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I have a dad?

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The boys: Brian and the band.

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I have a dad?

Gerard walked out of the hotel running a hand through his shortish black hair, shivering slightly in the darkness as he remembered her face when she realised he knew. That was an image that would stay with him for a long time.


"So that's why we were late," Gerard finished, glancing at Brian. Brian nodded thoughtfully. "'Kay. At least you didn't have a concert or anything." He stopped before adding,, "I knew a Willow once."
"Yeah?" Gerard wasn't really interested but he felt it was the right response.
"Yeah. She moved to England when she was 15 cos she had a kid and she went to live with her aunt. Called the kid Jenny I think." It was unusual for Brian to volunteer so much information but his last sentence made Gerard's blood run cold.
"Um, what did she look like?" he asked trying to sound nonchalant.
"Uh, brown hair, brown eyes. Skinny ish," Brian replied. "I take it you didn't mean the kid." Gerard nodded distractedly as his brain started to put two and two together to get four. "I gotta go," he murmured as he ran out of the room.


Willow stared to zip up her bag, a tear rolling down her cheek, the next morning, when her phone rang.
"Hello?" she started timidly.
"Hey it's Frank. Just wanted to say that Mikey's an ass, but I gotta go now cause Mr Schechter is telling me to get my rear end to sound check." There was a sharp intake of breath and a thunk as though she'd dropped the phone.
"Will? Will?" he sounded worried. "You okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine," she replied quickly. "See ya." She terminated the call and breathed deeply. Just because he had the same last name didn't mean he was him. Could have been anyone. Anyone at all. Who was she kidding? It was probably him.


All the way through sound check Mikey and Ray were moody and uncooperative. That was until Gerard got fed up with them. "Will you fucking lighten up? She lied to us all. She's not fucking Willow Matthews and she's not even fucking English. So fucking forget her," he yelled. Then he realised that everybody was staring at him.
"Gee? What the hell are you talking about?" Frank asked, his voice deadly serious. Gerard swallowed, his face hardening. She deserved it. She'd created rifts in the band and she had to pay. So he told them the whole story. Everything she'd told him he told the band. And Brian who was standing with them. And if he expected a reaction from anyone it sure wasn't Brian. But it was Brian who went pale.
"Shit," he swore. "Gerard where is she?" he asked urgently. It was Frank who answered. "Columbus Studios Hostel, but she's going home today so the airport."
The band just watched as Brian ran out. "What the-"Bob began.
"She's from New York," Mikey murmured.
"And he's from New York," Ray continued. Everybody looked up at the same and swore collectively.


Brian tore through the airport. "New York to Brighton, England, now boarding." The tannoy echoed through the airport. He pushed past the reunited families and couples as he raced towards the boarding area. He saw a woman with dark brown hair almost at the doors.
"Will!" he called desperately. She turned around in surprise, and then she disappeared through the doors. He ran towards the door. "I'm sorry sir, do you have a ticket?" a woman in uniform asked him.
"," he said finally. "No I don't."
"Then I'm sorry you can't come through here."
He turned away resignedly. So she was gone again. And he hadn't had a chance to sort out the biggest mistake in his life.


An: Sorry this is short but I wante dto post it. Hop eyou enjoy. Thanks to beth for sending me the Brian pic.
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