head and walked till I found a cozy little coffee shop, ignoring the ringing noise n my pocket completely.

Third POV

After the concert, the guys stood there smiling.. Frank looked around confused. "Where's Bella? I haven't seen her here..." Alice shrugged and hugged Mikey. "I haven't noticed. You did so good baby!!" Mikey smiled and hugged her back. Frank looked around, still searching for a clue. "No, I really haven't seen her here at all. I just remember leaving her here with...." He glared at Alice. "What did you say to her?" Alice looked away. "I don't know what your talking about.." Mikey looked at Frank. "I saw her on the bus earlier, she was looking for something...." That thougth hit him hard becasue he started running towards the bus, with the guys not too far behind him. When they got on, Mikey went straight to the bunk room and found that none of her stuff was there. "MIKEY!!" Mikey ran back and saw that the guys had solomn faces. Gerard handed him a piece of paper. "I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you guys again. I just realized, that you didn't need me then, and you don't need me now. All I'm doing is lying to you guys and casuing mass confusion. And you don't deserve tthat. Please, forgive me. I'm soo sorry. ARA.." Mikey stared at the letter till his vision became blurry. "So she ran?" It took everything the guys had to pull Frank away from Alice. "What the fuck did you say to her, you stupid cunt bag??" Alice stood up and started yelling back. "I didnt' say a damn thing to her. I can't help if she thinks up stupid shit like that." Frank broke free and shook his head at her. "I shouldn't believe a lying whore like you." Then he grabbed his coat and ran out looking for her. Geraed not too far behind. Ray and Bob spoke silently. "I'm gonna go help them...look for...Arabella....God, I hope she's ok..." Then they walked off the bus..(heres where you deside who said that...I think that they're both equally Mikey just sat down on the sofa with Alice in his arms...

It had been hrs. They still couldn't find hide nor tale of her. Til he decide to call her one more time. "He...hello?" He sighed in relief. "Bella, where are you?" She paused for a moment, before speaking softly. "I'm not telling you. You'll just come and get me." Frank was beyond fustrated. "Damn straightwe will. So tell me where you are." She fell silent again, giving him another chance to speak. "Belive what you will, but Alice is full of shit. We needed you then, we all did. And we need you now. Your the best thing to happen to us. If you weren't here, we wouldn't be putting up with Alice's bull shit...because, if you didn't show up, we wouldn't be a band anymore." Frank could hear as Bella gaspes softly. "But, it seemed so true....I mean..." Frank cut her off. "Tell me where you are first, and we'll talk more...." She sighed in defeat and sniffed. "I'm at some coffee shop. I've been here for hrs. I was hoping you boys would find me, and tell me how stupid I am.." He laughed and sighed happily. "Good, I'll be there....just, don't move ok?" She sniffed again. "OK... " After a few, Bella felt two secure arms pull her up and into a strong hug. "Don't you EVER PULL A STUNT LIKE THAT AGAIN!!" She laughed sadly into Frank's chest and kept her head hung. "I'm sorry." He pulled back and looked into her tear stained eyes. "What did she say to you?" Bella shook her head. "Nothing, I'll tell you later...I ...." She stopped short when she looked into his eyes, and found nothing but concern and sincerity. "Bella, tell me...please?" She couldn't take it again. "I'm just tired of hurting Frank, I just, want it to go away..." He pulled her back into his chest and smoothed back her hair, "Shhh...don't'll go away..Just forget about Mikey...." She cried a bit softer and looked up at him. "I am...little by little..." He looked at wiped away her tears. She closed her eyes lightly. "Because I'm falling inlove......with you..." As soon as the words left her mouth, she fell asleep from all the worry, stress and sadness wearing her body out. Frank looked at her and smiled softly. "I've already fallen inlove with you. Mikey's such a dumb ass to not have taken you in the first place. But....Bella.....we can't...."....................

*How was it? Good, Bad...Please review.....I'm kinda sad that people don't like it....grr...I'll go run and cry now.... Ok, anyway...who would've known she was falling for Frank....Or is she??? The heart can be decieving... Little did she know that Frank already loved her.....oh, the's so beautiful...~tear~ Lol, please review, the next chapter should be up Monday morning.....enjoy!!
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