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Daisy and Maddie get kc'd. Mel gets a giraffe cushion!!

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And don't forget Laurance's tangerine polka-dot bobble hat.

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Chapter 7

Bright lights lit up the school and a big snow covered Christmas tree stood at the front entrance door, covered in red and gold wispy tinsel, metallic beads, and little shiny presents wrapped up with gold ribbon hanging from the dark green branches. Paper chains and home made decorations hung everywhere and the air had that lovely, warm, merry Christmas feeling to it.
It was the last day of school before the holidays and everyone was in high spirits. Laurance and James were stood in the damp, grey playground with Daisy and Maddie chatting about Christmas. Lately the two boys hadn't had much time to chat to them, Maddie had found a boyfriend and was trying to spend every waking hour with him. And they were both preparing for their exams, now Laurence's and James presence was hardly needed. Laurance was sporting a bright, tangerine polka-dot bobble hat, and James was wrapped up in his usual black bat scarf and leather gloves. As the bell rang for 1st lesson Summer, Melissa and Jess all came running up and almost crashed into Laurance, then burst out laughing at the sight of his hat.
"Whoa! Be careful you three," he said.
"Never mind being careful," Summer panted, she turned to Daisy and Maddie.
"Can we talk to Laurance and James?" She asked...
"In private please," she added.
"Why should we?" They replied.
"Go on," said James. Daisy looked offended.
"Fine then. We know when we aren't wanted," Maddie announced before sulking off arm in arm with Daisy.
James turned to the girls,
"This better be important,"
"We need to talk to you in secrete," said Jess.
"There are too many indiscreet ears floating around here." She assured James.
"Meet us in the cushion corner in the library at 1o clock. It's urgent!"
"Alright alright," replied James as the three girls ran off to their lessons. Late per usual.
Laurance and James sauntered to English lesson, their khaki bags slung over their shoulders, walking in usion.
"I wonder what they need to talk to us about. What could be so important that it can't wait until after the holidays," said Laurance
"What! Are you crazy?
Disguise ourselves as the little blue people! Have you all lost your minds?" Shrieked Laurance.
"Shhh. This corner is meant to be for reading and whispering only. If you can't be quite, get out!" menaced a strict looking librarian, marching past, her lips pursed like a sour lemon.
"Calm down Laurance," whispered everyone.
"I think it's a cool idea," replied James, Laurance looked offended.
Melissa grabbed a fluffy giraffe shaped cushion and hugged it to her chest,
"Well fine...If you three want to stay stuck in the Splinter Orphanage for another three years, go ahead. Us three are escaping to freedom."
James looked at Laurance,
"Oh come on Laurance. Wouldn't it be cool to run away?
No more Mr or Mrs Splinter!
No more disgusting food!
No more Woodlouse!
And even if we get caught, what's the worst that could happen eh?" Laurance swallowed.
"What if the little blue people eat us? And that's if we don't get eaten alive by the octopus in the moat!" The others exchanged glances.
"God Laurance, all of us have agreed to take the chance. Why can't you?" Melissa moaned.
Laurance sighed, trying to think of some other reason why they shouldn't leave.
"What about Daisy and Maddie?" He protested.
"Maddie has her boyfriend, they are both happy here," answered James solemnly.
After a minutes silence Laurance agreed to the plan.
Everyone grinned as the three girls explained the details of their plot to freedom.
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