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Chapter 3- Arrivals

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Chapter 3- Arrivals
Kat's POV

24 fuck en hours of labor this kid is really pissing me off all ready and it's not even out yet. I was so frustrated. They tell you to relax how the hell do you do that when you are sitting waiting. While my boyfriend is sleeping. He is not going to touch me after this. That's when the doctor came back in.

"Ok we are going to try this on more time. If the baby still not coming then we are going to have to do a C-section." The doctor said, The only funny thing that happed when we got here was. The look on Jeff's face when he saw that I had a guy doctor, "Ok lets get this over with." I said feeling really tired

"Ok, let me just go get a nurse" He said walking out the door, I looked over at Jeff, Then looked around to see if there was anything that I could throw at him, I located a pen on the side table picked it up and chucked it at his head. He jumped up and ran over to me.

"Is everything ok? Are you hurt?" He questioned frantic

"Everything Is fine the doctor said, Were going to try one more time and if the baby still wont come out then there going to do a C-section, Also just wont to let you know you are not touching me after this is over" I said he laughed a little. I tell that he was nervous

"All right, Miss Bouvier let try this one more time" The doctor said coming back with a nurse like he said. "One the count of three I wont you to push ok?" He said he counted to 3 and I did what he had said o my god I never won't to do this again.

"Ok, One more time I can see the head, your doing great" The doctor said after 25 minutes of pushing, I think I broke Jeff's hands, half way threw, He counted to 3 again and I did what I was told, he told me to stop, Then I heard crying, I smiled finally, "Congratulations you have a beautiful baby girl" he said then asked Jeff if he wonted to cut the Umbilical Cord. Witch he did happily. The doc gave her to one of the nurses, They handed her over to me, He then told us to think of a name and left.

"Hey, I know you have name pick out and I like it" He said wait how did he know I never told him

"What how do you know?" I asked

"Baby, You talk in you sleep" He said, smiling at me I handed owner little girl Destinee to him

"Jeff, Why did you and Chuck get into a fight for?" I asked as a nurse came into the room to get the name that we chose and to take Destinee down to the nursery, After she left I was still waiting for an answer.

"He said that you where a lying slut, and that the baby was not even mine that It was some random guys" He said, Looking at me

"I fucked everything up by coming here didn't I?" I said, Looking down at my hands

"No, Sweetie, Not at all Now iam going to go see my mom be back soon" He said walking out.

Jeff's Pov

I walked out of the room and to the waiting room to see if my mom was still there and sure enough she was. She smiled when she saw me,

"So?" She questioned

"We had a baby girl we named her Destinee, Were not to sure on a last name yet" My mom squealed, That's when Chuck and Pierre walked in. I did not talk to them.

"Come on Mom you wont to see her?" I questioned she nodded, she followed me

"O Hun she beautiful" My mom said hugging me

"Thanks, You can go see Kat in room 206" She nodded and left to go to the room, Me on the other hand I went. Back to the waiting room

"Why are the two of you guys here. You are both the last people that I wont to see?"

"Look dude iam sorry, I said thows things its just that what about touring." He said, and I could tell that he really ment it I signed.

"Ill find away around it, But if I cant we can always take a break right I mean, we have been touring none stop for the past 2 years" I said. Looking at Pierre he was being very quiet usually thinking up something eather evil or to help out.

"Well talk to everyone else but right now, You have other tings to worry about" Chuck said, walking out of the waiting room with Pierre. I walked back into the room and saw that Kat had Destinee in her arm again and smiling like a mad man. Witch made me smile like one two, I was going to go on a bough here by saying this but I had to know if she felt the same way

"Kat, I Love you" I said to her hoping she would say it back, But she didn't I started to fee like an idiot.

~Kats Pov~

I had been home from the hospital for about 3 days. When Jeff said he loved me I froze my vocal cord would not work I wonted to say it really I did but it wouldn't come out. Jeff had told David that he could move in with his parents. So that we could have is room for Destinee. He was now at Chuck house discussing with the other guys to see if they would all agree to take a break. I was sitting in Destinee room rocking her to sleep. She looked at lot like Jeff she had his eyes and his nose but a smaller version. She falls asleep I put her in the bassinet. Shut the door and walked into the kitchen to get someone thing to eat. When David came in laugh really loud followed by Jeff

"David, Shut up I just got Destinee to sleep and if she wakes up you can put her back to sleep" I hissed at him, Then thought about how David would get a baby to sleep it made me laugh.

"Sorry," He said, After getting a hit in the head, Then going to get some more of his stuff from the hall out side of his old bedroom witch was now Destinee

"What are you laughing at Cutie" Jeff said wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Just thinking about how David would get an infant to sleep" I said kissing him on the lips, " Jeff, I have to tell you something" I said looking him in the eyes, He let go of me

"See you later Jeff" David yelled again walking out of the apartment, But this time he woke up Destinee, That guys is going to pay. I walked passed Jeff and into her room. Picked her up and started to rock her in the rocking chair in the corner of the room. Jeff came and stood in the door way

"So, we are going to take a break but, We are going to go to New York next week to do a last performance on TRL and tell them about how we are going to take a break, Now what did you wont to talk to me about?" He said in one breath,

"Do you think you mom would wont to watch her tonight, What I have to tell you is important to me and I don't wont any interruption's?" I question knowing that his mom would love to watch her, She complete adored Destinee. Even if in the begin she hated the fact that Jeff was going to be a father.

"Yea, I will call her." He said walking out of the room. I took a deep breath
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