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Chapter One

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Everyone at Shiz knew that Galinda and Fiyero had something going on, but it never was serious. But will time change that? Musical verse. Please R&R

Category: Wicked - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Boq, Dr. Dillamond, Elphaba, Fiyero, Galinda - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-03-06 - Updated: 2007-03-07 - 448 words

Author's note: This is a Glinda/Fiyero fic that starts at their time at Shiz and goes on from there.

"Now class, it is time for everyone to pair up with someone to do this assignment I am about to give you." Dr. Dillamond said as the class groaned. "Now class, it is important for us to remember the history of this land." He then passed out the papers. "Now class, please find a partner-" Everyone scrambled toward Galinda's desk, crying; "Please be my partner!" They all then heard Dr. Dillamond bellow. "Class! Please return to your seats!" Immediately, everyone ran back to their desks and sat down. "Now, if you all can't decide for yourselves, I shall have to pick for you." Everyone sighed as Dr. Dillamond told the whole class who was teaming up with whom. "Now class-" He started when he saw Galinda raise her hand.

"Yes Miss Glinda?"

"It's GA-linda, with a GA." She corrected. "And um...I don't have a partner."

"Then I suppose you'll have to work alone." He said calmly as Galinda pouted.

"Now class-" Dr. Dillamond started when he heard the door close softly. A young man stood there looking sheepish. "Ah, Master Fiyero. Glad you see that you could finally join us." Fiyero rubbed the back of his neck and murmured. "Sorry I'm late, I got lost." Some of class giggled at this but Dr. Dillamond quickly quieted them with a hard glare as Fiyero took his seat. Dr. Dillamond taught class for a few more minutes before the bell rang. He looked up at the clock. "Alright everyone, class dismissed!" Galinda then rushed up to his desk and said; "Um, Dr. Dillamond. Fiyero doesn't have a partner for the History project either." Dr. Dillamond thought for a moment before nodding. "You're right." He then called out to Fiyero.

"Yes, sir?" Fiyero asked as her strode up to the desk. Dr. Dillamond handed Fiyero some papers.

"Here's your History project and Miss Glinda will be your partner."

Galinda turned away for a moment and murmured; "It's GA-linda!"

"Now do you have any questions?" Dr. Dillamond asked.

"No sir!" Fiyero said, smiling at Galinda. "Shall we go have lunch?" He asked, holding out his arm.

"Of course!" Galinda giggled as she took it. The two of them then strode out of the classroom, past Elphaba and Boq.

"There's no way Galinda's gonna finish her project now." Elphaba whispered to Boq.

"Of course she will!" Boq exclaimed softly. "She's wonderful!"

Elphaba rolled her eyes and then smiled. "Ten bucks says they're not gonna finish their assignment!"

Boq smiled back. "You're on!" They both then walked out of the classroom to lunch.
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