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CHAPTER 4- Confessions and Confrontations

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CHAPTER 4- Confessions and Confrontations
Ok People Pierre is going to be an asshole in this chapter just warning you
Jeff's Pov

"Hey ma can you watch Destinee tonight?" I questioned her. I don't know why I even bothered calling her she would watch her even if she was on her death bed/

"Of course I would love to bring her over anytime" She said ecstatic

I walked back into the room and Kat had already gotten Destinee ready to go out, She was dressed and in her carrier,

"I will be back in a about an hour, See you then" I said walking out the door. To the car

"O, There she is " My mom squealed, as she took the carrier out of my hands

"Love you too mom" I said laughing walking into the living room where my dad was reading his paper he hated it when I would come over now. He told me that I was a fool to let this happen and that he did not like Kat said that she would probley leave as soon as things got bad.

"So what are you and Kat doing tonight?" she questioned. Playing with Destinee on her lap.

"I don't really know she said she needed to tell me something, and that she did not wont any interruptions." I said sitting down next to my mom

"She not Pregnant again is she?" My mom said, Making my dad look up from the paper he was reading on the couch the same look coming back that he had when I brought home Kat the first night.

"NO, She wont let me even try anything like that" I snapped mostly at me dad.

"Well good, You don't need to have another one when the one you have is only a week old" My dad, said coldly looking back at his paper

"Dad why don't you like Kat? She never did anything to you!" I yelled angry standing up.

"She ruined all of you chances in marrying Natasha, Now that is a girl that has the looks and the right to marry you." He said with a smile on his face I wonted to much to go up to him and smack it off.

"Natasha? Are you kidding me she was the worst girlfriend that I ever had she cheated on me more than I can think of. And not to mention she was a whore. I will be back to tomorrow to pick up me child that I had with the woman that I love bye." I said to my dad then turned to my mom "Bye mom." I said hugging her then turned to Destinee "Bye cutie I will see you tomorrow" I said kissing her on the cheek and walked out of the house, more pissed that i was when i walked in.

I walked into my apartment and Kat was not where to be found."Kat" I yelled threw the apartment.

"Iam in the bedroom Jeff." She yelled i walked into the room and she was sitting up in bed watching TV she shut it off and told me to sit down on the bed.

"Now what do you won't to tell me." I said looking at her while laying down on the bed.

"Well you remember what you said to me at the hospital. Well iam sorry I did not say anything back to you believe me I wonted to so bad but it just would not come out and. I just wonted to say that I love you I really do iam not just saying that because you said it I really mean it. Now iam rambling." A smile played across my face. This chick was cute, funny, had a great personality it sounds corny but she just might be the one but you never know.

"Jeff, Please say something " I did the complete opposite of talking. I leaned in and kissed her this was the first time I had don't this in a long time. She kissed me right back. But she stopped me before it went to far. Guess she was not jokeing about me not touching her

"I told you that I was not going to let you touch me, and I was not lying." She said laughing while getting in under the covers of ower bed.

"Hey iam not Pierre so I don't need to do a girl every hour." I said laughing, She laughed along as well

~Next moring~
Pierres PoV

"Pierre, You are a grown man act like it, Resolve this with you cousin she never did anything to you to be treated like this" My mom growled at me while waving her hands all over the place.

"O, Yes she has ma. She slept with one of my best friends and now we are not going to be touring for at least 4 mouths. She ruined my career when we where just starting to make it big," I yelled in frustration, she really fucked things up this time. I cant stand her she has no right to just come into my live because she got pregnant and got kicked out of her house. She is going to pay big time for this one.

"Hun, Think about when was the last time that you saw her, before she got pregnant?" My mom asked leading me into the living room and sitting down. I had to think a little about that one but soon came up with an answer.

"Well, Umm, Last Easter" She was going some where with this and I new she would make a good point witch would make me rethink what I was going to do

"And what was her mood, before the other guys came over?" She said looking at me intently

"She was sitting in the living room mopping because, Her boyfriend just broke up with her because well I don't know why" I said, still trying to figure where she was going with this.

"Her boyfriend broke up with here because he found out that she was you cousin. But when the other guys came. and she saw Jeff. Her face slowly started to turn around. Don't you remember that they talked all day till she had to leave?" She was right, O man she was trying to play to guilty card on me. But it is not going to work this time. Nope so is not. Play stupid Pierre play dumb like David does

"Nope I don't recall that, and I don't care I don't like her," I said, got up and walked to chucks house, I would drive but no it had to be broken. As I was walking I walked past Jeff's house. Kat was out her car putting that kid in the car. While Chris Jeff's dad was yelling at her. I laughed to myself and kept on walking. I walked into Chuck's house.

"Pierre we are leaving tomorrow for New York, Be at me house at 5:30am sharp, That goes for you to David" He scoled both David and me. I looked around the room every body was there but Jeff what a surprise.

"Chuck, do you have any idea where Jeff is?" I said

"Nope why don't you go get him we need to talk about what we are going to say on TRL?" He said trying to figure out what songs we are going to play. I took David's car.

"Hold on," Said a female voice on the other side of the door.

She opened the door and looked at me. I pushed her aside and said after looking and listening for any noise to make sure Jeff was not home when I new he was not I said "Look iam going to say this once. You better listen. I wont you to leave Jeff the hell alone" I said waiting for a response

"Give me on reason why I sould" She said looking up at me

" I can break you two up the easy way or the hard way. Asking you to leave is the easy way" I growled looking down at her

"O ok, Tuff guy, what's the hard way" She questioned looking up at me with fire in her eyes.

" I will try every possible way to break you two up" I growled.

"Bring it on Scum Bag" She yelled at me. I raised my hand to her and slapped her hard across the face and walked out. If felt good to finally slap that bitch. But I sure as hell hope that Jeff does not find out that I did that I would be a dead man walking

Kat's POV

I looked at the door that Pierre just walked out of. I could not believe he just did that to me. I mean I know he hates me but that was just uncalled for.But the idiot that he was just told me what he was going to do so everything was in my favor what ever he said to make me wont to leave and or get mad at Jeff would not work.

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