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Mrs Splinter's secrete

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Hmmmmm...Mrs Splinter reveals herself to Laurance!

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Chapter 5

Laurance was slumped on his bed, fed up. He brushed his long hair from his eyes and sighed.
"I should be getting on with some coursework," he thought to himself, contemplating the vast tower of homework piled on his desk. But he couldn't concentrate, his mind was elsewhere.
It was a late October evening, the nights were growing longer. As the sun set, casting a calming orange glow over the bedroom, Laurence sat and pondered his thoughts.
James had gone downstairs,
"Probably snogging Daisy," he thought bitterly to himself.
It wasn't James fault; Laurance hadn't told him his true feelings for his best friend. But now he just couldn't cope. All he longed to do was hold James in his arms and kiss his sweet lips, never to let go. But if he told him it would probably ruin their friendship. They were like brothers; he always thought he could tell James everything. But maybe he was wrong.
"God why can't I just be normal?" Laurence yelled out suddenly punching his pillows in wreathed anger. He breathed deeply, trying to calm himself down when suddenly there was a knock at the door. He stood up,
"Come in," he said surprised, no one ever bothered to knock.
The door swung open and there, standing in front of him in four inch heels, and wearing a putrid pink dressing gown hoiked up her leg was Mrs Splinter! Her blonde hair fluffed out, looking ridiculous on a woman of sixty years of age.
"Why good evening," she drawled taking a step towards Laurence.
"And how are you tonight Mr Beagly?" She said seductively. Laurance looked afraid; he edged nearer to the wall.
Mrs Splinter closed the door and swayed towards Laurance waggling her hips.
"Want to see something special?" She asked, Laurence's eyes grew wide with fear. As if Mrs Splinter was the evil, macabre devil cat about to pounce on her helpless prey.
"Urmmm Mrs Splinter, may I ask what you're doing in here? Shouldn't you be upstairs with Mr Splinter? You know... Your husband." Mrs Splinter and pressed her wrinkly finger onto Laurence's lips. Then she stood up and quickly whipped away the dressing gown! Laurance let out a silent scream and turned his head away, expecting the worse. After a second he opened one eye to see Mrs Splinter in a ghastly leather thong and bikini top.
"Now come on Laurance, you know you've always had a thing for me. Now I'm giving me a chance to show me what you're made of."
Laurance gulped, feeling horribly helpless as she lent in to kiss him.
"That was it," he thought, "His life was over."
He expected to die, die from being suffocated by Mrs Splinter's prune lips or being drowned in her dribble. But at that moment the door opened and in walked Mr Splinter!
He froze when he saw the distasteful sight opposite him.
"Oh my lord Selma! What the hell are you doing?"
Mrs Splinter froze for a moment; her plan had obviously failed so now she had to think up a cover up, in less then five seconds flat... She screamed and reeled back from Laurance, crashed into the wall and dropped to her knees.
"Get him away! Get him away from me," she screeched.
Mrs Splinter ran up and pushed Laurance of the bed, sending him flying to the ground. Then, out of breath, he wobbled over to his wife.
"Are you okay? What did he do to you?" He puffed.
Mrs Splinter let out a fake sob.
"Oh it was awful. He tried to... To get it on with me!" Mr Splinter shot a threatening look at Laurance who was lying flat on his face, before going to help his wife up from the floor.
"Now now," he soothed giving her a hug. Laurance got to his feet,
"I never touched your wrinkly old wife." He shouted.
"It's completely balderdash pigswilly!" Mr Splinter turned around and stormed up to Laurance.
"Tell me you little creep. What have you done to her?" He steamed,
"Nothing I swear," Laurance replied. Mr Splinter walked back over to his wife.
"What are you doing in here any way?" He asked, before adding,
"And wearing those fancy knickers too! You haven't had those out for a long time."
"Probably only a few centuries," thought Laurance wanting to vomit. He felt sick, what was Mrs Splinter playing at?
Mrs Splinter blushed.
"Oh, well...You know. I was erm, planning to surprise you." But she had taken to long to answer. Mr Splinter was disappointed. It had been two years since the last incident where she had been caught; tying a seventeen year old to the supermarket toilets wile caressing his you know what! He thought that was the last time she would be caught doing something as crude with a boy who could be the same age as their son. If they had one.
Mr Splinter stared at Laurance. As much as he disliked the boy, he knew he wouldn't hurt a fly.
"Come on Selma, let's go upstairs. As for you!" He turned to Laurance.
"I'd be extra careful if I were you," he snarled before leaving the room with his wife, leaving Laurance in a grim state of shock.
"Selma Splinter! What a name!" Spluttered James over his cup of hot lemon juice. He and Laurance were sat alone in the corner of the common room. James was settled in the ancient moth eaten poo brown sofa warming his hands on his cup, whilst Laurance perched nervously on the window sill staring out at the starry sky, pouring out the events that had just taken place in the bedroom.
"I just don't get it James, why?" He asked, James couldn't help chuckling to himself, trying to visualise Mrs Splinter in a thong. But abruptly stopped when he saw Laurence's worried face.
"Oh come on Laurance don't worry. I bet you anything that Mr Splinter knows it wasn't your fault. Anyway, what's the worse that could happen?" He asked.
"The worse that could happen!" Laurance cried,
"As soon as I turn eighteen, I could be judged and dispatched off to some Whitemoor like jail for perverting old ladies!"
There was a long silence. James bit his lip, he put his hand on Laurence's shoulder.
"Come on," he sighed,
"Let's go to bed. It's been a long night."
James turned to leave as Laurance recalled his earlier thoughts.
"James," he called out. James turned around.
"Yer," he answered, and for a few seconds they stood there gazing into each others eyes before Laurance replied.
"Nothing...It doesn't matter." His feelings could wait he decided.

Luckily for Laurance, Mr Splinter never brought up the event again as he was too embarrassed to talk about it.
So the cold October and November weeks dragged on per usual the two boys managed to get by, and what they didn't know was that their three good friends Melissa, Summer and Jess were plotting a plan for them to escape.
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