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Chapter 1

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When 14 year old Jane Smith returns to Texas, she expects things to be different. But what happens if the past repeats itself? Would Jane want the hurt to return?

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Hi y'all. Uh, most people know me in the Cartoon section, under Class of the Titans. I want to post this story and see if people like it. It is for teens, but grownups could read it (are there people over the age of 21 on this site that read stories under this section?). Anyways, I just hope people like it!


I couldn't believe it when dad told me and my brothers that we were moving back to Dallas, Texas. Texas is our home state and we left a day after my 11th birthday when I was in 5th grade. We moved to Denver, Colorado, because of dad's work. We've lived here for 4 years now.

Sorry, I haven't told you who I am yet. My name is Jane Smith. My brother's names are Nick and Robbie. I'm 14, Nick is 16 and he has his driving license and Robbie is 11. I have long auburn brown hair and blue-green eyes, Nick has blond hair and hazel eyes plus he is way tall and my little brother has blond hair as well but blue eyes.

Anyway, when mom and dad told me the news about the move, I was way happy. I would see all my friends again. Sure, I'd miss my friends in Denver, but these friends I've known since kindergarten! Come on, If you had to leave your friends you've known for 6 years and then after being away for 4 years you find out that you were going to see them again, you'd be happy!

It all happened when I had just finished Junior High. My grade had its graduation from Denver Junior High. I was so happy; I was starting high school on the first of September. When I got home from school, I went outside and played with my dog, because it was the end of May and it was summer and really nice outside.

I decided to go for a swim but when I went inside to change, mom and dad caught me. My brothers were home and they said they wanted a "Talk". The three of us knew a "Talk" was way bad, but for me it wasn't.

When Nick found out we were moving he was a bit upset. He had great friends here and he had a girlfriend, but dad said when Nick is finished high school and he still wants to be in Denver, he can go to the collage here. Nick agreed and it was settled. Robbie didn't care what happened to us, just as long as he could have a Gameboy.

Robbie loves computers, Gameboys, Nintendo's and PlayStations. Nick used to like that sort of stuff when he was Robbie's age, so I just think it's a guy thing.

After mom and dad told us about the move I asked when we were moving and mom said, "Next month."

That night I couldn't sleep. I looked at my clock. It was 9 o'clock. I wanted to go to bed early but I decided that early wasn't good enough for me, so I got up and went to my computer. I saw I had just gotten a message from Kara, one of my best friends in Texas. The message said:

Dear Jane
How is it in Denver now? I guess you've also just finished Junior High now and are starting high school. Which high school are you going to? It's probably called Denver High or something like that. I'm going to Carrolton High, the school you, Alana and I said we would be going to. Anyway, enough boring you with Texas and time for you to bore me with Denver. So how is your boyfriend? Jake? Is he still there or did he finally move to California? Wish I could meet him. Anyway, if you get this message at 9 then you can log on and write to me. Alana, Julie and Chloe are also logged on. Catch ya later!

Logged on straight away. I had to tell my friends that I was coming back and I was going to Carrolton High. When mom and dad were talking to us she told me and Nick that they had gotten us in at Carrolton High and that we were moving back to our old house.

Texasgirl: Hey Kara! I got your message! I've got good news for you! I'm coming home and I'm going to Carrolton High!

BeautieQ: That's great! Have you told the others?

Texasgirl: Not yet. I'll tell them now.

Blondie9:Hey Jane! It's Alana. Julie and Chloe are at my house for a sleepover.

Texasgirl: Hey Alana, Chloe and Julie. I've got to tell you something, I'm moving back to Texas and I'm coming to Carrolton High!

Blondei9:WHAT?!!!!!!!!!! You are finally moving back here!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!!!! You should tell Aaron. He's also logged on now!

"Jane, go to bed now and log off," mom said and closed my door. I said good bye to my friends and logged off and got into bed. When I fell asleep a name was stuck in my head. Aaron.


You like? Please tell me! Just remember, I'm just a kid, so be nice! And the names of the places that are mentioned in this story might not exsist, but they might! I'm not sure, so sorry is there is a school in Texas called Carrolton High!
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