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Chapter 5 - Falling outs and arrests are made

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Things happen that you would not Believe

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Chapter 5 - Falling outs and arrests are made

Pierre's POV

I had just gotten up and was getting ready to go over to Chucks. It was 4:45 and I had to be at Chucks at 5:30. I had few things that I wonted to do before I went over. So I got up and started to pack my stuff up that only took me a few minutes since were only going to be in New York for 1 day. After I was ready I laided back down and feel sleep when I woke up I looked over at the clock and realized that it was 5:25. I quickly grabbed my stuff and ran out the door. I was not ready for the lecture I was going to get from Chuck. I was hesitant to get out of the car I was 20 minutes late boy was I going to get it really good. All of the guys where waiting outside.

"PIERRE!" Chuck yelled advancing toward me shaking his finger.

"Look sorry can we just go now" I said trying to avoid the look that Jeff was giving me. I was never so paranoid I was praying to god he did not now about yesterday. As soon as I left after hitting Kat I new I had made a mistake. Now it was going to be a lot harder to break them up. I got into the driver's side of the car and waited for everyone to get in the car. Chuck sat next to me he gave me look he new something was wrong. I mean hell there was so much tension in the van you could cut it with a knife. Even David was quiet he would usually be joking around and singing a songs that you hear on toddler shows.

"Pierre, why are you doing this?" I heard Jeff say from that backset. My hand started to grip the wheel fuck he knows why would.

"What are you talking about" I stated nervously. If he is talking about me hitting Kat iam a dead man driving and my whole plan is out the window. Well maybe it is not a plan yet but you watch it will be soon enough.

"Why, Are you avoiding talking to Kat, I mean this is not all of her fault, Iam the one that asked her up to visit" He said. I signed heavily thank god he does not know.

"Look, I never liked Kat, When where were little kids she was always a little brat. Then when we where teenagers she would always get me introuble," I said, as I parked the van. Soon we where on the plane and about to take off. I got stuck sitting next to David its not a fun spot to be in but we all have to take turns.

Some hours later we where in JFK International Airport in New York. Where some fans where waiting for autographs witch all of us did happily. We walked outside and got into a van that was waiting for use. As soon as all of use were in the van and ready to go. Chuck started to ramble on about something. I drowned him out.

Jeff's POV

I sat next to Pierre on the bus and looked at him. There was something that was not right about him today. He was acting all nervous and he looked like he was thinking a lot. Witch is a good thing if it he is writing a song with Chuck or trying to get an Idea for a song. But it can also be a bad thing to if he was think up a way to get back at someone and I had a small feeling this time it was to get back at someone. We pulled up to a hotel now long after we left the airport why we where getting an hotel was beyond me we were only stay for 24 hours why waste that money but anyway.

"Guys we are only going to be here for 3 hours then we have to head over to TRL" Chuck said handing up ower key cards. I headed up to me room put my things on the bed. Took out my cell phone and called Kat.

"Hello" Kat's said sounding annoyed

"Hey, What has got you so agitated?" I questioned almost afraid of the answer. I had not know her that long but if she was like Pierre when he was agitated she would ramble on for minutes on end.

"Well lets see, I went over you parents house today cause you mom called and said she wonted to see me, I go over to see what she wonted. But when I got there she was not home, So you dad took on look at me and slammed the door hard in the face, Witch woke up Destinee she started to cry like a banshee," She stopped for a moment to catch a breath then continued. " Then when you mom did get back she started to yell at your dad witch just so you know did not help Destinee's crying. And then my cell phone rings just as I get her to sleep and it wakes her up." She said the last part with a hint of 'if you where here right now I would murder you'

"Sorry about that" I said trying to sound sincere

"You better be, Look I will have to call you back" She said and hung up the phone

Pierre's POV

We got into the van and where on ower way to TRL studios when we got stuck in traffic. Of course I was sitting next to David again. And of course you all know that David is the clown of the band. But the problem with him is that he has a very bad batting average is always takes him a good 25 jokes to get a funny one. While we where in that god offal traffic David saw an UPS truck on the side of the road. He rolled down the window and asked the driver. "How much would it cost to ship myself?" But all everyone heard what 'can I shit myself'. Everyone started to laugh hysterically.

We soon got the studio and headed up to the right floor. Was not in a very good mood as of the moment. Jeff and me have not really had a conversation that was not forced because it was about the band. Just thinking about being in the same room as him made my blood boil. So my mood was odd and David was not making it any better. He kept on poking me, Singing in my ear, trying to get on my back.

"DAVID CUT THE SHIT, DAMN IT" I yelled at him, Moving as far away as I could.

