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On the 1st day of christmas...

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Chapter 6

It was December the 1st. Christmas was growing near. At the orphanage James and Laurance opened their first advent calendar box that they shared. It revealed a picture of a holly leaf. James snorted,
"I don't get why holly really has anything to do with Christmas," he announced. Laurance sighed.
"Because holly comes out in winter and people use it to decorate their Christmas cakes with." He replied,
"Ah yes but lots of things come out in winter, plus we never have holly on the disgusting, smelly pile of mush Mrs Splinter calls Christmas pudding." Replied James.
"Fair enough," agreed Laurance, brushing his hair back into a pony tail as it was starting to annoy him.
"Christmas's here are crap anyway," concluded James.
"It never seems like Christmas, we aren't even allowed a tree!" He moaned.
"Come on cheer up," said Laurance, he patted James on the shoulder, James smiled.
"Let's go see Daisy and Maddie. Wonder if they got the same?"
Half an hour away at the Semingzoide boarding house, Melissa, Summer and Jess were negotiating their plan.
After Laurance and James had been very almost splattered into rat splat by Woodlouse and co, they had decided their good friends had been through too much.
It was Friday evening; the three of them were in Melissa's room on the second floor. Melissa herself was lain out on her bed, staring at the ceiling like a zombie. Summer was sat in the sink next to the bed, smelling Melissa's carrot scented shampoo, and Jess was settled in the wardrobe with the door open, cross legged, humming a tuneless tune. Finally after a few minutes Jess spoke,
"So how do you expect us to run away with James and Laurance? Its okay for us but how are they going to get past the electric fences, the moat and the little blue people?" No one answered.
"Yooo hoo, alien butt cracks?" She croaked in her deep voice. Summer put down the bottle of shampoo.
"Well what if we build a sort of flying contraption? We could use twigs, sticky tape, moss and saliva and somehow fly us over the walls." Jess sighed.
"Don't talk shyte," said Melissa coming out from her trance.
"Well you think of something then," Summer hissed back.
"Anyhow. Whatever, when they do manage to escape I'm going with them. I hate it here." Moaned Mel.
"Well they can't escape without our help. Things could be worse, we could be at the Splinter orphanage too so count your blessings," snapped Summer.
"Now do the little blue people guard the orphanage at night?" She asked in a lighter tone.
"Yep, James told me," replied Jess, they sighed.
"Wait!" shrieked Melissa.
"I've got it! They could disguise themselves as little people, walk on their knees and somehow get the key to the gates."
"Now who's talking shyte," replied Summer.
"No, I actually think that's quite a good idea," piped up Jess.
"But what about the deep moat around the orphanage, I've heard a killer octopus lives in there!"
Summer stood up.
"Well they will just have to take that risk won't they? Okay let's set it all up for after Christmas agreed?"
"Let's do this!" Everyone yelled.
"Let's escape!"
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