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He Smiled At Her

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Either the most chilling four words you've ever read or the most joy bringing.

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He Smiled At Her

As Willow walked out of the airport after hours of trying to convince herself that the tattooed, brown haired, lip ring wearing, scruffy man in a kinda cool way man was not the tattooed, brown haired, lip ring wearing, scruffy man in a kinda grunge way teenager that she'd known, she wasn't expecting to see her sister walking towards her.
"Hey Will!"
Willow frowned. Was this the same girl who'd hated her two days ago? "Er...hey?"
"Mom and Dad came to give you a lift. I wanted to...say sorry." Jenny hung her head and scuffed her trainers on the floor. A relieved smile tinged with pain spread across Willow's face and she ruffled Jenny's hair. "Fine. Then the pain side of the smile took over. "Er...dude, do you know if-" here her voice cracked and she coughed slightly to clear it. "Do you know if anybody called Brian Schecter works with My Chem?"
Jenny looked up. "Yeah, he's their manager."
Willow nodded and swallowed nervously. "Kay."
"Why?" Jenny asked, curious.
"No reason," Willow told her with a shaky smile. So it was him. And the girl standing in front of her had no idea how much she looked like him.


Ray sighed as he walked through the apartment. For what seemed like the hundredth time the memory of Brian coming back to the venue ran through his mind.
The band manager walked through the door and he looked broken. Completely dejected as though his whole world had just crumbled beneath him. No one had known what to say to him, especially once he put on his 'I'm fine, no, really I am. Honest!' face.
Ray sighed once more. This was so messed up. At least Mikey seemed to have forgotten about her. He, Ray, hadn't. there was something that he thought was unforgettable about her. Maybe it'd had been the metallic taste of her lips. Maybe it had been the pain in her eyes. Or maybe it was the way she'd kept a secret for so long. Whatever it was, she'd taken up home in his mind and she wasn't shifting any time soon.


Gerard ran a hand through his black hair again. "Brian mate, she doesn't know anything about it. She calls Will her sister. How is demanding to see her gonna help?"
"Fuck you too," he snapped down the phone. "Brian, Will will deny everything any way. There's no fucking point at all to trying to see her or Jenny." Gerard slammed his hand down on a table hard. "Listen mate, there's no fucking point," he growled. "But fine, by all means, look like a fucking wanker in front of her." There was some angry buzzing that was obviously Brian talking then silence. Gerard glared at the phone and dropped into a nearby chair and cursed Willow Smith with all the words he could think of. And considering he's a writer, that's a lot.


It was a week later when there was knock at the door. Willow uncurled herself from where she sat on the sofa and padded to the door.
"What the-" she began, but he cut her off by placing a finger on her lips.
"Will, I miss you," he said simply. And then he smiled at her.


An: I hope you liked. Sorry it's so short. Dedicated to any HIM fans reading.
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