We soon get there and got settled before. The guys went to meet the other guests. I stayed in the room and tried to think about how I was going to get Jeff and Kat apart. There had to be away. Then It hit me I new what I could do and it would work. But would I really wont to risk the band breaking up I mean I could not see myself. Never seeing Chuck I mean come on we have been friends since junior high school and even thought he can be a no it all he was still my best bud. Then not earring David's stupid ass jokes 100 times a day would just be torture. And what would I do without talking to Seb I mean I could talk to him about everything and anything and no matter what it was he would never get mad. And right now I would not miss Jeff at all that fuck face first he not only sleeps with my cousin he also gets her pregnant. Then stops us from touring the world and playing for the fans. Then he umm. well I cant think of anything else that he did. But when he does do something it will be mean and bad. That's it iam doing this.

We walked out on set when we where called out. The fans went crazy witch made my mood go threw the roof. I came off of the stairs I was on and went running up to some of the fans. Then we where ushered over to the windows that looked onto the street to wave to some of the fans. I got on look at Jeff and soon my bad mood came back and I remembered what I had to do. We lined up and I next to David and next to the host Venessa.

She soon started to talk "So you guys have come here today to say something to your fans"

I looked at the guys I had to think quit to make sure that I answered the question before Jeff did like what was suppose to happen. I opened my mouth and started to talk "Yes, we did, Well something's that have happened in ower life's and we were not going to tell you but. I think we should get it out there, Jeff seemed to have had a kid with none other than my cousin" I said the studio went quiet all of the guys looked at me like I was crazy. Then they all started to laugh

"Pierre, would you stop the joking" Jeff said, giving me a hard look

"No come Jeff, We wont to keep the fans informed don't we? We cant lie to them, I would just be plan wrong" I said giving him an evil stair

Venessa cut in " Ok we are going to take a short break we will be right back, So don't touch that dial"

A soon and we where off the air. Jeff took one look at me and. Slammed his microphone on the ground and walked off
Chuck came up to me and pulled me back as well "What the hell was that for, Stop ok I know that you are mad a Jeff right now but you don't have to do this to him" Chuck said getting angry.

"Ok ok, I will stop" I said, But I was not giving in this was the only way I could get them apart. Chuck went and got Jeff and we where soon back on the set.

"So boys what did you guys really come to tell use, Before Pierre started to joke around?" Venessa questioned us

I spoke up again " I was not joking I was telling the truth, O yea and we are taking a little bit of time off and lastly" I said pausing my heart was racing as I walked up to Jeff punched him in the face. "I QUIT THIS GOD FORSAKEN BAND." I yelled and stormed off the set. When I was half way off I felt someone push me to the ground and started to punch me we. I saw that it was Jeff and that his nose was bleeding.

I rolled over so that he was on the ground and I started to punch him. He turned the tables on me and started to punch me "THIS IS FOR RUINING EVERYTHING!" He said them security pulled us off of each other and dragged use into separate rooms. Chuck came into the room I was in


"GOOD!" I screamed right back and walked out of the room and left the studio as well. Caught a cab back to the hotel.

Jeff's POV

I sat in the room and was crying I could not stop. This band met everything to me and now it was gone . I just lost all of my friends. Then I thought back to Kat how the hell iam I going to go back there now that iam not in the band she is not going to wont anything to do with me. My cash flow was gone. There was a knock on the door and Chuck came in

"Chuck, Don't try to fix this ok its unfixable and you know it, The band is over" I walked out on him. I had just lost everything that meant so much to be. My job and My friends. I shook my head and walked out and deiced to walk back to the hotel. Witch I found out that was a bad idea when a swarm of reporters came around and started to ask me questions. One asked "Is it true that" Another asked "Is Simple Plan really over?" I kept my mouth shut one thing that I actually remember from Chuck's long talks. Why do these reports care what is happening with me they could careless about what happened when I was in the band that's the difference now?
I soon had got enough of all of the questions that they where asking me when I got the hotel I turned around to them and said "Look iam not going to answer any of your questions. Put what ever the hell you wont in your magazines, News reports, Papers." I said and walked into the hotel. Hotel security stood at the door to make sure that the reported did not come in at all. I walked up to my hotel room and past David on his way out

"This is all of your fault" He said, I stopped in my tracks

"HOW THE HELL IS THIS MY FAULT DAVID!" I yelled at him he turned around and looked a little scared of me. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. I can't take this anymore. I went up to him and punched him out then ran to my room and went in I looked around and then I went crazy I destroyed the hole room ripping everything in site. Breaking glass flipped the bed. A maid came into the room I took on looked at her and punched her and when she feel to the ground I kicked her that knocked me out of my sudden act. She got up and ran out of the room I sat down on the floor and cried. Soon 2 police officers came into the room

"You are under arrest for assaulting a person" One of the Officers said after that I completely drowned them out. I was looking down at my shoes. I looked up to see Pierre staring at me in shock. I tried to get out of the policemen's grasp when that did not work.

I yelled at Pierre "I HOPE THAT YOU ARE HAPPY". The men took me to a station did everything that they had to do and then suffed me into a cell and walked way.
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